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It has a decent-sized 5.5 inch screen, and a 'simple mode', which simplifies the interface and makes the icons larger. The best Android phones you can buy today, What to look out for when buying a secondhand iPhone, Early Black Friday deals on the best Wi-Fi extenders. The IDOL 2 is hearing aid compatible - though the option isn't easy to find, requiring you to tap on an image of three dots in the call tab. They can also alleviate some of the issues that may come with using a mobile device in old age, such as poor vision and arthritis. The Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S20, and iPhone 11 Pro are great phones, but with their reams of features, high price tags and fragile builds, they’re at once overkill and unsuitable for many elderly users. Simple smart and feature phones, which are easier to use and typically designed for inexperienced phone users, are significantly cheaper than the all-singing, all-dancing top-of-the-range models. They have clear displays and are SIM free for any network. We particularly like this model as it has a large screen for a Doro, measuring 5.45 inches. Elderly people can become marginalised if they have no way to get online. The phone is quite small but there are options to change font sizes and use text-to-speech apps if impaired vision is a worry. Simple, easy to use mobile phones. Best kids' phone: Which handset is best for your child? The specs are basic and the camera isn’t up to much, but none of those things are likely to be key concerns among most elderly users. © {{ year }} Choose Ltd. All rights reserved. On that note though, unlike most of our guides this one isn’t ranked, since depending on tech-savviness, eyesight, dexterity, and other factors, no one of these phones will definitively be better than the others – it all depends on what the user is comfortable with. The phone is also well-built and should be able to withstand the occasional accidental drop. EPIC SIM DEAL 12GB data £8 a month See Deal EPIC SIM DEAL 12GB data £8 a month See Deal, ©Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved, Advanced SIM Only Plan. While the Nokia 105 isn't a senior phone in the strictest sense, it offers excellent functionality for those who may struggle with mobile phones but don't feel as though they need one of the senior models. Hard of hearing? Many phones support stripped-back versions of the Android operating system, while some don’t use Android at all, offering only the most basic of features for simplicity. In all, the range of devices that can be used by the elderly is increasing, meaning you don't have to settle for ancient Nokias with limited functions. The sheer number of things you can do on a modern phone continues to impress. People with dexterity issues may appreciate the 'switch access' function, which allows you to pair the phone with an external keyboard, thus removing the need to interact with the touchscreen itself. Android Go gives users access to simplified version of apps such as YouTube, Google Maps, Facebook. Choose Ltd is a credit broker and not a lender, and does not charge any fees in relation to Credit Broking activities. This saves a bit of fumbling if you need to pick the phone up quickly to answer it. Thankfully, most feature phones still include physical keypads. The Doro 8035 also has lots of the features you’d expect from a Doro handset, such as loud, clear sound, hearing aid compatibility, an assistance button and a step-by-step tutorial, so even those with no smartphone experience should be able to operate it with minimal assistance. Key specs – Processor: Apple A9; Display: 4in 1,136 x 640; Storage: 16GB/64GB; Camera: 12-megapixel; Operating system: iOS 9.3; Weight: 112g. If you wish, you can allow close friends or family to access your phone. There's also a very handy buying guide at the bottom of this list, to help make your buying decision even easier. The phone has a physical number pad, which is ideal if you struggle with smartphone touchscreens or simply don’t like them. Before deciding on a simple mobile phone, you should consider whether to opt for a smartphone or a feature phone. The Doro 8035 also includes helpful return, home and recent apps buttons on the front of the phone. about cookies and how to manage them. Choose Ltd is also an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) of Seopa Ltd for insurance mediation (reference number 843466). There's also a screen magnifier if you wish to enhance a particular area. View Products. Key specs – Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 210; Display: 5in 1,280 x 720; Storage: 16GB; Camera: 5-megapixel; Operating system: Android 7.1; Weight: 171g. We use cookies on this website. That large screen also ensures it’s easy to interact with, as you’re not stuck prodding a cramped space. A clear, colourful, 2-inch display should be readable by most users, and charging the TTfone Star is simple as it comes with a dock, so there’s no need to fiddle around with cables and charging sockets. Not only does it include a massive 6in Full HD display, but it also comes installed with the most basic version of Android, which makes it a solid introduction for those previously unfamiliar with the operating system. Emporia is a relatively new entrant into the accessible phones market. The iPhone SE comes with all sorts of accessibility