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Prospective investors should take advice from their own professional advisors before making any investment decision. 8 Connaught Place, Central It is not a statutory requirement for you to provide personal data to us. They are personal data relating to clients and employees of CSOP. Investors should read the funds’ offering documents and product key fact statements for further details including the risk factors. 2801-2802 2 Exchange Square Since its listing on May 28, 2019, the average daily turnover of 7500 was HKD 370 million. You have a right (i) to be informed whether we hold any of your personal data; (ii) to be supplied with a copy of your personal data we hold; and (iii) to request correction of your personal data we hold. The average inversion period is 13.6 months and it took 15-36 months to enter recession. 194 RIVERVALE DRIVE, SINGAPORE (540194) Fomerly known as: JVH PAINTING PTE. Source:Bloomberg,from 1977/1/31 to 2019/8/28. Neither HSIL nor HSDS accepts any responsibility or liability for any economic or other loss which may be directly or indirectly sustained by any person as a result of or in connection with the use of and/or reference to the Hang Seng Index by the Issuer in connection with the Products, or any inaccuracies, omissions or errors of HSIL in computing the Hang Seng Index. We may, subject to the Ordinance, impose a reasonable fee for complying with a data access request. (Source: CSOP). would out-perform because ofmore compounding effect, Source: Bloomberg, Apr 30, 2015 to Feb 29, 2016, Ultra-short fluctuations caused by negative news outbreak 7500 is more efficient to magnify the short-term return, Source: Bloomberg, Aug 31, 2018 to Nov 30, 2018, Short opportunities increases as Nasdaq volatility up. The product is to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, closely correspond to the inverse (-1x) the Daily performance of the Index. Daily tracking difference is the difference between the daily return of an inverse product and the daily opposite return of the underlying index. name and address, occupation, contact details, date of birth, their identity card or passport numbers; current employer, nature of position, relevant income of clients; details of financial status of clients; and. CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-1x) Inverse Product 7300.HK. HSIL and HSDS have agreed to the use of, and reference to, the Hang Seng Index by CSOP Asset Management Limited ("the Issuer") in connection with its Leveraged and Inverse Products (the “Products”). Inverse products invest part of their assets into futures to realize the inverse performance of the benchmark. The website is prepared by CSOP and has not been reviewed by the SFC. However, neither HSIL nor HSDS warrants, represents or guarantees to any person the accuracy or completeness of the Hang Seng Index, its computation or any information related thereto and no warranty, representation or guarantee of any kind whatsoever relating to the Hang Seng Index is given or may be implied. The information is current as at the date of publication but is subject to change without notice. For the avoidance of doubt, this disclaimer does not create any contractual or quasi-contractual relationship between any broker or other person dealing with the Products and HSIL and/or HSDS and must not be construed to have created such relationship. CSOP Asset Management, one of China's largest and most established offshore asset managers, has opened an office in Singapore, the firm announced in a press release on Wednesday. Before investment, investors should pay more attention to the liquidity and tracking performance of inverse products to make sure the deal executed at the best price. In order to assist us to deliver on this pledge, please inform us immediately in the event that your personal information has been changed or you discovered that your personal information held by us is incorrect. Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world. HK-listed NASDAQ inverse products helped investors to gain return on overnight event. Non-Hong Kong investors are responsible for observing all applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdictions before proceeding to access the information contained herein. The information provided on the CSOP website is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country that would subject CSOP or its affiliates to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction or country. 1Source: Bloomberg,from 2001/1/31 to 2019/8/30, 2Source: Bloomberg,from 2001/1/31 to 2019/8/30, Inversion,Can the US stock bull market continue?. This policy statement provides information on the obligations and policies of CSOP under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the "Ordinance"). Central Both products ranked among the top 10 ETFs/ETPs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in terms of turnover. LTD. Unfortunately, if your browser is set up to reject Cookies you will not be able to see the content of this website. Strategy:Buy 7568.HK at 9:30 Beijing Time on August 2 (Monday), Short-term bear and volatile market 7300 is favorable for less compounding effect, Source: Bloomberg, Jan 17, 2018 to Mar 12, 2018, CSOP ranks 1st in HSI Inverse in both AUM and turnover. The products will rebalance its position by the end of trading of the underlying futures market, following the movement of the Index, by decreasing exposure in response to the Indices’ inverse daily gains or increasing exposure in response to the Indices’ inverse daily losses, so that its daily inverse exposure ratios to the Index are consistent with the products’ investment objectives. