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So when Mike was getting ill again, two or three years ago, we didn’t even want to look for another drummer – I just called Manfred and he said, “Yeah.”. – The next album you released was “Dancing On The Edge Of A Teacup” which had both your name and “The PAVLOV’S DOG Trinity Sessions” on the cover. But there are real tears behind them.”. And I wasn’t in that good a physical condition at that point – I’ve always had bad lungs: that’s something I have to deal with my whole life. You can’t come from St Louis and not know how to do it. “If anyone left the Aerosmith/KISS concert at UMB Bank Pavilion with their eardrums and eyebrows intact (the noise, the pyro) and their eyesight undamaged (a side-butt display from Gene Simmons), they got off easy," Post-Dispatch critic Kevin C. Johnson wrote. Off and on, yes. You have permission to edit this article. Connect your Spotify account to your Last.fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Kevin C. Johnson is the pop music critic for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Bruce is an amazing guitar player, and nobody gives him credit for it. He had an emergency operation for strangulated hernia and wasn’t able to play for two weeks, but Manfred was there for the show and he proceeded to put the headphones on and learn the entire set in three hours! He was my first electric guitar hero, and he was part of the reason why I tend to play Fender Telecaster; that’s what he used with Booker T. & THE M.G.’s. I quit the band, and Steve Scorfina had a tape of the mix – it wasn’t a master tape; it was a 1-inch copy of it – and he made a hundred copies on vinyl, and those hundred copies got bootlegged all over the world. Next week's show will be a double elimination. Browse The David Surkamp Band tour dates and order tickets for upcoming concerts near you. It looks like Javascript is disabled. – DME] Yeah, Oscar is cool. And I knew Tommy Bolin who was in DEEP PURPLE at the same time as Glenn Hughes, so I was very familiar with his singing. What did Robert Fripp say: small, independent, intelligent, mobile unit? But she got married and was married for nearly twenty years before she got divorced and we started dating. January 1986 • KISS at Kiel Auditorium with W.A.S.P. Were you there? Sara and I met in high school. Proudly powered by WordPress. Ents24 Ltd, Technology House, 16-18 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LG – And you’re telling me that blues-rock is not your cup of tea! – So how do you handle your voice in such condition? The one on “Echo & Boo” is the way I originally wanted it – mandolin-driven: there are two or three mandolins on it. © 1999 - 2020 Ents24.com all rights reserved, Be the first to know about new tour dates, We hate spam and will never share your email address with anyone else, More than a million fans already rely on Ents24 to follow their favourite artists and venues. Sorry there are no shows for David Surkamp right now. You remained friends with him and collaborated through the years, right? Don't miss out on the latest David Surkamp tour dates - sign up to our newsletter. I wrote the song on a mandolin, and the third album didn’t have a mandolin on it anywhere, so I just decided I’d do it right. Let me hear you!” Gene Simmons said to the crowd before Paul Stanley corrected him, according to Dan Durchholz in the Post-Dispatch. King. Email: Register for a See account here to import your Spotify library or ‘follow’ artists you find on our site to add them to your ‘favourites’. You can go right down the line.”, August 2012 • KISS and Mötley Crüe at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. June 2004 • KISS with Poison at UMB Bank Pavilion. "The difference is that unlike Alice there is really nothing sickening about the words of the quartet's songs, which mostly are basic one-lyric rockers. Get our lowest intro subscription rate ever. Steve Cropper’s. (Laughs.) The funniest part of it was that nobody believed he and I would sing together because our voices are so different, but we were really good friends: we’d go out to have breakfast every morning and we just hung out together, but we didn’t even like the same kind of music most of the time… like I’d never heard Roy Orbison for some reason so Iain went out and bought me a Roy Orbison double album which became my favorite record ever. I think it was PAVLOV’S DOG at one point but then we basically started turning it into my solo record, so it was a kind of mixture of things coming together at the same time. I