hybrid coconut plant

This is a very helpful article. Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Piece. Fill the remaining pot with same soil. In India, hybrid coconuts produce high sugar yield, higher than sugar cane plants. Replanting with hybrids is a sure way to overcome poverty and promote countryside prosperity. In General the average yield of Tall coconut in India is 60 fruits / nuts per tree per year and it is in the range of 80 to 100 in some states and individual tree yield is noticed upto 240 fruits / nuts per year .. Thailand coconut water export is largely in the form of minimally processed young nuts with sweet juice and cotyledon. Once the plant is overgrown in current pot, plant it in field. Granting that one-third of that goes to expenses, the net income of P160,000 is twice the current level of income at poverty levels of P87,000. Learn how to grow coconut tree or coconut farming like planting distance, method, cultivation technology, plantation management, plantation methods, frequency of irrigation, names of hybrid varieties of coconut, profit and yield per acre Part – 3: How to make hybrid coconut plant? Sagar Nursery offering fine quality Hybrid Coconut Plant at Affordable Price. Hybrids are made by cross. We offer a wide variety of accessories, tools, and gardening products – plus we’re more than happy to help you with suggestions if you’re a bit lost. In view of this, TPFN is commercializing the production of tuhinaghosh09@gmail.com +91-7872777222: Send SMS In the Cocolink International Coconut Conference organized by the DTI and the Davao Region Coconut Industry Cluster, Inc. and held at SMX, Davao Cityin July 2016, a unique paper discussed the emerging expansion of the cultivation of hybrid coconut in India,supported largely by private companies like Deejay Coconut Breeding Farm, with 200ha.The Deejay Coconut Breeding Farm produces hybrids by crossing the Malayan yellow dwarf and a tall Indian variety. Thanks! Explore more categories. This is one of the Hybrid Tall Variety Coconut saplings. 4. Generally, hybrid coconut palms are more superior in terms of quality and quantity of copra production. Copyright © 1996-2020 IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. All rights reserved. The shifting from the cultivation of traditional varieties to high yielding corn hybrids recently transformed the Philippines from an importing to an exporting country of corn grains. It shall also produce, in 3-4 years, through breeding,both Mawa and Matag hybrids known to produce 6 or more liters of toddy per day using modern cultural management practices. Item will be shipped by 1-5 days. Each hybrid coconut tree produces six liters of toddy or coconut juice on the average. 1.Temprature -21- 27 degree Celsius ideal but even grows well in temperature 25 to 36 but certainly temperature beyond 37 degree Celsius will have its negative impact on yield and also cool season with temperature below 21 degree Celsius affect yield .. And most essentially micro nutrients like Boron ( the deficiency of which make the female flowers that produce fruits/ nuts fall down easily by cutting and closing the root canal supplying water and nutrients from mother trunk to newly formed and fertilized female flowers and also poor kernel setting and oil .. Next Zinc, Copper ( the deficiency of which reduce fronds growth and development that looks bluish yellow and wavy ), Molybdenum and chlorine also most important in coconut plant physiology …, Last but not the least , the altitude – The coconut can grow upto 1000 MSL above the limit it grows but does not produce yield ..Because every 100 meters increase in altitude the temperatures goes down by 0.6 degree Celsius ..If plain land temperature is 27 degree Celsius , the temperature at an altitude 1000 MSL will be 21 degree Celsius below which the yield of coconut will be less or nil …. In one year it produce 12 bunches @ one bunch per month..The expected yield of nuts per tree per year is 12 * 13 = 160 nuts / 12*20=240 nuts. 5. Immediately after opening of sheath ( spadix that covers inflorescence ) the male flowers only at the top most start producing and shedding pollen ( male part of flowers necessary for fertilization ) and other male flowers below produce pollen successively downward and this continues ( downward from top to bottom ) shedding pollen for over 3 weeks .. Only after all the pollen grain is produced and lost , the female flowers will become mature and receptive ..so the male flowers could not fertilize the female flowers in the same inflorescence..Hence out breeding and outsourcing of pollen from other coconut plants are needed, Here to assist out breeding ( cross pollination ) the plant needs assistance of winds and insects mainly Bees ..the wind helps only to the certain extent say 10-20% and most of the cross pollination is effected by bees …, Generally every inflorescence produce 40 to 60 female flowers in 13 to 17 spadix in a coconut tree but mostly one third of female flowers sets in fruits ie.,13 to 20 in each bunch .

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