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Sports eyewear is made from durable materials, such a polycarbonate, that protect the eyes from projectiles and other accidents. For the majority of NBA history, it was the most popular shoe and it can still be purchased today. When Jason Terry was a member of the Dallas Mavericks, he had to hop on the runway wearing a protective mask for a stretch of games during the 2009-2010 season. Broken noses are a theme with protective masks. In fact, some players with perfect eyesight wear non prescription goggles because of how well they protect the eyes. Many other players have rocked the  By the year 2000, 750 million pairs were sold. He quickly became maybe the craziest athlete to ever play in the NBA. Your email address will not be published. in a range of styles. Amar'e Stoudemire is one such name. Whether it is his hair or colorful tattoos, players know who it is when Chris Andersen is blocking them. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Many do, even if their eyesight is perfect. Abdul-Jabbar suffered from two eye injuries, a scratched cornea in 1968 and another injury in 1974. But they also need to be light, flexible and comfortable, because you want to forget about them when on the court. After being elbowed in the nose by San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green in a game on March 9, 2012, Paul wore a mask for several weeks to protect his face. Hopefully, the center gave advice to teammates who would later have to wear a mask. The seven-time All Star was named MVP in the 1988 NBA Finals. After signing with the Lakers in 1981, Rambis spent an unbelievable 14 seasons with the team and helped them win as much as four NBA titles during the 1980-ties. Prescription basketball glasses should always meet these standards to ensure eye safety in all conditions. These eyeglasses do not adequately protect your eyes and are prone to breaking. In 12 seasons, he played for the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, and Orlando Magic. He won three titles with the Chicago Bulls early in his career and one title with the Los Angeles Lakers. Drew Gooden will be remembered for his beards more than his actual performance in NBA. In the NHL and NFL, players are basically covered from head to toe and are restricted from appearing unique. Safety Gear Pro offers prescription and nonprescription basketball glasses in a range of styles. These eyeglasses measure up to the frenetic, high-intensity rigors of basketball. Many players need a way to see better on the court since they can not wear their glasses. Outlaw was very good defensive player for several years in the NBA. Here is a great video dedicated to his dunk and the shoes. Basketball goggles are a type of sports eyewear that wrap around the head to prevent slippage and to provide the eye with full coverage from every angle. After former Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson's hand hit Bogut in the face during a game in 2005, Bogut rocked the protective mask for a stretch of games as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. You need glasses that can withstand the impacts and protect your eyes, and that means prescription basketball goggles that meet ASTM F803 standards. Tough, safe and hardwearing, sports glasses for basketball give you peace of mind on the court, no matter how intense the game gets. Szczerbiak wore his mask because of one during a 2009 game against the Knicks. Rambis is quoted as saying: "I look too damn good in them. Sitemap | All Prices are in USD, Exclusive Development Partner 1. basketball sports goggles throughout the years, either for their entire career or for a short time. At. Although it was for a short amount of time, Mourning wore a mask in 1998 to protect his fractured cheekbone. The standards specify the level of impact resistance and other aspects of the lens to ensure they provide the safety you need. He missed the rest of that series, but returned in Game 3 of the 2005 Western Conference finals against the eventual NBA champion Spurs. They’re designed to help you, not hurt you. What we do know, is that these guys mentioned above were on to something. In his first game wearing the mask, he went 11-of-19 from the field and scored 26 points. Basketball goggles help you see clearly, protect your eyes and prevent injuries. He has worn the mask for the last seven years and will continue to for the rest of his career. Regular eyeglasses can hurt your on-court play as well. In fact, I bet you 1 in 50 do. It depends on the type of glasses. In fact, to meet these standards your prescription basketball goggles the frame and lens must withstand the impact of a 40 – 65.1 mm projectile fired at 150 km/h. Even after he fractured his cheekbone after taking an inadvertent knee to the face, Westbrook returned to the court a few days later unfazed -- and with some new face gear. The Hall-of-Fame point guard was very talented in dishing out the ball to Karl Malone. The life of an NBA player is tough. Sure there are contact lenses, but those offer absolutely no eye protection. HE WORE GLASSES: George Mikan, The First Dominant Big Man. Unless your name is Kareem or Horace, I would guess pretty much. Glasses and sports goggles may have once seemed like the epitome of nerdiness, but thanks to some amazing NBA players over the years, eye protection can be considered cool. Gooden may have started the trend of very large goatees among sports figures. He won four NBA titles in L.A. and became the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves in August 2009. When asked a question after a game where he scored a triple-double, the former Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns player responded, "What's that, some kind of hamburger?". Most who do wear them these days are forced to do so to prevent further injuries. Goggles, however, are. He wore goggles, starting in 1990, because he was nearsighted. Also a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and a teammate of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for a time, James Worthy entered the NBA in the 1982 draft. Dee Brown made the Reebok Pump shoes famous in the 1991 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. Goggles, however, are. Pressley was a first-round pick in the 1986, but he did not have a very long career in the NBA. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your Facebook name, photo & other personal information you make public on Facebook will appear with your comment, and may be used on ESPN's media platforms. Last season, Minnesota held Kurt Rambis Night, where they gave out similar-looking glasses. The best glasses are those you forget you are wearing, and with soft contact points and great adjustability, that is what the best sports glasses give you. After his playing days were over he converted to a Mormon religion and resides in Utah. Mask or no mask, Kobe is going to score. It looks like former Sacramento King player Harold Pressley forgot to remove the rest of his mummy costume. Ben Wallace is better known for sporting a different accessory. Also, the nature of basketball means that your glasses could fall to the floor or be knocked off, and break. Knowing you need Prescription Basketball Googles and finding the right ones for you are two different things. Avoid wearing your everyday glasses for high school basketball. Sports glasses or goggles are most prone to fogging in extreme heat or cold. Kurt Rambis definitely had the coolest glasses on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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