Development programmes must be built on justice and equality, enabling people to live in dignity, harmony and peace. It should not be the intent of governments or other agencies to decide for couples but, rather, to create the social conditions which will enable them to make appropriate decisions in the light of their responsibilities to God, to themselves, to the society of which they are a part, and to the objective moral order. The vision of sexuality which inspires the document is individualistic.

All development worthy of the name must be integral, that is, it must be directed to the true good of every person and of the whole person. What the Church calls "responsible parenthood" is not a question of unlimited procreation or lack of awareness of what is involved in rearing children, but rather the empowerment of couples to use their inviolable liberty wisely and responsibly, taking into account social and demographic realities as well as their own situation and legitimate desires, in the light of objective moral criteria. NIH Today, the duty to safeguard the family demands that particular attention be given to securing for husband and wife the liberty to decide responsibly, free from all social or legal coercion, the number of children they will have and the spacing of their births. 1994 Nov-Dec;26(6):272-7.

The care which is essential for their growth and nurture comes primarily from their parents, but society must help by sustaining the family in its needs and in its efforts to maintain the caring environment in which children can develop. The Conference adopted a 20-year Programme of Action (PoA), which included a bold new vision of the relationships between population, development and individual well-being. Indeed, certain basic ethical principles are contradicted by its proposals. UNICEF supports birth control despite Holy See. An institution as natural, universal and fundamental as the family cannot be manipulated without causing serious damage to the fabric and stability of society. No goal or policy will bring positive results for people if it does not respect the unique dignity and objective needs of those same people. India may have been able to lead a developing country initiative to link population control with sustainable social and economic development. Developing a Safer Conception Intervention for Men Living with HIV in South Africa. NIH Int J Health Serv. The global population situation is very complex; there are variations not simply from continent to continent but even from one region to another. 5. They must respect the cultural heritage of peoples and nations, and those social qualities and virtues that reflect the God-given dignity of each and every person and the divine plan which calls all persons to unity. The first step towards the reproductive justice framework occurred two months after the September Cairo conference. How much the ICPD resolutions will influence the behavior of individual countries remains to be seen. Is it not our task to challenge them with a demanding ethic which fully respects their dignity and which leads them to that self-control which is needed in order to face the many demands of life? In the family which a woman establishes with her husband she enjoys the unique role and privilege of motherhood.

1, 2. A turning point in international discussions on population was the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), held in Cairo. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation.

Centre for Development and Population Activities CEDPA. In this regard attention should be given to the positive benefits of breast- feeding for nourishment and disease prevention in infants, as well as for maternal bonding and birth-spacing. Marriage is ignored, as if it were something of the past. What future do we propose to adolescents if we leave them, in their immaturity, to follow their instincts without taking into consideration the interpersonal and moral implications of their sexual behaviour? The International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994 laid out a bold, clear, and comprehensive definition of reproductive health and called for nations to meet the educational and service needs of adolescents to enable them to deal in a positive and responsible way with their sexuality. © Copyright 1994 - Libreria Editrice Vaticana. The seriousness of the challenges that Governments and, above all, parents must face in the education of the younger generation means that we cannot abdicate our responsibility of leading young people to a deeper understanding of their own dignity and potentiality as persons. term “Reproductive Justice” in 1994 after the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo.

I, resolu-tion 1, annex. 10. In this context, the draft final document of the Cairo Conference, which is already being circulated, is a cause of grave concern to me. I greet you, Madam Secretary General, at a time when you are closely involved in preparing the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development, to be held in Cairo in September.

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