interior window sill wood

This can be anywhere from 10cm to 55cm. You can buy windows without thinking twice. This makes them moisture-resistant and robust. High-quality fascia board is ideal for new homes as a replacement for old fascia and is easy to fit with low maintenance with no painting required. Thanks to the integrated molded edges, Werzalit’s products are free of glued layers - this increases the overall stability and guarantees protection against moisture buildup. The window sills are easy to handle and can be used in either new builds or in renovation work. The coating is inseparable from the core itself so that the finish cannot be detached creating a scratch-resistant and UV-resistant surface. All of our window sills are made from a top quality hardwood. Available in a variety of designs, colors and materials, interior window sills are an important accessory. Werzalit’s goal is to ensure it has the right products to match the look of any room. The thick, integrated molded edge gives the “exclusiv” indoor window sill a classic look. Werzalit interior window sills are also characterized by the elegant molded edges which, due to the molding technique, are directly connected to the core material and can therefore not be separated. End fillets are handy for cutting to shape and filling the gap between your skirting board and your sliding wardrobe door, available in a wide variety of colours to perfectly match your wardrobe. They offer a huge selection of colors and decor finishes as well as varying widths. The chosen width of your window sill will depend on the depth of the masonry and desired overhang. Werzalit interior window sills are also characterised by the elegant moulded edges which, due to the moulding technique, is directly connected to the core material and can therefore not be separated. We use only higher quality grades of lumber to manufacture our window sill.If we do not have the hardwood window sill profile you are looking for we can match an existing drawing or profile. This means that the top surface is scratch-resistant, durable, easy to clean and resistant to acids. The colors range from pure white through to red or even black. Its product range encompasses patio and terrace coverings, balcony cladding, facades as well as interior window sills and weatherproof tabletops. The coating is non-fading according to DIN 54004 standards. Hardwood window sill is the interior trim member serving as a window frame sill cap Wood window sill is available in Alder, Ash, Beech, Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Knotty Pine, Soft Maple, Poplar, Walnut, Red Oak, Quartersawn Red Oak, White Oak and Quartersawn White Oak. Durable, high-density moisture-resistant P5 grade chipboard flooring. Our interior window sills are either cut to the desired length at Werzalit or can be supplied in 6m lengths. The manufacture of its products requires the combination of the natural structures of wood together with the advantages that synthetic resins provide. Werzalit supplies accessories such as the end caps for the selected width which can simply be slotted in place. Window sills made by Werzalit are produced via a patented high pressure molding process. Most of the time new window sills are only thought of in connection with the fitting of a new window. All window sills are real wood. For home owners, these can be used to make areas more attractive such as walls, bar counters or service hatches. Werzalit products bear the PEFC seal and come with a 25 year guarantee from the manufacturer. Additionally, if you intend to use the window sill frequently, you may want to consider a more solid wood sill in lieu of drywall. Your local handyman can have these installed and ready to use in no time at all. We only use FAS and Select grade lumber! If your sill is rotting or falling apart, replace it with these simple steps. Whether holding plants and flowers or displaying photos and prized possessions, Werzalit products will elevate the look of any room. Be careful not to provide too much cover over radiators or other heating elements that may be located under the window so that you allow heated air to freely circulate upwards. Shop window & door moulding and a variety of moulding & millwork products online at Their material properties make these window sills suitable for use in both private and public buildings. We use only higher quality grades of lumber to manufacture our window sill. Large selection of stone or wood decor styles, Suitable for both new projects and renovations. Wood was the main material in house construction for ages and even today, with the presence of modern materials, wooden window sills do not lose their popularity. Windowsills need regular refinishing because they are consistently exposed to sunlight, can accumulate moisture, and are settling places for dust.

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