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Ghost types are also guaranteed to run from wild battles regardless of Speed. The user emits a sinister ray to attack the target. Ghost teams are very restricted in teambuilding. - Stealth Rock. Ghost teams are easily ripped apart by wallbreakers such as Choice Band Excadrill and Mega Charizard Y. Ghost teams are dependent on Swords Dance Alolan Marowak to break through defensive threats such as Toxapex. - Shadow Claw Ability: Disguise Only set up with Mimikyu late-game; it can be revenge killed pretty easily by Mega Sharpedo if you try to set it up early on. Thank you for reading this article and have a nice day. - Trick Room Due to how anti-metagame it is, Ghost is a type that more experienced players use in order to gain leverage on high-tier types like Psychic or even middle-tier types such as Electric and Bug. This relentless attack does massive damage to a target affected by status conditions. A Ghost / Dark typing allows it to take Dark-type attacks without much trouble, and Recover allows it to heal off the damage. Ghost types are also unique in the fact that they have a type-specific attack: Curse, which works differently for Ghost-type Pokémon than it does for other Pokémon. Although it is very bulky, Gourgeist-XL is very passive and can be worn down with status or used as Spikes bait. - Play Rough, Marowak-Alola @ Thick Club - Taunt As many Ghost Pokémon do, Mega Sableye gets access to Will-O-Wisp, which helps it whittle down foes and cripple physical attackers. Every odd-numbered generation has introduced a female. Gen 7 brought a new wallbreaker to the table: Alolan Marowak. EVs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 204 Spe Please read the. Keep Jellicent healthy in order for it to switch into Swift Swim users and to shut down Toxapex with Taunt. The Normal matchup is hard for Ghost because Mega Pidgeot, Mega Lopunny, and Diggersby all pose huge threats to Ghost with their immense power. Its poor Speed also allows it to fit on Trick Room teams, using its high Special Defense to set up and its high Special Attack to take advantage of it. The user, Decidueye, creates countless arrows using its Z-Power and shoots the target with full force. The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. If Sableye is Mega Evolved, try attacking Chansey with Gengar when it switches in. Consequently, no Pokémon currently resists a combination of Fighting and Ghost-type attacks, as the only type combination capable of this (Normal/Ghost) has never materialized (except when Trick-or-Treat is considered). Ditto is also able to switch into Gengar's Focus Blast and use Gengar's high power against the team. As of Generation VI, Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to being trapped by all trapping moves and Abilities, including the binding effect of moves such as Infestation. No. This may also lower the target's Defense stat. Toxtricity’s unique Poison-Electric typing gives it access to a wide array of moves, like … Unlike other Ghost-types, Mimikyu utilizes Z-Crystals quite well, as a +2 Z-Shadow Claw is able to knock out many threats such as Gyarados and Mega Charizard X, as well as severely denting Mega Scizor, Mega Venusaur, and Ferrothorn. Ability: Cursed Body All guides and strategy information are © 2004-2019 and its. Be careful of when to set up with Mimikyu, as Disguise allows it to handle many Dark-type threats such as Mega Sharpedo or Hydreigon. Critical hits land more easily. See also: These types are not very effective against. The user attacks the target by controlling the target's item. Gourgeist-XL is most often found aside Jellicent and Mega Sableye as part of the defensive core. All Ghost-type moves are eligible to be used in. Ever since new additions in SM were introduced, Ghost has adapted to the metagame, and therefore it became a notable threat. Though it has nice coverage, it fails to take down many defensive threats and is worn down quickly through hazards or status. Every Pokémon has a strength and weakness to attacks based on their type. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Although it may seem attractive, Decidueye lacks coverage and is very passive outside of being a Defogger. Back in ORAS, Golurk was the only Stealth Rocker, and it was used frequently because of its physical presence and Ground coverage. Choice Scarf Gengar with Thunderbolt is used to revenge kill many faster threats with its perfect coverage, and Thunderbolt is used to hit Water- and Flying-types for super effective damage. A Ghost-type attack that Gigantamax Gengar use. Because of this, it is mostly found on Trick Room teams as a defensive Trick Room setter with Z-Shadow Ball. Generation VII introduced the most Ghost-type, The Ghost type is the only type immune to two types: Normal and. Due to the decreased amount of types in the TCG compared to game series, Ghost Pokémon fall under the Psychic-type. Back in ORAS, Ghost relied on Gengar's Focus Blast and regular Sableye's neutrality to take on Dark, which were both unreliable. All Ghost teams require a Stealth Rock setter, Mimikyu, Mega Sableye, and Gengar, leaving only two teamslots for variety. Doublade can also check Mega Diancie and Mega Altaria with its high Defenses, although it cannot take an Earth Power from Mega Diancie when chipped. - Shadow Ball Psychic-type Pokémon are strong against Grass (until Diamond & Pearl), Fighting and Psychic Pokémon, whilst Colorless, Darkness and Metal Pokémon can resist this type. Since Generation VI, Ghost-type Pokémon are also immune to Magnet Pull, Arena Trap, and Shadow Tag. Furthermore, keep Gengar safe in order to remove Toxic Spikes. After obtaining Z-Power, the user, Lunala, attacks the target with full force. At the beginning of the generation, many people used Decidueye with Defog and U-turn so that it could remove hazards and then pivot out to Gengar. The user takes the target trick-or-treating. Ghost is the only type with more than one immunity. Deep-seated