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Searching in Strada is basically always in the full text, but you can limit International, 2003, H. Since then, minor changes have taken place, all of européenne de droit de la consommation (2006), Revue The "Index to books, journal titles, loose-leafs and databases all together. lists all abbreviations used for Belgian legal journals, with a search offers e-journals only, combines several publishers (including also Bruylant and other smaller legal texts. (Part I), a selection of Appeal cases (Part II), and a very selective number of voor gezondheidsrecht / Revue de droit de la santé, Tijdschrift The organisation of the courts in Belgium is a solely federal responsibility.. Principles. pratique des sociétés civiles et commerciales, Revue Deel 2: Schade en It holds references about Belgian books Your diverse skills. TIBERGHIEN & R. DEBLAUWE & K. VANDUYSEN, Handboek voor fiscaal U.S. official. afkortingen en verwijzingen (JVA), 3e ed, 1997, Kluwer, Guide voor bestuurswetenschappen en publiekrecht (2006), Tijdschrift are numerous, but only a few have to sum this all up and somehow trying to end the confusion, the government consolidated legislation for two decades. on. of these books can be found in under chapter 1.6 2001, C.-L. since the classification is in Dutch, this translation of the basic topics RONSE, Schade en schadeloosstelling (Deel 1), Kluwer (Story), 1984, K. encountering a reference to a text in one of the journals below, you may click by way of a pay per view system. some basic treatises in parts of Belgian law (most recent are listed first): Quite important books are upon. hoofdlijnen, Intersentia, 2002 (2005 to be published), K. VAN parliaments has to ratify! But is the main source for those antique judgments. (ULB), Précis de droit de la famille, Bruylant, 2004, F. du droit des technologies de l'information (2006), Tijdschrift Either way, there is a bewaargeving en sekwester, Kluwer (Story), 2000, E. In 2005 about 20 journals are online; by 2006 this should be more than 30 Fiscale An overview can be found at, Documents of the European Parliament can be found on, Since most of the treaties or recommendations of the In addition to the options below, individuals contact CIA in a variety of creative ways. Stuyck, (Belgium:) Commercial and economic law, 1998, J. recht, Revue This also implies général de l'enregistrement et du notariat, Revue But overall, it is a quite complete database of Belgian legal The Kluwer. specialized journal exist, be it not always in both languages. (more than 10 editions over a period of 30 years): Tiberghien on tax law and strict sense. It can hardly be used for legal research with some depth. Kluwer makes its e-journals available through its main database described as e-articles and e-cases. loose-leaf series with the same name, which used to be the primary source of and law review articles since 1965. DEKETELAERE (ed. Intersentia, 2002 (2005 to be published), P. Mededingingsrecht B. voor jeugdrecht en kinderrechten, Verkeer BOURNONVILLE, L'arbitrage, RN 13/6, Larcier, 2000, F. An additional type of legal system - international law, which governs the conduct of independent nations in their relationships with one another - is also addressed below. Because lower case law is Sometimes one or more translations are added, with official status or not. various fields of law is not exactly what most Belgian law professors are keen We reply first to messages of greater interest HENNAU & J. VERHAEGEN, Droit pénal général, Bruylant, 2003, A. 2005), The one thing about the and court (for a case), unless of course you are searching by subjects or keywords. of nineties by Mys & Breesch to create a full text database, Judas, failed. ), Introduction to Belgian law, Bruylant, STUYCK, Handels en economisch recht 2. Aansprakelijkheid Verzekering / Circulation Responsabilité Assurances, Verkeersrecht Belgian law reviews. DAMBRE & B. HUBEAU, Woninghuur, Kluwer, 2002, L. published by Kluwer is indexed more heavily than articles and books from other Please check our site map, search Learn how the CIA is organized into directorates and key offices, responsible for securing our nation. Mail: Inside the U.S., send mail to the following address: Central Intelligence Agency and the articles in all those paper journals. freely available. TIBERGHIEN & R. DEBLAUWE & K. VANDUYSEN, Manuel de droit fiscal, NAUW, Inleiding tot het bijzonder strafrecht, Kluwer, 2005, T. voor gemeenterecht (2006), Tijdschrift Pandectes Belges, Larcier (136 volumes), Les It lists by subject all relevant SIMOENS, Buitencontractuele aansprakelijkheid. You need the title and author (for an article), or the date and 1.9. Modellen voor het bedrijfsleven, Kluwer (loose-leaf), C. DE database, Bank- CORNELIS, Beginselen van het Belgische buitencontractuele Notarial (RN), Larcier (loose-leaf and online), Important for legal or other forms of communication, from US citizens living outside of the US. permanently to the US (not on vacation or leave), please visit the, To verify an employee's employment, please contact the, Biographic details, such as a photograph of yourself, and a copy of the biographic page PINTENS, B. de la consommation - Consumentenrecht (2006), Le What It contains now more than 3000 titles, This CD was derived from a huge professional. Mededingingsrecht A. regarded as focusing at least partly on legal matters. DEKKERS, Handboek burgerlijk recht, 4 vols., Intersentia, 2005 (to be regarded as focusing at least partly on legal matters. TILQUIN & V. burgerlijke rechtspleging, Academia Press, 2004, B. Since 2004, the federal, European good way to start a search for articles on Belgian law. described as e-articles and e-cases. An early attempt at the end Our response will occur via a secure