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance. Investment in futures contracts involves specific risks such as high volatility, leverage, rollover and margin risks. Hong Kong (SAR). Investors should read the offering documents and product key fact statements before making any investment decisions. In continuous trending markets, inverse products tend to perform better than the multiple inverse of the benchmark’s cumulative performance. This site may include forward-looking statements which are based on CSOP's current opinions, expectations and projections. These are inverse products and are different from conventional ETF. 2019.03.22 inversion between US treasury yield curve 3M&10Y occurred. The information contained in this website is provided for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice. It is restricted to those persons who have a business need to access personal information in order to perform their job duties. Disclaimer. name and address, contact details, date of birth and nationality of employees and their spouses and their identity card or passport numbers and place and date of issue thereof; additional information compiled about employees which may include records of remuneration and benefits paid to the employees, records of job postings, transfer and training, records of medical checks, sick leave and other medical claims and performance appraisal reports of the employees; and. The purpose of this Statement is to establish the policies and practices of CSOP's commitment to protect the privacy of personal data and to inform you about our responsibilities and your rights under the Ordinance. US ETF investors are not able to react to the news in time. 2019.08.22 inversion between 2Y&10Y yield curve occurred despite the rate cut by the Fed. Daily tracking difference of inverse products mainly come from divergence between spot index price and index future price. Liquidity Risk Management. This website contains information about CSOP and the services and products offered by CSOP. THE CORPORATIONS MAKE NO WARRANTIES AND BEAR NO LIABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCT(S). As of 30 Apr, 2019, the rolling 1-year actual average daily tracking difference of 7300 was -0.01%, and the actual average daily TD for calendar year 2018 was  -0.01%. To further enhance confidentiality and security of all personal data, only authorized staff will be allowed to have access to the personal information collected. CSOP Asset Management Limited ("CSOP") is a regulated institution in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”). VXN Index, another indicator of NASDAQ volatility, also picked up. inverse products seek to provide the inverse performance of their benchmark on a daily basis. You are advised to exercise caution and if you are in any doubt about any of the contents of the website, you should obtain independent financial and professional advice. To achieve the investment objective of Index Daily (-1x) Inverse Product, the Manager will adopt a futures-based replication strategy through investing directly in the index futures subject to a certain rolling strategy, to obtain the required exposure to the Index. relevant personal data pertaining to former employees may be required by us to fulfill its obligations to the former employees and its legal obligations under certain ordinances. In volatile markets, inverse products tend to perform worse than the multiple inverse of the benchmark’s cumulative performance. Investment involves risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. CSOP strive at all times to ensure accuracy of all personal data collected and processed by us. CSOP undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements. The Cookies does not contain any personally identifiable information. Due to the different time zones, Beijing time is 12 hours faster than Washington. The Company mainly offers asset management, hedge funds management, … EVENT 2:Trade conflict escalated again in August 2019 as Trump issued another twitter on adding tariffs, at 1:26 on August 2 (Friday). The average inversion period is 13.6 months and it took 15-36 months to enter recession. LTD. 168 ROBINSON ROAD, SINGAPORE (068912) www.gic.com.sg   Phone: +65-68898888 Categories: Company of Good Founding Members Fomerly known as: GOVERNMENT OF SINGAPORE INVESTMENT CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED, 26 KIAN TECK AVENUE, SINGAPORE (628920) averic.com.sg, Registration No. The Company mainly offers asset management, hedge funds management, investment strategies consulting, financial planning. If you wish to access to and/or to correct any of your personal data held by us, please send your written request to the address set out below. Licence Type/Status. CSOP Asset Management Limited operates as an asset management company. CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-1x) Inverse Product 7300, CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product 7500, CSOP NASDAQ 100 Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product 7568.

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