options, including text resizing, colour changes, mono audio and subtitles. The Doro 8035 uses the Android operating system, meaning you can download apps from the Google Play Store if you want to. Most of these won’t be needed by most elderly users, but there are a number of assistance apps aimed at making life easier. The Huawei Mate 9 is the most powerful of the phones we've looked at. 12 month contract. The device uses Android Go, a stripped-back version of the operating system used by many modern mobile phones today. The Nokia 105 (2019) has a simple, intuitive interface of the kind that Nokia has been making and perfecting since the 90s. For anyone over the age of 30, the Nokia 3310 is a nostalgia-fuelled phone with little else on offer. The screen is a bit on the small side, though, and the 16MB of internal storage can fill up quite quickly. The smartphones we look at here have simple interfaces and large icons to make this easier. PCMag UK Computers & Electronics Mobile Phones. Unlike the Doro, the SMART.3mini has an IP54 waterproof rating, which means that it can withstand being splashed without suffering damage. It might be overkill for an elderly person who just wants a basic phone, but it’s a great smart option. You can call favourite contacts, launch the web browser, open the camera and view all notifications with a single swipe and tap from the home screen. Best for. There’s also an SOS button for emergencies. TTfone isn’t a big name, but it has a range of phones aimed at the elderly, such as this, the TTfone Star. Choose Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Otherwise read on for the top four smartphones for older people. We are independent and offer a wider market Mobile. You can also enable AssistiveTouch, which is specifically designed to help people with motor skill issues when using touchscreens. You can pick up the Doro 8035 for £140 when you buy the handset outright or from as little as £13 a month on a 24-month contract. The Doro 8080 is one of the most premium phones you can get from Doro, though by general smartphone standards it still has a lower mid-range price. Smartphones have a wealth of features that can be useful for the elderly - but only if they can access them. Registered number: 05628680. Plus, there’s an assistance button which can automatically call one number and send a text to up to three pre-set numbers when pressed, which could literally be a lifesaver in an emergency. £80 for any smartphone is a pretty good deal, but now that the Nokia 1.3 has dropped to just £65, it's even better value. There are no fiddly apps, no confusing interface and it comes with Snake preinstalled too, so there’s still some fun to be had. There's a built-in coach to help you initially find your way around and set the phone up just how you want it. Home. The Doro 6520 is a clear example of a phone designed specifically for the elderly, and that makes it a great choice. Regardless, this is the most fully-featured Android phone to date, with superb internal specifications and a long list of top-end features. Whether through unfamiliarity with modern tech, sight and hearing issues or a heightened potential for accidents, the elderly often have different needs in a phone. This is thanks to a textured rubberised back that is at odds with the smooth metal favoured by many smartphone manufacturers. Range of phones at new low prices on 100GB and 8GB plans. Apple’s venerable iPhone SE may no longer be in production, but you can still pick one up secondhand on websites like eBay, Giffgaff and third-party sellers. For anyone new to mobile devices, however, the Nokia 3310 is a simple phone that offers the basics. Android also means that the Doro 8035 comes with full access to the Google Play Store and its millions of apps. Of course, even the simplest smartphone requires the ability to interact with a relatively small screen. For anyone over the age of 30, the Nokia 3310 is a nostalgia-fuelled phone with little else on offer. While they have previously focused on simple phones, their newer devices - like the The SMART.3mini - are smartphones. The best smartphones for the elderly make getting online easy thanks to simplified interfaces and a range of accessibility options. If you or someone you know struggles with conventional devices, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on everything that a mobile phone has to offer. Doro products are primarily designed for the elderly, and the Doro 8050 is no exception. The Doro 8050 is the best overall as it is intuitive to use but also has safety features like an emergency button and somewhere for ICE information to be stored. The phone includes a very simple and straightforward setup process, and Doro’s interface is big, bold and easy to navigate. Virgin TV 360 launches alongside faster Ultimate Oomph, Virgin Media switch on Gig1 broadband in London and NI, TalkTalk stop selling TV Boosts to customers, Huawei unveil Mate 40 series of smartphones, iPhone 12 launches with 5G and four different models, 12 more locations now have access to 5G from EE. Like any good phone for the elderly this comes with big buttons and a loud maximum volume, which coupled with a simple interface makes it easy to operate. If a big screen is first on your list of priorities when searching for a mobile phone, Google’s Pixel 3a XL is a perfect choice.

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