heard it in that heavy rave on THE YARDBIRDS’ records, I heard it on the Buck Owens records, on Roy Buchanan records. Oh, because Sigfried had quit the band two years earlier, so I said, “Has anyone here seen Sigfried?” and everybody shook their head: no. But I miss him. I’ve got a bunch of mandolins and I try to use them when I can. Do you ever want to bring back the good old days, as “Valkerie” goes? I never meant to put them out so I wasn’t really happy about it, but finally,I decided they’d been bootlegged enough; that we should release it on Rockville, and master it properly so it sounds great. It doesn’t affect my voice. It’s just a healthy vibe. I met Steve Marriott a couple of times, but blues-rock wasn’t my cup of tea; that’s not what I enjoy the most. Sync your Spotify account for gig alerts via Messenger or email. He died not so long ago, didn’t he? Get David Surkamp tickets. This will be an evening of memories, music and magic not to be missed. We were playing festivals, and I got to be friends with Kim [Simmonds] and Steve Hackett – you know I love great guitar players! He used to say to me, “Why don’t you have me to come up here and play harmonica?” (Laughs.) September 2003 • KISS at UMB Bank Pavilion with Aerosmith. He grew up with Jeff, and he asked, “Would you mind if I bring him along?” And I said, “Of course, bring him along!” I mean who doesn’t like Jeff’s guitar playing, right? (Laughs.) You can't talk about the Stones, because they only have three of their original members. 3927447 Surkamp's review: “If there is a counterpart to the circus in all of rock ‘n’ roll, certainly the legendary rock group KISS fits the bill. Not as PAVLOV’S DOG but as David Surkamp, just me and my acoustic guitar; I think I also had a grand piano up there that Sandy played. This was the kick off of the rebirth of todays, Pavlov’s Dog featuring and led by David Surkamp the song writer and singer of almost all of the Pavlov’s Dogs music. Photo by Jon Gitchoff. – You said you used to play sessions. We never did that, but Kim was working on what became the “Steel” record, and I said, “Here, let me write you a song.” I kind of had the idea when we were on tour with SAVOY BROWN of a riff (sings): ta-da-da da-da da-da ta-da-da da, which sounded SAVOY BROWN-like to me, so I got home, wrote the song and recorded it with me playing all the instruments. – But how much did you tour back in the day? Why not?” So Oscar did the tour with us, and I think he enjoyed himself. Then John told Iain, before he passed away, that it was his favorite version of “The Man In The Station” so I guess it was our lucky day. KISS will scrub off its war paint after its "End of the Road" tour, but St. Louis fans have a load of memories of the band. – It was only right before we started talking that I realized that your drummer, Manfred Plotz, is your record label boss. Sorry, there are no shows for DAVID SURKAMP right now. – I knew the man who started SHARKS with Chris: Andy Fraser. Photo by J.B. Forbes, jforbes@post-dispatch.com, April 1997 • KISS at Kiel Center. Then Sara started coming up with these wonderful drawings which she did in watercolor, and it just went from there, took on a life of itself. – In your stuff, though, there’s an interesting pattern: “Julia,” “Mersey,” “Jenny,” “Angeline”… Why did you break the line of female-name songs on "Lost In America"? I learned how to do circular breathing – when I was in high school, I was playing flute for a year or so, even though with my lungs I probably shouldn’t have played a woodwind instrument – and I was really intrigued by that. So as long as I have oxygen, I’m good! John Henry will celebrate the EP with a concert this weekend at the Pageant with the Sleepy Rubies. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Required fields are marked *. He had a band before he became a solo act, called STEEL MILL, which was big in New Jersey, and he was known as a lead guitar player. “I wasn’t planning on saying anything,” said Simmons, who wore sunglasses. There was a problem saving your notification. I was a big fan of John’s songwriting, and I were jammed on it with one of Matthews’ neighbors, and Iain – I think he’d covered it already on one of his albums [1978’s “Stealin’ Home”] – wanted to record it. April 2017 • "An Evening With Gene Simmons and His Band" at the Pageant, in conjunction with Simmons’ appearance at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. (Laughs.). After standing in the rear unbothered, he was encouraged to speak.

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