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I think that you can readily find them in a variety of conditions and diversely equipped. Ailerons and four-position flaps have corrugated skin. It sold kits to do so, and told customers it wouldn’t provide parts to repair the existing system. The Piper Arrow is a sensible, well-behaved, moderate airplane that never goes out of style. Parts availability and factory support is a given. While 140 knots is possible at max power, I typically flight plan 135 knots at 65-70 percent power on 10 GPH. Little maintenance is typically required between annuals. Because of the capabilities of this aircraft, we include at least one high-altitude flight. I currently have over 1300 hours on the engine, and compressions and oil consumption have remained relatively constant. Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II specifications, performance data and airplane archive photo. With these upgrades, my aging Arrow is now a reliable, capable, modern aircraft that is efficient and functional for both local and cross-country flying. It also gave pilots a healthy 24-gallon increase in fuel capacity. I am the chief instructor for the Aspen Flying Club at Denver Centennial Airport. Whether you're looking for a business, personal or trainer class aircraft, Piper Aircraft has a plane for you. Mein Verein: www.mfc-alkoven.at. I have never had to cancel a planned flight due to maintenance issues. Cruise was pegged at 141 knots, compared to 158 for the Mooney. Electronic Group NT 3-28/32 — As Group N 2-28/32, except dual Com 11As replaced by dual Com 111B 360-channel VHF transceivers; dual Nav 11s replaced by one Nav 111 200-channel VOR/LOC receiver with converter indicator, including 40 localizer channels, and one Nav 112 200-channel VOR/LOC receiver with converter indicator, including UGR-2A glidescope receiver; adding 55 lb (25 kg) to basic empty weight. Piper Aircraft. My recommendation is to force yourself to get in the habit of checking the engine instruments often. I purchased my 1976 Arrow II back in 1998 for $62,000—in the good old days of ever-increasing resale values—after earning my instrument rating. A Turbo Arrow costs several hundred thousand dollars less to acquire, is just a couple of 10s of knots slower and burns two-thirds the fuel. Its fuselage was stretched five inches, providing more rear-seat room; its wingspan increased 26 inches by widening the Hershey Bar design and the stabilator’s span increased. Optional Piper Aire air-conditioning system. Still, the Arrow has a roomier interior than all but the Cardinal, and its useful load is the greatest: 1200 pounds. A Cessna Cardinal RG, Cutlass RG or Grumman Tiger will go as fast, while burning less fuel. The PA-28R-180 came with a constant-speed prop turned by a Lycoming IO-360-B1E engine. Jane's All The World’s Aircraft 1976-77, Jane's Yearbooks, Franklin Watts Inc., New York, 1976, ISBN 0-531-03260-4, pages 350-353. Flugzeugdaten Piper Arrow 2 von Simprop: Die Piper Arrow II ist eine - insbesondere - in den USA weitverbreitete 4-sitzige Maschine. To start, the policy requires all pilots to have a total time of 125 hours with 25 hours of retractable gear time or 10 hours in make and model and a checkout flight after passing a written aircraft checkout quiz. The 200’s TBO is now also 2000 hours. As they started out in two-seat trainers, pilots were encouraged to step up into similar four-place, fixed-gear models, then to retractables from the same blood line. There were enough “misunderstandings” by mid-1987 that Piper, then owned by Lear-Siegler, ordered the system deactivated because of concern over liability suits. But I can still get four hours plus reserves—which is plenty for my usual flights. The Mooney is second, up a little over 18 percent. In all my 14 years of ownership, I have never had a retractable gear maintenance issue. Ersteller fly-bert; Erstellt am 21 November 2019; fly-bert User. 23 November 2019 #2 Moin, ich habe kein Einziehfahrwerk in der Piper… Owners say they get a higher critical altitude with the intercoolers, along with lower operating temperatures. It is fast enough as a short- to medium-range cross-country airplane. Climb performance is competent, but unremarkable. Piper chose long ago to put the engine gauges near the power controls, which makes a certain amount of sense except when setting and monitoring power on takeoff. Piper deserves mention for its seat design in later aircraft, which have a crashworthy S-tube design meant to progressively collapse and absorb energy during an impact. Executive — As Custom package, plus vacuum system with engine-driven pump and advanced instrument panel, comprising 3 in pictorial gyro horizon, 3 in directional gyro, Piper pictorial turn rate indicator, rate of climb indicator, outside air temperature gauge and eight-day clock; adding 35.3 lb (16 kg) to basic empty weight. D-EDHH Cockpit . Dual KX 175B nav/com transceivers, with 720-channel transceivers, and 200-channel nav receivers; KNI 520 VOR/LOC/glidescope indicator with to-from indication and appropriate warning flags; KNI 520 VOR/LOC indicator; dual KN 77 VOR/LOC converters; KN 73 glidescope receiver; KR 85 ADF; KT 76 transponder; Piper AutoControl IIIB autopilot; Piper VOR/LOC coupler; Piper electric trim; dual Piper broad ban com antennae; Piper 100T noise-canceling microphone and headset; adding 68 lb (31 kg) to basic empty weight. Each renter is required to read this and sign it before the checkout. It had never been used as a trainer and was therefore in very good condition, which can be hard to find in this model. While the market has changed, the Arrow soldiers on. More on the Arrow’s gear system in a moment. My experience is that the Turbo Arrow is a high density-altitude, go-anywhere Colorado aircraft. Piper folded the gear on its Cherokee 180 and in 1967 unveiled the first Arrow. Also the Piper Arrow’s automatic gear extension system is a good example of how safety features can spawn new hazards even while eliminating old ones. M600/SLS ; M500; M350; Personal. More on this variant in a moment. Skip to content. In addition to the usual ‘gear up’ warning horn and red light, the “Cherokee Arrow II” has an automatic extension system which drops the landing gear automatically if power is reduced and airspeed drops below 105 mph (91 knots; 169 km/h). Cruise speeds range from 130 (180-HP) to 143 knots (normally aspirated 200-HP T-tail) and as high as 170 knots for a turbocharged version flown in the teens. The interior refurbishment included all-new plastic trim, overhead console and headliner, along with leather-wrapped control wheels. That’s no accident, of course: Offering a full line of airplanes was the basic marketing model for all of the major manufacturers in the 1960s and 1970s. Over the years, I thought many times about upgrading again to a Bonanza F33 or Mooney J model. When workload permitted—or runway length demanded—and after the system spooled itself up to around 35 inches, a gentle nudge to the throttle gave around 39 or 40 inches; and then the engine likely would boost itself the rest of the way to its 41 inches of manifold pressure limit and off you went. Two groups of optional equipment were available during 1976 for the “Cherokee Arrow II” as basic packages: Custom — Comprises Piper TruSpeed indicator; instrument panel white Backlighting and overhead red spotlight, cabin dome, navigation, landing/taxi, and radio dimming lights; wheel speed fairings; rotating beacon; sensitive altimeter; assist strap; aircraft step; adding 19.3 lb (8.75 kg) to basic empty weight.

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