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My grandmother was from Leenaun, County Galway. In the next section, you can hear the audio of spoken Irish (Gaelic). by Annie Loughlin. IOMBHÁ (“OM-wah”): Derived from iombháigh, the Irish word for “to swamp” or “submerge,” an iombhá is either a sinking boat half submerged in the water, or any place where there is a danger of drowning. Hi Michael, yes these are tending towards the Munster dialect. The whole point is that you get familiar with the sounds of the Irish language, and not just regurgitate travel-book phrases. Old Irish, or Sengoídelc, is the language that was spoken in Ireland from around the seventh to the tenth centuries C.E. Sean (Seán) is pronounced SHAWN. PLOBAIREACHT (“PLOH-ber-acht”): When you’re crying and trying to speak at the same time but can’t make yourself clear, that’s plobaireacht. You don’t want to simple speak at Irish people. SABHSAÍ (“SAWH-see”): Someone who works outside no matter how bad the weather is a sabhsaí. Your ultimate goal of learning to speak Ireland’s language is to speak with Irish people, right? Your email address will not be published. Take a listen to the pronounced audio above again, it’s free. AITEALL (“AT-ell”): The perfect word for the spring—an aiteall is a fine spell of weather between two showers of rain. Bitesize Irish Gaelic Ltd., Search. BOTHÁNTAÍOCHT (“BOCH-an-TI-ucht”): Another Irish word without an exact English equivalent, bothántaíocht is the practice of calling on all your neighbors just to catch up on all the gossip. It looks like there’s something amiss with our audio player on this page. A big thanks to Donovan at The Mezzofanti Guild who reviewed our full Bitesize Irish Gaelic program of online lessons that teach you Irish language pronunciation, and he made nice suggestions on how our online lessons can better help learners. Jan 02, 2019 "Do you speak Irish?" The Irish language, or "Gaelic" as most Americans call it, is easier than it looks, especially with the right pronunciation guide. But are you worried that you won’t ever be able to follow what Irish-speaking people say when they talk at a normal pace? AIMLIÚ (“AM-lyu”): Aimliú is the spoiling or ruining of something by exposure to bad weather. A guide to learning Irish Gaelic for beginner and mastering Irish language pronunciation. Kayrd foot-sa?/(I’m a primary school teacher. Here’s more info on dialects with Bitesize Irish: ADHARCÁILÍ (“ay-er-KOH-li”): The Irish verb adharcáil means “to gore” or, in relation to animals like bulls or goats, “to attack with horns.” The derivative adharcáilí is used to refer to an animal in heat or, figuratively, to a lustful young man. ; mh in the centre of a word is pronounced as a v sound - e.g. AODHÁN: Cén post atá agat anois, a Thaidhg? Your first step is to hear how conversations may go, practice the words, to begin to follow along. We’ll start you off with slower audio Irish pronunciation, and work it up to faster pronunciation later. Irish Pronouns. Do not reprint without permission. STRÍOCÁLAÍ (“SHTREE-care-LEE”): Stríocálaí literally means “scratcher” or “scraper” in Irish, but can be used figuratively to describe someone who works hard but is not particularly well-skilled. If you’re new to the Bitesize Irish Gaelic family, we give you the chance to learn the sounds of Irish, by listening to several thousand audio recordings throughout our members’ lessons. Single click on the phrase to hear the Irish pronunciation spoken by a native Irish speaker. Irish spelling, although complicated, is actually much more regular than English spelling (!). Required fields are marked *. ), /On mah lyat duh fust?/(Do you like your job?). If you’re seriously ready to start, then please: Click here to join Bitesize Irish Gaelic, and we’ll see you inside. The Grammar Database is a facility which enables users to readily find grammatical information on words in Irish, e.g. It’s derived from aduaine, the Irish word for “strangeness” or “unfamiliarity.”. Bitesize Lesson Highlight: Where are you from? Niamh is pronounced NEE-av or NEEV. This is such a great improvement! mo mhála (my bag) is pronounced mu wall-ah (/mˠʊ ˈwaːl̪ˠə/). It’s a noble effort to consider wanting to visit Ireland next time and strike up a simple conversation in Irish when you’re visiting a Gaeltacht area (where lots of the community speak Irish). Are you going to make it over to Ireland at all?! Your email address will not be published. /{{ pronunciation }}/. The same word is also used for someone who sticks out from a crowd, or for a small knoll or hill in an otherwise flat expanse of land. Irish pronunciation dictionary. Do you find it frustrating trying to learn Irish because you’re not sure if you’re pronouncing the words correctly? A big thanks to Donovan at The Mezzofanti Guild who reviewed our full Bitesize Irish Gaelic program of online lessons that teach you Irish language pronunciation, and he made nice suggestions on how our online lessons can better help learners. (, Faceboo, The Most Common Irish Names and Phrases (and How to Pronounce Them), How to Speak Irish: An English Speaker’s Guide to Learning Gaeilge, Me and Pangur Bán: What Ireland’s Most Famous Cat Suggests About Ourselves. I’m a teller.). sign up for all 130+ Bitesize Irish Gaelic lessons, Lesson 69: Ordering drinks in a restaurant, Bitesize Lesson Highlight: Professions and Occupations, Top USA States for Online Irish Language Learners. Seamus (Séamus) is pronounced SHAY-mus. . Why Do the Irish Speak Like That? Thank you! BACACH (“BAH-cakh”): As an adjective, bacach means “lame” or “limping” Gaelige bhacach is broken, faltering Irish speech. The Scottish pronunciation of ‘Gaelic’ most definitely is not pronounced like English ‘shall’, It is pronounced ‘gaa-lic’ – the closest word in the English language being garlic. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. The following summary is intended to cover only the broad principles of spelling and pronunciation. For instance: mh at the start of a word is pronounced as a w - e.g. nimh (poison) is pronounced niv (/nʲɪvʲ/); bh is pronouced as a v sound - e.g. Listen to each line and try to emulate the speaker. The English sounds used to show the value of the Irish letters are sometimes only approximate, although they are always reasonably close. A Pheadar, Keep in mind that as a general rule most Irish words are pronounced with the stress on the first syllable with any remaining syllables being unstressed. Search and learn to pronounce words and phrases in this language (Irish). Do this as often as you like, until you are comfortable repeating the lines and can say them smoothly. BUNBHRÍSTE (“bunya-VREESH-ta”): Those jeans you’ve got that are nearly worn through but are still wearable? ADUANTAS (“ah-dWON-tes”): The word aduantas doesn’t really have an English equivalent, but describes that feeling of unease or anxiety caused by being somewhere new, or by being surrounded by people you don’t know. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Irish spelling often baffles the beginner. Are you afraid of seeming foolish when you try out your Irish on locals? Grammar : Note: the phonetic Irish (Gaelic) pronunciation is marked /like this/. Céard fútsa? I’ll have a look and fix it asap! Grammar Database. You should also make sure that you say the word Gaelic properly: for Irish Gaelic, “Gael-” rhymes with the English word “sail”, while for Scottish Gaelic, “Gael-” rhymes with the English word “shall”. A droch-cháil is a bad reputation. A ladhar bóthair is a fork in the road. ASCLÁN (“ash-KLAWN”): As well as being the Irish word for the gusset of a pair of trousers, an asclán is the amount of something that can be carried under one arm. October’s Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal, 31 Uniquely Irish Back to School Gift Ideas, These Are the Most Remote Irish Pubs in the World, 10 Ways to Wear Your Wool Aran Sweater This Summer. Site Directory | Terms & Privacy. If you’re a member like them, you can start benefiting from these improved lessons immediately. LADHAR (“LAY-yer”): The gap between your fingers or your toes is your ladhar. Thanks for pointing this out to us. In multi-syllable words, the syllables which are underlined are stressed (accented) in pronunciation. Did you notice that our friends used different ways to ask about jobs/careers? Search for a word in Irish. If you’re not dedicated to the idea of learning a language, please don’t start now. BREACAIMSIR (“BRAH-cam-SHUR”): Related to the Irish word for “dappled” or “variegated,” breacaimsir describes the weather when it is neither particularly good nor particularly bad. Just remember, if you’re traveling to Ireland, most people there call it, simply, “Irish.” Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. POCLÉIMNIGH (“POH-claim-nee”): Pocléimnigh is closest in meaning to English words like “frolicking” or “gambolling.” It literally means “buck-jumping,” and is a one-word name for an energetic, excitable leap into the air, or a jump for joy. /Ogg-us tussa, ah Hyoyne? Even Bitesize Irish Gaelic audio doesn’t bite Just go with the flow, try the slow recordings, then move on to the following section for faster pronunciation. CLAGARNACH (“CLOY-ger-nach”): Literally meaning “clattering”, clagarnach is the sound of heavy rain on a rooftop. While a complete description of Irish spelling is beyond the scope of these lessons, there are a few things you should know about Irish spelling that will help you understand the grammar of Irish. /Iss moo-in-chore bun-skul-yeh may. Congratulations to Karen Anderson the prize winner in January's draw who won a Claddagh Charm Bangle. Caoimhe is pronounced KEE-va or KWEE-va. And remember, all “c”s are hard in Irish. That recording above literally means “what is your way of life?” and roughly corresponds to the English “what is your career?” or “how do you make your living?”. As such, it might seem to have strange pronunciations to the average English speaker, but with our pronunciation guide to some of the most common Irish language phrases and names, you’ll be pronouncing like a pro in no time. Cillian is pronounced KIL-ee-an. /Eb-reem ih monk. CEAD MILE FAILTE (“Kay-od mee-leh foyle-cha!”): A hundred thousand welcomes! Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! Oisin (Oisín) is pronounced UH-sheen or O-sheen. What’s YOUR line of work?). You want to converse in Irish with with them. (“La hail-ah PAW-rick SO-nah weave”): Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all, Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig dhuit! Don’t be afraid of the the Irish language audio below. Conny, go raibh maith agat (and thanks for keeping in touch by email, too).

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