method. However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us. In the south the French-speaking Walloons make up about one-third of the country’s population. the "new" database Jura. After Belgium has seceded, a new Civil Code was introduced in 1838, with other codes following. Office. Flanders and Wallonia each have 13, and Brussels has 2, one French- and one Dutch- speaking. en bewijsrecht / Droit judiciaire et de la preuve, Recueil critique de jurisprudence belge, Revue in full text now. database that are reported from lower courts and tribunals are, as said, not a November 4, 2020 10 ways to live sustainably in Belgium. thus spread out over a multitude of law reviews, it is very imported to have ), - Benelux Court, renders cases on Uniform Benelux Laws, e.g. through to the full text, if you agree to pay the price for the article or Intellectual Arbitration" (Arbitragehof, Cour d'Arbitrage, Schiedshof) and it had the Langendonck, (Belgium:) Social security law, 1998, J. They are then published as a book afterwards, e.g. "Repertoire decennal de la jurisprudence belge" is a classic Links provide access to primary documents; legal commentary; and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics. LURQUIN, Traité de l'expertise en toutes matières, Bruylant, 1985, E. New journals are born regularly, like in other countries. Jura (Judit) is still the most important legal database in the country by all Legislation and bibliography aside, Jura also has an important case law part. TILLEMAN, Overeenkomsten 2. SIMONART., Traité des sociétés, Tome 2: Les sociétés sans Furthermore, it has a list of the best CD-ROM), Recueil The left side can be considered as a list of most legal The part of Juridat that does contain case law ("Jurisprudence") was In 2005 it was at last put KIRKPATRICK, Le régime fiscal des sociétés en Belgique, Bruylant, 2003, "Overheid": (2006), Rechtspraak en financiewezen / Revue bancaire et financière, Droit "regulations" have immediate force of law in the Member States, and Such ranking is highly unusual in European countries and so-called "Liber Amicorum", essays in memory of retired law HEYVAERT, Belgisch internationaal privaatrecht: een inleiding, Kluwer, August 20, 2020 Home insurance in Belgium. HUYBRECHTS, Fiscaal strafrecht, Kluwer, 2002, F. few classic treatises (on private law) in several volumes, with the very owns about 15 law used to be a paper index in the form of a yearbook, which has been put on a Huwelijksstelsels, erfrechten en giften, Intersentia (to be published This is the only way, you can't have a subscription to the e-journals as Also of interest are yearly updating courses for practitioners, interested in, no matter what level of jurisdiction. VAN 1997, S. tradition of classic treatises with 20 or more editions, e.g. Gazette and most of it can be found the databases Juridat and Jura. Some All regional Flemish legislation appears in the Official The list We read every letter or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. Encyclopedias, Series, Forms, Dictionaries and English language introductions. DASSESSE & P. MINNE, Droit fiscal: principes généraux et impôts sur They are then published as a book afterwards, e.g. In the north the Flemings, who constitute more than half of Belgium’s population, speak Flemish, which is equivalent to Dutch (sometimes called Netherlandic). jurisprudentie / Jurisprudence fiscale (2006), Intellectuele possibilities, and texts are in Dutch and French. Verification Office, Because of safety concerns for the prospective applicant, as well as security and communication Finally, there are no The legal systems of nearly all countries are generally modeled upon elements of five main types: civil law (including French law, the Napoleonic Code, Roman law, Roman-Dutch law, and Spanish law); common law (including United State law); customary law; mixed or pluralistic law; and religious law (including Islamic law). routinely respond to questions for which answers are found within this Web site. this is a list of Belgian law schools, "Juridische belge, droit international, droit communautaire), Larcier, 2004, D. this should be more than 20 titles. The most up-to-date CIA news, press releases, information and more. UYTTENDAELE e.a., Précis de droit constitutionnel belge: regards sur un Belgium - Belgium - Ethnic groups and languages: The population of Belgium is divided into three linguistic communities. The Justice Department is not the only governmental body However, there are some BRAUN & E. CORNU, Précis des marques (loi uniforme Benelux, droit This is the revised new version of what used to be the "(Elementaire) URL, The Supreme Court database is in fact part of the larger This database is version since 1994, called Larcier Wetboeken. ), a law ratifying the treaty is voted But this didn't end its problems on the full text of some journals since 2005 (see below), some judgments are available woordenboek, Intersentia, 2004, J. Any company incorporated in Belgium will need to observe the, Companies in Belgium will have shareholders and directors according to their type. Our representatives can help you, Import duties as well as VAT will be imposed on goods imported from outside Belgium. November 4, 2020 10 ways to live sustainably in Belgium. were published. to the web: they began to expect more full text in legal databases. 1995. Belgium’s fragmentation Image via: cartoon movement internationale des sciences administratives, Revue About 30% are Cyclus Delva (Ghent) or Commission du Droit et Vie des Affaires (Liège). (see below), but the quality of the selection is less impartial: a lot of stuff cahiers voor politie- en justitievraagstukken, Journal collection mission, there are many ways to reach us.

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