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Characters like Kitty Jesus originally looked bad from not being planned out (and he being my third character ever made) so don’t be afraid to plan ahead. Heterochromina is also overused and only use it if your character is blind in one eye or has a scar there. I am going to make the outlines of the base color darker by increasing the saturation and decreasing the value. Her personality is reflected through her cutiemark because balloons go up, symbolizing happiness, but every balloon pops eventually or loses it’s air. Her personality reflects through her cutiemark because she’s like a butterfly. Here’s the tips that I can give you to making a nice character to use on PonyTown and get those 10 … Like it looks nice, dont really understand how it relates to sheep but i feel this is an important part. There’s no doubt of this. Marisues usually are really cluttered if you notice. So thats how you get this nice little casual look for a nice little casual cutie! Purple is the complimentary colour to yellow. Blue and red has always looked good together to most people’s eyes. Next to orange is red and yellow on the colour wheel. Purple. Now that you got the basic stuff done, you can do some details on your pony. I'm going to beg you right now, do not add a bazillion things on your pony. Creativity is never down the drain completely because you can make all sorts. Don’t know your emotes? It's a very rare thing.. I have always been careful in creating my oc’s they are each very personal and special to me. check this video for more info: Pony Town Creations Lord knows this downtime is getting very boring very fast, so how about we share what we made! :blue_heart: Contrasting colours :heart: See this colourwheel? I like that for characters that I use instead of not having the outlines shown at all. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for sharing adventures in https://pony.town/, Press J to jump to the feed. The styles highlighted are all the best styles for a sheepy since they keep with the floofy look of them. What only one rater has noticed is that his eyes and collar contrast with his fur to get you to look away from what he mainly is. Hybrids could be made but I wouldn’t push it really. Everypony Is Welcome! PleasepleasePLEEEEEAAASE NO CRITICISM, and for the love of Shigeru, don’t steal ideas :( Your character’s cutiemark defines who they are because that’s what they’re truly good at and meant to do. PonyTown characters are hard to make. A game of ponies building a town Contact. Your character doesn’t HAVE to have these traits though and CAN be different. Use this to make their posture slower to make them seem calm or a bit sad/angry. 1 Grass codes 1.1 Spring: 1.2 Summer: 1.3 Fall: 1.4 Winter: 1.5 Water: 1.6 Ice: The grass textures change with the seasons. Rainbow Dash includes the word "Rainbow" as her mane is red to violet/purple... And she's fast. Analogis colour combinations ignore some contrasting colours talked about down below usually because uh oh, if you use these they usually consist of one type of colour for this reason: An analogis colour combination is where you get a base colour off a colourwheel and use the colours next to that colour. Not all ponies are direct on their talent. If you lighten a colour to make a new one (red), the complimentary colour (green) is brightened up too unless you WANT them to have different shades, which you can do! I love you all, I hope you took something away from this post, and remember to; :two_hearts: Stayyyyy Fresh! During Halloween, a lot of candies appear on the map that players can collect in pumpkin baskets. Welcome to the Pony Town Wiki! This will just be a list of what I dislike in characters and with small explainstions of why those aren’t the best to do when making your character. (That is, if you were able to get on before it went down.) Using more than 4-6 colours. Nice work! Marisues usually are really cluttered if you notice. If you wish to see a fandom wiki, click here. This is due to the fact that online there does not seem to be a concise place for making pony town characters so if someone were looking for how to make a specific character they would have to ask around the real game or just trouble shoot and hope for the best, but no more! Navy or just plain dark Blue or green compliment brown. It will make your character look chunky and odd, so it's best to go with 1 or 3 (or around there) on your pony so that they don't look like you just gave them laundry to do. It will make your character look chunky and odd, so it's best to go with 1 or 3 (or around there) on your pony so that they don't look like you just gave them laundry to do. We want a name first because the name describes a character in some way or fits them somehow.

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