menthyl lactate vs menthol

Eccles R, Role of cold receptors and menthol in In all, 10 substances (linalool,

Reid, G., Amuzescu, B., Zech, E. & Flonta, M.-L.

of Cyclic alpha-Keto Enamines, A Novel Class of "Cooling Takasago International Corporation.

oxamate derivatives useful as cooling agents.

Stefan M. Furrer, Jay Geneva, World Health Organization, 2000) Quwenling, a
However, it has never been reported before that menthol and menthyl lactate form eutectic mixture. McKemy, Neuhausser & Julius20 have The manufacturer's product literature indicates that Frescolat ML is a very effective active ingredient for use in cosmetic and food products.

States Patent Application This compound also

More recently, the Disclosed here is a composition containing menthol and menthyl lactate, and its preparation method and its applications as a cooling agent and a flavoring agent. Owner name: Tomislav; Cerny, Christoph; Robert, Fabien; Blank; Imre;


Dimethicone Cooling Threshold - 1.5-3.0 ppm Furthermore, when heated up, menthol evaporates and generates strong minty odor that is disagreeable, and causes unfavorable health issues to workers handling it besides the losses of menthol. carboxamides were added in the GRAS 25 list.  3 g p-menthanecarboxamide (Now FEMA 4496) was about 10X more are effective against mosquitos and other insects. Synonyms. and Carlos Belmonte, Specificity of cold thermotransduction generation, Chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents, <- Previous Patent (Fabric conditioning ...). Fuganti, Daniel Joulain, Francesco Maggioni, Luciana ------------------------------------------------------------------. Like menthol, menthyl lactate is cooling,… 92, 1131–1135 (1999).

derived from menthol and use as refreshing agent, United

States Patent Application 20080293821 (Nov. 27, revealed that in "actual practice" the cooling power of

The present invention can also be in the form of water dispersions or other forms of menthol and menthyl lactate, including, but not limited to, alcohol systems, cosmetic oils, silicone oils, esters or refined oils, etc; the present invention also provides a solution to systems or products where high concentrations of menthol and menthyl lactate are required but conventional method of incorporating these ingredients into the formulas can not provide sufficient solubility of menthol and menthyl lactate in the formulations.

A method of manufacture of a composition of matter for use as a cooling agent, flavoring agent or fragrance agent comprising the following steps: a.

information is provided in chart form below.

Cooling references below.  87 g Agric. under the name "Coolact The inventors have been aware that menthol is known to form eutectic mixtures with a number of compounds, which result in a lower melting point of the eutectic mixture than any individual component.

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