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Finish at Siu Hang Tsuen and take minibus 56K to Fan Ling Station. For example, you'll find anti-aircraft gun platforms situated by the first and second station posts. These are the best places for kid-friendly historic sites in Hong Kong: Which places provide the best historic sites in Hong Kong for couples? Prince of Wales BuildingThe upside down gin bottle. The only vestige of the original Kowloon-Canton Railway station, the end Be sure to bring plenty of water, the multiple steep climbs and descents make this a very physically demanding hike. Here is a list of our top Hong Kong Landmarks. Brief though it may be, this quiet stretch in Yuen Long district is home to a rich cultural history that's well worth exploring. Far East Financial CentreThe golden kid of the block. stood out. There are 10 information stations located along the trail, shedding light on the historical and present value of the sites. Connecting the Five Wais (walled villages) and Six Tsuens (villages), Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail is surrounded by many traditional Chinese buildings which enable a glimpse at the life of early inhabitants in New Territories. There are also several barbecue pits and a seating area located near Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, making it the perfect spot to end the day.Getting there: Start at Tai Tam Country Park by taking the MTR to Sai Wan Ho, exit A, and changing to bus 14. They are beloved icons of the city, part of the heritage of Hong Kong. From there, walk uphill to Parkview and the Tai Tam Country Park entrance. While modern developments do make up parts of the trail, several of the original ancestral halls and study halls remain, providing a glimpse into the lives of the New Territories' earliest settlers. Beyond being architectural masterpieces, you can use them as a constant point of Although the Pottinger Battery is mostly covered by vegetation, the other military station is still visible today. Victoria Peak and the Peak Tram Overlooking Victoria Harbour, the Peak offers some of the most dramatic views in all Hong Kong, For those who wish to visit all of the heritage sites the trail has to offer, be sure to start your trip early, and not on a Tuesday, as most sites close by 5pm, and some areas, including the pagoda, are closed on Tuesdays. If when coming out of the metro you don't know which way to head over, only need to look up and spot 100th floor, Sky100. Start at Tai Tam Country Park by taking the MTR to Sai Wan Ho, exit A, and changing to bus 14. More than half of these are located within Tai Tam and make up this heritage trail. We already have this email. It's an, "Similar in design to the Chi Lin Nunnery in, "Chi Lin Nunnery and its beautiful Nan Lian Gardens are well, "The first courtyard is full of exquisite bonsai trees in large outdoor tubs, and gives way to two halls beyond of exquisite construction and containing quite wonderful gilded, "... and a lot of little tiny places for lunch in Tai-O From there, take the bus to Mui Wo (the ferry pier on Lantau Isl) this trip is about 45 minutes- amazing, "Although transportation to the busy downtown areas of Hong Kong are readily available, it's a joy to stay on Lantau Island out of, "This is the newest Monastery in Hong Kong ,and must visit and take pictures ,it is almost a, "the cable cars are sooo high, but a breathtaking view and unforgettable experience getting to the top to then see this beautiful, "... the monastery is a hidden gem, while everyone goes crazy of Buddha, walk to the monastery for a taste of culture Cons: - overpriced, "Nice 30min experience of cable car ( with crystal bottom- is quite different from other cable cars we have used)... Peace and tranquility at village with Buddha, "A great attraction in the New Territories of Hong Kong, a facility with lots to offer in terms of, "It is a bit tricky when you get off -- continue walking with the crowd and once you get to the intersection, make a left at the, "We did a 4 hour bike tour including a hike around the area and up to waterfalls, beautiful area away from.

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