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Woolworths will not rely solely on private labels to fill this gap, sourcing branded products that are already favoured by these customers and bought at specialty shops or local markets. Australia’s food manufacturing industry is highly competitive and exposed to competition from imports, so manufacturers do not pay for certifications they cannot use. This website is designed to be used on a modern browser that supports JavaScript and other web standards. It is part of the retailer’s wider strategy to grow its range of ethnic and international groceries that are in demand from an increasingly diverse multicultural community. We adhere strictly to working closely with The Australian Islamic Council, Local Mosques and accredited Muslim slaughtermen. Woolworths will become the first supermarket to make and sell its own brand of halal food due to Australia's growing Muslim population. The creation of its own private label brand for halal goes to the heart of why the chains such as Woolworths and Coles have embraced in-house branding, as it puts the supermarket in charge of quality and supply while also generating fatter margins. You can read more about Multifaith Chaplaincy, Download a One-page guide on Living the Change - Faithful Choices for a flourishing world, Download a Flyer on Living the Change in Multicultural Australia … in a Challenging Climate. Woolworths will be the first Australian supermarket to develop and sell its own private label halal-certified product. Download an offer of a FREE 2.5 hour gentle sharing on reducing carbon in your life for your interfaith group or your religious community. Halal Meats Int. Third party certifications are very common in food labelling as a means of giving consumers extra confidence in a claim: most organic food has the claim certified by a third party, and similar schemes exist in relation to the nutrition qualities of food, animal welfare (the RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme), allergens (Coeliac Australia’s ‘crossed grain’ logo) and many others. Religions for Peace Australia acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land and community. A wide range of Offal produced to demanding specifications. Do foods in Australia have to be halal certified? Calendar of Cultural and Religious Dates lists events for different cultural groups and faiths in Australia, 2021. © 2014 HALAL Meat Co. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer. We always seek trading partners with which to build long term relationships. Made, processed, manufactured and/or stored by using utensils, equipment and/or machinery that has been cleaned according to Islamic law (e.g. Religions for Peace Australia has partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission Anti Racism Strategy, Visit the website of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. The AFGC neither encourages nor discourages it members regarding halal certification. We are one of the first pioneers that provide Halal Certified Meats to the Australian Muslim Communities. No. Regardless of where you’re from, what you look like, what you believe or what language you speak, no one should have to endure racism in the place they call home. How do I find out whether a product is halal certified?The best way to know if a product is halal certified is to check the label. Please note the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer statements relating to the use of the information on this site and our site Privacy Policy statements. As halal certification generally applies to production sites and processes as well as the finished product, the same food or drink manufactured at different sites around Australia may vary in terms of its halal certification status. In other words, certification is only worthwhile if it will increase sales opportunities to a broader range of consumers, either domestically or in export markets. Many foods (for example, fruits, nuts and vegetables) are inherently halal for Muslims. The new Woolworths halal brand developed in-house is called Al-Sadiq, which in Arabic means truthful, and was created with the advice and certification from the Islamic Council of Queensland, which Woolworths believes will help it gain the confidence and trust of Muslim shoppers that rely on the credentials of halal food. Read about the Religious groups in Tasmania. Other products can be halal if care is exercised in selecting and sourcing ingredients and by the adoption of appropriate manufacturing and handling procedures. Canberra Interfaith Forum conducted a forum with multiple faiths addressing the Importance of Interfaith Dialogue. Find our more here: https://browser-update.org/update.html. We have resources and expertise to produce or source product exactly to very specific requirements. They do this to provide Muslim consumers, both domestically and in export markets, with the assurance of a third party endorsement that their product is indeed halal. © 2020 Australian Food and Grocery Council, Unit 5G, 65 Canberra Avenue A product I often buy has now been halal certified – what has been done to it?In many cases, nothing! Another is to communicate to observant Muslims in the domestic market that the food meets the relevant religious requirements. Halal certification in such cases simply informs observant Muslims that a religious body has endorsed the product for consumption. Can non-Muslim people consume halal certified food and drinks?Non-Muslims have been eating halal foods for centuries without harm! is licensed and accredited with the Australian government to export to the world. Just like organic certifications, there is a target audience from whom the certification is important, even if it is of no interest or relevance to the rest of the population. Halal Meats Int. “So when our fresh poultry team went looking to source product we found it difficult to find the quality and consistency and certification confidence for that style of product.’’