cockney slang translator

English to Cockney Slang Translator Translates regular English into Cockney slang It's all a big mistake, he's just some crazy fool who stores his cash in condoms. 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People outside the region might have a Cockney accent or understand Cockney insults, but their version of Cockney may not be considered true Cockney.

Along with that, you might like to study these common UK expressions on the plane ride over. In recent years, many aspects of cockney English have become part of general South East English speech, producing a variant known as estuary English. The pronunciation and rhyming slang make it an interesting dialect, but difficult to understand.

Linguistically, cockney English refers to the accent or dialect of English traditionally spoken by working-class Londoners.

No matter which side of town you make your home base, we’ve developed a list of British slang definitions that should help you immerse yourself into the culture.

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