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I allowed smaller parts of the plant to peek out. International Delight Bubble Blower Use anContinue Reading, Because it is yet again, bubble time in our household, I thought I would share this post again with you guys! In a... i bought from a garage sale 2 folding tray. would all go great in this type of container. Don’t toss that empty International Delight creamer bottle! Organizations That Help Low Income Families Get Free Furniture? (08/12/2008). It's... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. 1) Fill them with Laundry detergent to bring to the laundry mat. I'm at a loss, and I hate to throw these canisters out. Stack em up and just grab one each time you make your coffee!! I want to make a craft the children will enjoy. I use them for dressings that I make from mixes. Next, grab a clothespin & cut a space for it to sit into on the bottom. I have stared using large coffee cream containers to store rice and other things. After that, cut a hole towards the bottom of the bottle. Looks lots nicer than having the box sitting out! I like to reuse such containers myself but I am worried about putting food products in the plastic and wondering if it's safe or not. You are right, felt markers are priceless. I can dispense a little through the pour spout or remove the lid to measure a cup or so. I mix my own laundry concoction, and really like it. They make nice spice containers but you have to be careful of no place for a shaker. Empty non dairy creamer containers are perfect to use as drink bottles. Charities To Help Someone Whose House Burned Down? A Coffee Mate container is the perfect shape for making a cute snowman that can be filled with treats for a gift or used as a decoration. We use the really big economy sized creamer canisters, too. Organized pantry happiness: Coffee-Mate creamer bottles are great for storing dry goods! Then, wrap twine around the grooves in the bottle & hung it up! xoxo (08/22/2008). Fill the canister with baking soda or Epsom salts to add to your bath water or foot bath. Happy recycling. This very elegant glowing vase is actually a toilet brush holder. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. They make awesome bubble blowers and they couldn’t be easier to make. Once washed, they are perfect for keeping critters out. It helps to save our environment as well. Ideas For Reusing Large Size Creamer Bottles. Painted with acrylic paint, glued on wiggly eyes and yellow tape for the mouths. i have many empty coffee tins, I see them beautiful and I would like to use them for a nice project. The other is to save coffee and creamer containers, and all others that I can use for food storage. Post them here. 25 crafty and creative ways to re-use your Keurig's k-cups in your home, garden, craft-room, classroom and playroom. I guess I need to get started, the holidays are near. Refill your empty coffee container with coffee filters containing your premeasured coffee. I do this for two reasons. We drink A LOT of coffee around here! Crafts Using Plastic Coffee Creamer Bottles? Old License Plates Lying Around? Description from Creamer container turned into pumpkin light with flameless tea light, If you like iced mochas try this! and I'm looking forward to all of the creative ideas you have. Jan 27, 2015 - Explore Debra Strahan's board "Coffee Creamer Bottles" on Pinterest. Add some of your favorite plants & place anywhere in your home! LOL! There's got to be other ways of reusing these. (08/25/2008). You know you’ve been there, sitting expectantly while someone opens the gift you’ve just given them. Thread the bag through the bottle neck, fold over and screw on the bottle top. Next, add dirt, Dollar Store gems & your plant! Crafts Using Coffee Mate Liquid Containers? I hate putting the sugar bag in a ziploc and the mess it makes. I have been experimenting more and more with real plants lately and am enjoying placing them in my... A quick and easy way to create functional wall decor for any room in your home! The lumps do not reform in these plastic containers. I hope this inspires you to upcycle your old containers into something new! My daughter and I made this birdhouse to go with our collection! I go through the local recycling center at my mobile home park. I transfer the contents of a 10 lb. Thanks. I removed the lid and washed an empty coffee creamer container, dried it thoroughly, tied a scrap of ribbon around the center, added some artificial flowers … Small skeins of yarn, directions and hooks/needles can be kept safe in your car or purse for those times you get stuck waiting. It seems a waste to get rid of them. Ever have a giant can of beans and thought to yourself - that could be a vase? I searched for this on I knew I saved that creamer container for a good reason! I do a lot of work in the garden and use a decent amount of twine to tie up plants. Do you have any ideas? If you do not particularly like a lot of creamer, but just some sweetener, your container … Editor's Note: Do you have any ideas to share for reusing these bottles? Update: I want to mention that I started a Concrete and Cement Furniture/Decor/Garden Community... DIY Fall decor is a great way to save money but also add something new to your home! (Tip within a tip: I don't use fabric softener on my dish towels. How do you keep the squirrels from chewing at the seed opening and emptying the entire thing in minutes. John writes- Here is a photo of the [plastic] coffee can storage bins I showed on Saturday. Next, fold the top of the hole to create a rounded top. The white bottles have red caps that are shaped as Santa's hat. First, removed the label & wash the container. Perfect for the hoarder in me. Sep 4, 2020 - Explore susan smith's board "Creamer Bottle Craft" on Pinterest. Have an empty Coffee Mate container lying round? Cut some holes in the very top for a cord to hang it, then cut some larger holes around the lower part and fill with bird seed. After that, remove the lid & wrap rope around the bottle hot gluing it in place. Ideas For Reusing Large Coffee Creamer Canisters? Then, cut off the top & cut two slots in the sides. Other than that, what else could I use these containers for? In my house we drink the 2qt Creamer Jug! Well I did! Check Out These 28 Snazzy Decor Ideas, 18 Wintery Wreath Ideas That You'll Want To Make For Your Home, 31 Amazing Furniture Flips You Have to See to Believe, 25 Beautiful Things You Can Make With Rope & Twine, 17 DIY Projects You Can Start And Finish Tonight, 3 Brilliant Ideas How to Use Photo Frames, The Best Industrial Style DIY Ideas For Your Home Using Pipes, 13 Spectacular Ways To Display Your House Number, 15 Totally Doable Makeover Ideas You Can Finish In One Day, 3 Absolutely Adorable Ways To Display Your Plants, 32 Space Saving Storage Ideas That'll Keep Your Home Organized, 16 Homemade Soaps You'll Want to Give as Gifts All Year Round, Transform Old Cutting Boards Into These 12 Nifty Items, The 10 Cutest Fall Decorating Ideas for 2020. Follow along as we transform this remnant from an old armoire into extra seating and storage with a... Modern farmhouse style is definitely a HUGE trend. There could be more decorations added, such as hot gluing beads, painting the creamer bottle with acrylic paints, etc. Also, you could fill it with stuff that would rattle when you shake it, glue the lid on, and then let your dog or cat play with it. More Holders Baby Wipes Crayon Holder Paper Plate Basket Muffin Tins Storage Toilet Roll Pig Sorting Stack Toilet Roll Chicken Styrofoam Cups Spring Bonnets …. creamer bottle,wooden spoons,duct tape and 550 cord= homemade bird feeder. I thought you might like some ideas as to what to do with the ones you may not recycle. My clever husband thought of this. Use upcycled creamer bottles as a convenient way to store and transport cheerios! I use this empty gum container to put my coffee, creamer, sugar for travel. The coffee mate creamers containers r clear when u tear the label off and perfect for using like this one i have coffee in here ^, Make this Halloween Cat candy container from a recycled coffee creamer container. Hot glue in place. ), hot chocolate mix, strawberry mix, even as a small pitcher of milk for the dining table that kids can easily pour. 10 minutes.... or less to make a super cute “rustic” bird feeder! From the original poster: TIDE in the coffee!

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