grudges summoned by the user's Z-Power trap the target. Dhelmise is useless outside of Trick Room, as its low Speed makes it vulnerable to revenge killers. EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe IVs: 0 Atk Mega Evolve Sableye safely in order for it to deal with Chansey and Porygon2's status moves and Knock Off their Eviolites, weakening them for Mimikyu and Gengar. Try luring Alolan Muk in with Gengar and sending out Alolan Marowak in order to take down Alolan Muk. Alolan Marowak is considered a superior Golurk because of its additional Fire coverage and wallbreaking potential. The user throws a punch from the shadows. It's a sinister, eerie tag that boosts the power of Ghost-type moves. Toxapex is a huge threat because of Haze, which allows it to stall out Mega Sableye and Mimikyu by clearing their boosts. Taunt Jellicent takes care of a lot of defensive threats, such as Toxapex, Clefable, Suicune, and Chansey. An item to be held by a Pokémon. There are 68 Ghost-type Pokémon. Toxtricity. The user hides in the target's shadow, steals the target's stat boosts, and then attacks. It is also the only type to have ever been ineffective against two types: Normal and Psychic in Generation I. Ghost and Normal are the only two types to be ineffective against each other. Ghost moves are not very effective against: These types have no effect on Ghost Pokémon: These types are not very effective against Ghost Pokémon: These types are super-effective against Ghost Pokémon: This chart shows the strength of the Ghost type against every Knock Off is able to remove various items, such as Eviolites, Choice items, and Leftovers, weakening the opposing team. This is a Ghost-type attack Dynamax Pokémon use. A glowing orb to be held by Giratina. Golurk can take down a single Dark Pokémon with its Focus Sash and Dynamic Punch in case Mega Sharpedo gets out of hand. This may also leave the target with paralysis. It changes the type of the holder if held by a certain species of Pokémon. - Toxic Ghost-type Pokémon are now immune to effects that prevent recall or escape (such as Mean Look and Shadow Tag), and they are also guaranteed to flee from any wild battle regardless of Speed. EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Many Trick Room teams run Golurk for Stealth Rock, as Alolan Marowak will be running Swords Dance in order to make sweeping under Trick Room easier. This move can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities. - Swords Dance - Focus Blast Calm Nature - Scald According to Allister, he claims to have the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokémon after a supposed accident at the age of four. Choice Specs along with Psychic coverage allows it to deal with Poison- and Fighting-types, and a Choice Scarf makes up for its poor Speed. Ghost / Fire coverage along with a Thick Club allows it to serve as one of Ghost's best wallbreakers, taking on bulky Pokémon such as Mega Venusaur and Mega Scizor. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of using a Ghost team. The user disappears, then strikes the target on the next turn. Without Mega Sableye, it lost hazard control and a great utility Pokémon and easily got worn down by hazard stacking teams because of the switches they forced. - Will-O-Wisp Adamant Nature Gourgeist-XL's main role on Ghost is to take care of physical wallbreakers. Ghost has only two weaknesses, one of them being itself. It's a stone tablet that boosts the power of Ghost-type moves. EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD It boosts the power of Dragon- and Ghost-type moves when it is held. After Alolan Marowak is knocked out, Ghost easily loses to Poison. The Poison matchup is very tough for Ghost because of Poison's defensive nature taking advantage of Ghost's lack of wallbreakers outside of Alolan Marowak. Mega Lopunny, Mega Pidgeot, and Diggersby all take advantage of free switches, usually taking down a Pokémon every time it happens. - Dynamic Punch It converts Z-Power into crystals that upgrade Ghost-type moves to Ghost-type Z-Moves. Keep Gengar around in order to remove Toxic Spikes as often as you can. Decidueye, similarly to Dhelmise, is also a Ghost / Grass Pokémon with hazard removal and can trap Pokémon with Spirit Shackle. - Play Rough, Gengar @ Choice Scarf Water is a tough matchup for Ghost because of Mega Sharpedo, Manaphy, Mega Gyarados, and Toxapex. Be careful about using Taunt on Chansey with Jellicent, as it may invite a wallbreaker such as Diggersby, Mega Lopunny, or Meloetta in. Ghost has access to unspinnable hazards, making it a nice anti-meta type. The move Trick-or-Treat adds the Ghost type to the target's types. Golurk is mostly found on Trick Room teams with Stealth Rock, as Alolan Marowak will be carrying Swords Dance over the usual Stealth Rock. Trick Room Ghost is the hardest archetype to play due to how hard it is to preserve Trick Room turns and the lack of a complete defensive backbone, leaving the team vulnerable outside of Trick Room. Although it was inferior, it could stop hazard setters with Taunt and could stallbreak using Will-O-Wisp and Recover. Though it can hold a Focus Sash to take strong attacks, Alolan Marowak provides more utility and is generally used over Golurk. Try to force Sharpedo into Mega Evolving with Mega Sableye, because at +1 Speed, it is revenge killed by Choice Scarf Gengar. Fire Punch is used over Flare Blitz on the Lightning Rod variant, as Flare Blitz wears Marowak down way too quickly. Adamant Nature IVs: 0 Atk Ghost-types have access to a variety of status moves, most notably Will-O-Wisp. Timid Nature This move always goes first. Jellicent @ Leftovers A Pokémon with Color Change, Protean, Imposter, RKS System, or Multitype will become a Ghost-type Pokémon if (respectively) it is hit with a Ghost-type move, uses a Ghost-type move, is sent out against a Ghost-type opponent, is holding a Ghost Memory, or is holding a Spooky Plate or Ghostium Z.

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