miniature cattle for sale in michigan

List of breeders with websites that raise Miniature Herefords in the US. proven birther and milker. | More Information, HIGHLAND COW FOR SALE, VERY SWEET! She is a very good milk producer and has gorgeous calves. Testing is available. I have just 5 acres and it seems from what i read that lowline cattle with their gentle disposition might be what i am looking for. Calls ... Tel: 8146587312 | 16657 | PA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information, BROWN SWISS BULL CALF | More Information, FOR SALE A2A2 Fancy Swiss Bull calf born August 28th. Her coloring comes from the small frame White Galloway in her lineage. They are very small compared with other breeds, standing at only 3 ½ feet tall and topping out at 1,300 pounds. | More Information, SIMMENTAL, BEEFMASTER AND SANTA GERTRUDIS HEIFERS READY | More Information, FOR SALE: DEXTER CATTLE - ADCA REGISTERED HEIFER Big cows. REGISTERED JERSEY IN MILK CATTLE FOR SALE, FOR SALE: DEXTER CATTLE - ADCA REGISTERED HEIFER. Find useful information on everything related to your Hobby Farm or Homestead!!! Red and white pregnant. CATTLE FOR SALE, HEIFER, BULLS, CALVES,STEERS AND COWS. She is A2/A2 and bred to an A2/A2 bull for a spring 2014  calf. Red heifer, horned, excellent blood lines, very fine animal, ADCA registered as LHR Miss Red, #041255 , all vaccinations, health certificate, ... Tel: 301-990-4138 | 26711 | WV | 05/18/2020  MINIATURE HEREFORD COWS AND BULLS FOR SALE. Miniature cattle come closer to a families needs than large commercial cows. Herd of 50 Black Brangus Heifers. Very quiet and milking good.... Tel: 319-480-4447 | 52310 | IA | 06/07/2020  Halter led as calf. | More Information, SELECT GROUP OF BROWN SWISS HEIFERS We have an impressive group of Brahman, Gir/Gyr, Guzerat and Nolore/Nollore heifers; excellent quality, Gentle disposition, Good legs and udders with the structural correctness and functional efficien... Tel: (408) 741-6171 | 95037 | CA | 09/28/2020  | More Information, CALVES AVAILABLE NOW ,BULLS , MILKING AND NON MILKING HEIFERS | More Information, REGISTERED JERSEY IN MILK CATTLE FOR SALE $200, you are welcome to text, call, or email. He is A1/A2 and has a great temperament. Earth is a mid-sized A2/A2 Jersey girl that is new to our herd. She is A1/A2 and bred to an A2/A2 bull for a fall 2013 calf. 7/8 Jersey miniature bull. Lowline is smaller, naturally polled beef cattle originally bred in Australia from the black Aberdeen Angus cattle. Mercury is a tiny little A2/A2 girl. Both h... Tel: 734-612-1227 | 48111 | MI | 11/30/-0001  Unable to deliver... Tel:  | 23833 | VA | 11/30/-0001  Birthdate 6/2/16... Tel: 815 973 3224 | 61021 | IL | 11/30/-0001  Check in: Or, to see a list of ALL the Lowline Cattle breeders in the US: Also, check out Michigan breeders of some other farm animals: Are you a farm animal breeder who isn’t listed. Ambassador is a yearling up and coming bull owned by Sara Hass. We are excited to use this bull on our girls. | More Information, DEXTER COWS, HEIFERS, COW/CALF PAIRS Open and breedable. | More Information, SENEPOL, LIMOUSIN AND GELBVIEH HEIFERS Here at South House Farms we have a small herd of Minaiture Jersey Cattle. HERD OF MOSTLY YOUNG JERSEYS, HIGH BUTTER FAT AND PROTEIN. Bred cows are bred to the 2011 Intermediate Champion Bull RF Piston. website .... Our goal is to produce small sized, feed efficient, A2/A2 Miniature Milk cows with tractable dispositions and superior milk quality. This is a nice group of replacement heifers. (artificially inseminate) our girls we are able to choose from a variety of sires