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Nolichucky River fishing guides Trophy Water Guide Service is a professional fly-fishing guide service fishing the Nolichucky River and surrounding areas in southern Appalachia . Late spring smallmouth will rise into shallower runs and pools in search for crawfish and sculpins. The Tennessee Water Quality Control Act identifies the commissioner of the Department of Environment and Conservation as having the authority and responsibility to issue advisories for either water contact hazards like pathogens or excessive health risks due to the accumulation of contaminants in fish or shellfish.

Then either change lures and work that same area again or move on to another boulder or some other form of deep water cover.". There’s a pig waiting just for you! West of Asheville near Newport, TN is the dam-controlled Pigeon, full of extra large smallmouth bass. Nolichucky Dam is a dam located just 7.1 miles from Greeneville, in Greene County, in the state of Tennessee, United States, near Allenbridge (historical), TN. Human activities have caused the amount of mercury in some areas to increase. Other preferred baits are MizMo 4- and 5 1/2-inch tubes in Irish coffee and pumpkinseed, respectively, and Snoozer 4-inch and 5 3/4-inch tubes in a dark pumpkin hue. The guide slow rolls the spinnerbait across the substrate. Today’s action, which is the result of these additional studies, expands the advisory to include all black bass species and extends it so that the entire length of the Nolichucky River in Tennessee is included, from Douglas Reservoir to the North Carolina state line. Nolichucky River. Alternate names for this dam include Greeneville Dam. To thoroughly work this area, you basically only have to make three casts. "The effect created is that the Flash Minnow pops to the left, then pops to the right with a lot of commotion. The nine-mile Nolichucky Gorge is the deepest gorge in the southeast and holds class IV rapids, monster smallmouth bass, and musky. "For much of the day, a big smallmouth will hold in that depression, but he will also periodically roam up and down those 'sidewalks.' Jack West sums up his BDS philosophy by explaining that there are two types of river anglers.

The “Chucky,” in TN and NC has proven to be a fantastic fishery time and time again. Thus, he could "select" to catch larger fish by employing larger lures. And behind that rock, imagine a depression that the current has carved out," said West. At that time, the department pledged to collect additional data to determine if the elevated mercury levels extended any further upstream. The common denominator in all these outings is that West employed the same tactic, what he calls BDSing (short for bigger, deeper and slower). The biggest smallmouth we have ever caught on a guided trip was from the Nolichucky River. Cap'n Jack rigs tubes by inserting 1/8- to 1/4-ounce bullet head sinkers about halfway inside them. The Swine River is ECO’s trophy smallmouth water. Smallmouth Fishing The Nolichucky River Fishing the Noli is exciting all year round.

"How many times have we seen a 12-inch smallie on the end of our line, yet saw a much larger fish under it. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, mercury is a naturally occurring element that can be found throughout the environment. We float and wade sections in NC and VA and have private accesses in both states.

“Unlike ‘do not consume’ advisories that warn the general population to avoid eating fish from a particular body of water altogether, precautionary fish consumption advisories are specifically directed to sensitive populations such as children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and those who may eat fish very frequently from the same body of water.”. Supports an excellent black bass and striped bass fishery with the majority of interest directed toward largemouth and smallmouth. Test yourself on these smallies with a fly rod or a cast rod. River smallies are perhaps the most aggressive of all black bass, and the size of a bait does not matter to the smaller specimens. The New is well known for its incredible Smallmouth bass and Musky fishing from its headwaters in North Carolina to its destination in West Virginia. Additionally, channel catfish in the upper parts of the Nolichucky had mercury levels below the trigger.

According to the EPA, atmospheric deposition due to the global burning of coal is the most frequent reason for elevated levels of mercury in fish. "Immediately when your tube hits the water, give it enough line so that it will sink directly to the bottom," explains West. First, no matter how large a lure he went to, sub 12-inch river smallmouth would still occasionally hit it. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) today announced the extension of the existing precautionary fish consumption advisory on the Nolichucky River due to mercury. Although what constitutes deep water is relative depending on the characteristics of a particular river system, Jack West follows a basic guideline. Join us as we discuss the Tennessee Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. "After the cast, I point the rod tip toward the lure, just to create a little slack, and then on the retrieve, I start to make these little snaps to the left and right," tutors West. The guide cautions against using leaders, since the nonstretch line tends to cause mono leaders of even 17-pound test to snap on the hook set. The guide explained his three-pronged philosophy. There are no roads, 400-foot limestone bluffs, and no way in or out except by boat. Join us as we discuss the Tennessee Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing … The point and the barb end up lying along the back of the tube. The only difference in boat positioning was that the Volunteer State guide fished closer to the shoals in the summer (15 to 20 feet downstream) than he did in the winter (80 to 85 feet downstream), and somewhere in between in the spring and fall. JOIN TODAY! In August 2018, TDEC issued a precautionary advisory for smallmouth bass and channel catfish in the Nolichucky River from Douglas Reservoir upstream to the mouth of Bent Creek at river … In the winter months, the upper part of the Nolichucky is stocked with rainbow trout from the nearby Erwin National Fish Hatchery. Jack was not only one of the best river smallmouth anglers I have ever met, but he was also an advocate of clean water and rivers — and my very good friend.

"Then imagine that sidewalks run along both sides of that rock.

Fishing the Nolichucky Gorge is a premier adventure fishing experience with some of the finest Smallmouth waters that Tennessee has to offer. "That day, the air temperature was 23 degrees and the water temperature was 36 degrees, and all we fished were deep holes below shoals," recalls West. Keeping with the bigger aspect of his BDS philosophy, one of West's favorite baits for overgrown river bass is a 4 1/2-inch Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 in both the ghost minnow and laser rainbow patterns. ', "Others will quickly tire of the slow fishing and then want to throw small lures ... and then enjoy catching smaller fish and much better numbers of them, as well. Nolichucky means “dangerous waters, rushing waters, black swirling waters.” It is derived of a Cherokee origin and flows through the Cherokee National Forest and Pisgah National Forest. The river plays host to both traditional fishing and fly fishing, and offers the opportunity to catch all species of smallmouth bass, largemouth … In August 2018, TDEC issued a precautionary advisory for smallmouth bass and channel catfish in the Nolichucky River from Douglas Reservoir upstream to the mouth of Bent Creek at river mile 14.9. If you are an enthusiast of fishing you’ll find the Nolichucky to be an excellent destination as well. Strikes often occur when he raises the lure a few inches off the bottom. The French Broad is the largest and most productive smallmouth bass and musky river in North Carolina. Indeed, I have fished with him in all four seasons, and we have probed the same boulder-laden pools in the winter that we did in the spring, summer and fall. West rigs this bait the same way he does a tube, except the bullet sinker is replaced with a split shot crimped 12 inches above the lure. 4,510 acres. A final favorite is a 1/4- or 1/2-ounce single blade (Colorado) spinnerbait with the concave side of the blade painted black and the skirt chartreuse-and-white. ECO is proud to guide on this beautiful river, which is recognized as one of the country’s “National Wild and Scenic Rivers.” Whether it’s a day float or an overnight trip, you’re sure to be inspired by this river’s beauty and incredible fishing. This Nolichucky smallmouth was pushing 5 pounds. Elk Creek Outfitters is very excited about offering the premier Smallmouth fishing of the area.

Where new advisories have been issued, TDEC will immediately begin the process of putting up signs at primary public access points.

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