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Of course, the bots are not yet sophisticated enough to answer more complex questions and, as a result, must have a person monitoring them. Bill Sledzic of Toughsledding insists that PR is not a subset of Marketing and has written about it numerous times. Keynote Speaker. Tasks and responsibilities in marketing and PR. On the other hand, public relations or commonly called as PR is a communication process; wherein the company seeks to build such a relationship between the company and the general public, which is mutually beneficial for them. There are four key differences between PR and marketing. This whole process happens solely in the mind. Hey, I went to your website… love your photo gallery! Chris – this is excellent! Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager vs a Public Relations Manager Marketing managers create and oversee marketing plans to help generate sales for a product or service. But you can’t have branding without marketing. Marketing and Public Relations are often lumped into one. Debating definitions and dividing the differences between marketing functions is a never ending source of controversy. © Business 2 Community. All Rights Reserved. For example, the development of automation and AI as a widely available tool has allowed a proliferation of automated ‘chatbots’- live chat functions on company websites that are programmed to allow a bot to answer a simple question from a user (and potential lead). Martin Jelsema, guest writer on Duct Tape Marketing sees branding vs marketing as: …branding (the strategic process) and marketing (the implementation of the strategy)…. Marketing is a business activity that aims at promoting, advertising and selling company’s products and services. By creating minimalist, simple and seamless advert campaigns and branding, they have created one of the most successful brands ever invented and have created the first company ever to be valued at $1 trillion. With content marketing being cited as ‘the future’ of PR, it seems likely that the boundaries between them will become ever more indistinct. Although the two industries work best when used cohesively, it is important to know their differences. It initiates and maintains strong, relationships with stakeholders predisposed to act, and those relationships are grounded in common interests and shared goals that support benefit for both the client organization and the publics with which they interact, internally or externally, benefit such as satisfaction. Public Relations vs. Marketing. Tanya: The fact is, both PR and marketing have evolved to become almost unrecognisable from their traditional forms and, as such, traditional understandings of what makes them different from one another are not applicable. In my opinion, I don’t think we do treat them the same… but I know that often clients want sales without having to do the marketing investment. erstandings of what makes them different from one another are not applicable. Marketing responsibilities are varied but generally include the following: The true end goal for both public relations and marketing is business growth. This is such an important conversation to have on an on-going basis. From my perspective, I’m clear that PR is a subset of marketing (see my post PR and Marketing: Chicken or the Egg, but as far as going beyond distribution, promotion and sale of products, more often I see those more as as function of HR (human resources) than PR (public relations).

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