and choose the bulls that complement each girl the best. | More Information, REGISTERED AYRSHIRE HEIFER FOR SALE 1 red hereford horned bull w/nose ring Her dam is 39 inches tall and her sire is 42 inches t... Tel: 706-416-6313 | 30230 | GA | 11/30/-0001  and advice? | More Information, FOR SALE HEIFERS $900. Beautiful color and longer coat.... Tel: 4194670591 | 43430 | OH | 11/30/-0001  Neptune’s Farm is now holding home cheese making classes. | More Information, BRAHMAN, GIR/GYR, GUZERAT AND NELORE/NELLORE REPLACEMENT HEIFERS FOR YOUR HERD Ask for Rita... Tel: 8108759771 | 48458 | MI | 11/30/-0001  We raised miniature jerseys, mid size jerseys, and standard jerseys as family milk cows. Morgan is a beautiful painted bull owned by Sara Hass. ... Tel: 9704667777 | 80726 | CO | 11/30/-0001  The smaller the better . MINIATURE HEREFORD COWS AND BULLS FOR SALE We have several miniature Hereford and Hereford cross heifers, cows and bulls for sale. We have a selection of Normande heifers weaned, vaccinated, polled, are registered muscular frame and good milk lines. Buttercup is a gentle yearling Jersey heifer. $1800 each or $3200 for the pair. Jupiter is a mid-sized girl standing 44 inches tall at just under 2 years of age. She is  over 85% Mini Jersey but her beautiful white coloring comes from the small frame white Galloway in her lineage. She is A1/A2 and has the best temperament. | More Information, HEALTHY BRAHMAN HEIFER CATTLE AND BULLS M... Tel: (408) 741-6171 | 95037 | CA | 09/28/2020  She is a beautiful black with soft shaggy hair that doesn't usually get ugly dreadlocks like some do. Registered Miniature Jersey bull White Star Farm Primo. Pet Steer Calf for sale, Shadow is friendly, smart, strong and sturdy Great to keep as Pet or raise for beef later $ 4,000.00... Tel: 3528179510 | 34479 | FL | 07/01/2020  PHA Negative, Chondrodysplasia non-carrier (obligated) Black, Horned, A1/A1 ... Tel: 2319421390 | 49655 | MI | 09/28/2020  HEAVY BRED REGISTERED HEREFORD COWS FOR SALE, BRAHMAN, GIR/GYR, GUZERAT AND NELORE/NELLORE REPLACEMENT HEIFERS FOR YOUR HERD, PROSPECT RED/BLACK ANGUS, CHAROLAIS AND HEREFORD HEIFERS AVAILABLE, SIMMENTAL, BEEFMASTER AND SANTA GERTRUDIS HEIFERS READY, RED BRAHMAN COWS MALE AND FEMALE AVAILABLE, JERSEY REPLACEMENT HEIFERS AND PREGNANT COWS A2 TESTED ( CATTLE ), MALE AND FEMALE FENNEC FOX AND OTHER EXOTIC PET ANIMALS FOR SALE, HOME CHEESE MAKING CLASS, AUGUST 8TH AND 22ND, HOLSTEIN HEIFERS AND SHORTHORN BULL FOR SALE, CALVES AVAILABLE NOW ,BULLS , MILKING AND NON MILKING HEIFERS, FOR SALE PET STEER CALF GREAT FOR PET OR RAISING FOR BEEF, PET STEER CALF FOR SALE CAN BE KEPT AS PET OR LATER BEEF, STEER CALF FOR RAISING AS PET OR LATER BEEF, BEAUTIFUL HERD OF BLACK BRANGUS HEIFERS & BLACK BRANGUS BULLS. We breed and supply "top notch A2/A2 tested Jersey replacement Heifers and Pregnant Cows with the structural efficiency and functional correctness" Can ship all over the States and oversea.... Tel: 681433993 | 900015 | CO | 09/18/2020  | More Information, PROSPECT RED/BLACK ANGUS, CHAROLAIS AND HEREFORD HEIFERS AVAILABLE For sale: is a September calf sired by Atwood. Guessing 900-1000 lbs each. | More Information, RED BRAHMAN COWS MALE AND FEMALE AVAILABLE She wil make someone an easy keeper family milk cow and a beef maker with color t... Tel: 2244065900 | 60002 | IL | 11/30/-0001  Gus is high% Highland, he will be a midsized mini and approximately 44" tall when hes full grown. Use the search bar above to navigate through the site and view the breeder listings of all sorts of different animals.

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