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His brother Tommy is fully onboard. Although, as with many of the game’s pivotal plot moments, Joel’s brutal death is just an uninteractive cut scene. At this point, I sincerely wish I’d experienced the story via a hastily-narrated synopsis from an apolitical gaming YouTuber who solely covers politics in games and never the games themselves. Now we’re riding into Jackson and I’m playing as Joel! The Last Of Us Part 2 – secrets and lies (pic: Sony) GameCentral takes a more detailed look at the sequel to The Last Of Us, with just enough spoilers to discuss the story properly. [Update] Prev. All Rights Reserved. Abby is the daughter of the head Firefly surgeon and while she is seeking a very personal vengeance against Joel she’s joined by a number of friends who blame him for dooming the entire human race and all but destroying the Fireflies. There’s so many graphics here. Well, only the time will tell. As if Sony Interactive Entertainment wasn’t already under a heap of pressure for the reveal of PlayStation 5, another bad news has surfaced for the Last of Us Part II publisher. This is amazing! They found a secret hideout and a grow lab. I know people often talk about immersion in games, but I felt the spit hit me in the face. It’s an action game that makes you feel increasingly guilty for committing acts of violence and furious when other people die, not because they were some hackneyed love interest, but because you knew them as a decent, ordinary person – whereas the person that killed them thought of them as just another faceless target. For the time being, The Last of Us Part II is confirmed to release for PlayStation 4 with an unconfirmed release date. I simply no longer trust these writers who previously made me care so much about a character that I made five anonymous Twitter accounts so I can tweet abuse at them. Massive mates. Loser Donald Trump makes first public appearance since US election defeat, Actor found dead with high levels of date rape drug in his system, Boris writes off Trump as he calls him 'previous president' after Biden chat. That’ll show them. I’m not sure who this is, but I’m not convinced in her proportions. Sony Interactive Entertainment has it delayed indefinitely. A character who I love, that they wrote, who dies at the hands of a woman. Who will be his new daughter if he lets Ellie die here? I’m never included in anything because I’m deeply unlikable. There’s very little hope in Ellie’s side of the story but there is with Abby’s, despite the horrific things that happen to her as well. Hate is the driving force of the plot but it’s empathy which is the most pivotal emotion, both Ellie’s loss of it and Abby’s willingness to put herself in danger for complete strangers. Well, based on the reports, it seems like an angry employee at Naughty Dog over some payments disputes leaked that footage. Well, Amazon may have recently tipped us about the new TLOU 2 release date but anything Amazon related has very rare chance of coming true. That’s not kidnapping, that’s just being a good, self-appointed apocalypse dad. Start date Jun 12, 2020; 1884 Forums. Formats: PlayStation 4Price: £54.99Publisher: Sony Interactive EntertainmentDeveloper: Naughty DogRelease Date: 19th June 2020Age Rating: 18. Aw, this is nice. The worse part is that we don’t even have an official release date for The Last of Us Part II yet. I may have only played three hours of this 25 hour game, but I’m going to have to make a stand and put a 0 user score on Metacritic. [Original Story] At the end, he listens to some Slipknot, looks at the camera and says, “That was the last of THEM.” Fin. The game is similarly vague when it comes to a rival group of religious fundamentalists, which commits acts of sacrificial violence seemingly as a matter of course, but which a late game plot development suddenly begins to portray in a more positive light just to make others look even worse. Or he could have simply snatched the shotgun from Abby and gunned them all down while mouthing “blammo” with each trigger pull. A huge The Last of Us 2 leak has surfaced and it has revealed a lot of major story spoilers about the game. Exactly. 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Abby’s trajectory is supposed to be the opposite but while she is a significantly more sympathetic character the game doesn’t do enough to outline what kind of person Abby was before she met Ellie. Her character still works though, in that it shows how a traumatic situation can bring out the best in people as well as the worst (a typically excellent acting performance by Laura Bailey doesn’t hurt matters either). The game starts, with no attempt to one-up the harrowing opening sequence of the original, with Ellie and Joel living in a large and well organised survivor camp in the wilds of Wyoming. Anyone who’s played the first game will immediately guess that Ellie has learnt what Joel did in its finale, where rather than allowing the Firefly militia group to use Ellie to create a cure for the infected – a process that would kill her – he murdered most of them and took her away, making up an unlikely sounding lie to explain what happened. The Last of Us 2 Ending Explained and Spoiler Discussion. Hold up – what is this shit? It feels odd because Ellie is barely ever aware of either character but, again, they’re so well scripted and acted that the disconnect never becomes an issue. I am hoping that Sony will figure out a viable plan about all this and may be release the game earlier so that fans don’t get tortured with these horrendous The Last of Us 2 leaks? The Last of Us is one of my favourite games for many reasons. It’s not the lore that makes it interesting but how the characters are portrayed and what they say about human nature, video games, and the people that play them. Demon’s Souls PS5 review in progress – prepare to be amazed, Games Inbox: PS5 UK release date, Xbox Series X games line-up, and best Switch co-op games, Xbox Series X disk drive problems reported as consoles unable to play disks, Xbox Series X and S in stock now in UK at John Lewis, Asda, Very, and more, Codemasters sold to Rockstar owner Take-Two for $1 billion, The Last Of Us Part 2 breaks records as biggest PS4 launch ever in UK, The Last Of Us 2 review bombed by people who haven’t even finished it, The Last Of Us Part 2 – cheapest UK prices and offers. MORE : The Last Of Us Part 2 breaks records as biggest PS4 launch ever in UK, MORE : The Last Of Us 2 review bombed by people who haven’t even finished it, MORE : The Last Of Us Part 2 – cheapest UK prices and offers, Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at Ellie is cool – she learned from the best, after all. Even from the start though, Abby’s vengeance is not all consuming and she spares both Ellie and Joel’s brother Tommy, since they had no part in what happened. Although despite Ellie being barely the size of one of Abby’s biceps the two play almost identically. Release dates: every game confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in 2020, These are the best PS4 deals for Black Friday 2020, Looking for an Xbox One deal this Black Friday? For a start Sony prevented reviewers from saying almost anything about the game’s story before release. Just bros being bros. Now I’m playing as someone called Abby. She is visibly shaken by some of the things she does, but rather than show any remorse she just becomes increasingly more hypocritical about what she’s doing and the enemies she’s fighting. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Monday, 22 June 2020 09:47 GMT. But now that the game has been released, and many have had a chance to complete it, we have the opportunity to go into a bit more detail on what is undoubtedly one of the best video game stories ever told.

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