. Why do manufacturers seek halal certification of food and drinks?There can be a number of reasons. It is up to the manufacturer whether or not to make a halal claim for a particular product. is licensed and accredited with the Australian government to export to the world. Booklet produced by City of Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network, Promoting Equal and Respectful Relationships in Faith Communities: a Manual and Tool Kit. Religions for Peace Australia is a global, community-based organisation working for global peace across the world and for social cohesion in Australia in other countries, and for peace and co-operation between the religions of the world. ABN 23 068 732 883, Food and Grocery Code of Conduct training, Australian Competition and Consumer Law training, Responsible advertising & marketing to children. Halal Label: Barcode Number: Available at: Coles & Woolworths Tags: Halal in Australia, halal grocery, halal food, halal biscuits, cookies,[…] Read more Lotus Biscoff Spread It is the first step in a major strategic push by Woolworths to better curate the brands its 1000-plus stores nationwide carry, as changing demographics and growing multicultural populations look for ethnic foods and brands they enjoyed in their homelands such as China, Malaysia, India, South Africa and the Middle East. An Australian Version of the Golden Rule Poster - with Australian Aboriginal ethic - is available. Woolworths director of buying Peter McNamara told The Australian the Al-Sadiq private label would first cover chicken products but could be extended to include other fresh and packaged grocery items if there was support from local communities. We pay our respect to them and their cultures, and to the elders both past and present. Australia is a multicultural and religiously tolerant country with a diverse population. Halal Meat International Pty Ltd is an international trading company specialising in meat & livestock exports. “And we have done a lot of work strategically, a lot of customer work.’’. Free from contact with, or being close to, a haram substance during preparation, manufacture, processing and storage (e.g. The Al-Sadiq brand will initially be sold in about 20 Woolworths supermarkets where there are strong Muslim communities nearby, such as Bankstown, western Sydney, where around one in three shoppers are identified as halal eaters. Woolworths will be the first Australian supermarket to develop and sell its own private label halal-certified product. It is the same as food certified as being organic or gluten free – for some people it is important to know, but anyone can eat it. Certification simply provides third party assurance that the claim is valid. Halal Australia has enabled Moo Premium Foods to achieve Halal certification for a new Indian Style Dahi Yoghurt. Free from any substance taken or extracted from a haram animal or ingredient (e.g. There are a number of competing Islamic agencies in Australia who offer halal certification services, and the Australian Department of Agriculture has a useful guide to halal certifiers for export markets. “We have started with Asian because that is the biggest opportunity for us, but we have a road map that includes areas like Indian foods, Middle Eastern, halal, South African, kosher and we are doing some of that work today but in a lot of those areas we think we can do a better job. “What we are seeing happening over time in Woolworths is curating the range better to suit that store … and when it comes to ethnic or international it is about identifying those stores where clearly there is a concentration of customers of different backgrounds and we can better serve them,” Mr McNamara said. For a food or beverage to be halal, it must be: Many foods and drinks, particularly those that do not contain meat or alcohol, are inherently halal. Led by Woolworths head of supermarkets Claire Peters, the supermarket chain will look to develop other private label products and bring new brands that fit into the ethnic foods category, as well as devote more shelf space to these groceries in stores where a large ethnic community lives within its Woolworths will be the first Australian supermarket to develop and sell its own private label halal-certified product. Any specific evidence of illegal activity should be provided to the Australian Federal Police. No unsolicited commercial email. Mr McNamara said some Woolworths stores would have more shelf space assigned to international or ethnic groceries, a strategy fleshed out by Ms ­Peters last year when she addressed the Australian Food and Grocery Council conference in Melbourne. So when manufacturers consider whether to seek halal certification, they consider whether the marketing benefits of certification outweigh the costs involved. It is up to manufacturers to decide whether the marketing benefits of certification outweigh the costs. The Halal Certification has been a valuable asset to the company with well thought marketing strategies to win support and future growth with major customers. One main reason is that the product is, or is planned to be, sold in an export market where halal certification is important. Australia is also an important food exporter to many countries in the Asian region, and further afield, which are home to significant Muslim populations. blood, alcohol, poisonous and intoxicating plants and certain insects such as worms and cockroaches). Certification does not change the nature of such foods, it simply assures observant Muslims that the food or drink complies with their religious rules around food content and preparation.

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