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The Doppler Effect is the phenomenon we experience when passed by a car or train that is sounding its horn. The USGS has provided the Nation with consistent, reliable streamflow information for over 115 years. AT DENVER, CO, HARVARD GULCH AT HARVARD PARK AT DENVER, CO, WEIR GULCH UPSTREAM FROM 1ST AVE. AT DENVER, CO. SOUTH PLATTE R AT 64TH AVE. COMMERCE CITY, CO. The discharge measurement—obtaining periodic measurements of discharge (the quantity of water passing a location along a stream)3. At some streamgage sites, a stilling well is not feasible or is not cost effective to install. USGS streamflow information is critical for supporting water management, hazard management, environmental research, and infrastructure design. Special effort is made to measure extremely high and low stages and flows because these measurements occur less frequently. In addition, the USGS has quality-control processes in place to ensure the streamflow information being reported across the country has comparable quality and is obtained and analyzed using consistent methods. In recent years, advances in technology have allowed the USGS to make discharge measurements by use of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). The river-bottom tracking capability of the ADCP acoustic beams or a Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to track the progress of the ADCP across the channel and provide channel-width measurements. However, it is not practical for a streamgage to continuously measure discharge. USGS computers use these site-specific rating curves to convert the water-level data into information about the flow of the river. TAYLOR RIVER BELOW TAYLOR PARK RESERVOIR, CO. ELK CREEK AT COAL CREEK ABV CRESTED BUTTE, CO, COAL CREEK ABV MCCORMICK DTCH AT CRESTED BUTTE, CO, EAST RIVER BELOW CEMENT CREEK NR CRESTED BUTTE, CO, SLATE R AB BAXTER GL @HWY 135 NR CRESTED BUTTE, CO, GUNNISON RIVER AT GUNNISON WHITEWATER PARK, CO, LAKE FORK BLW LAKE SAN CRISTOBAL NR LAKE CITY, CO, CIMARRON RIVER BLW SQUAW CREEK AT CIMARRON, CO, GUNNISON RIVER AT CNTY RD 32 BELOW GUNNISON, CO, COCHETOPA CREEK BELOW ROCK CREEK NEAR PARLIN, CO, ANTHRACITE CREEK ABOVE MOUTH NEAR SOMERSET. Streamgages continuously measure stage, as stated in the "Measuring Stage"" section. Purchased from the W. & L. E. Gurley Company, Troy, New York.Object ID: USGS-000458. Acoustic velocity meters have also been developed for making wading measurements (picture to the left). Although stage is valuable information for some purposes, most users of streamgage data are interested in streamflow or discharge—the amount of water flowing in the stream or river, commonly expressed in cubic feet per second or gallons per day. Measuring stream stage—obtaining a continuous record of stage—the height of the water surface at a location along a stream or river2. CFS stands for cubic feet per second which is a unit of measurement referring to the volume and speed of water flow. Subsection depth is measured using a wading rod, if conditions permit, or by suspending a sounding weight from a calibrated cable and reel system off a bridge, cableway, or boat or through a hole drilled in ice. Title: USGS Current Conditions for Colorado

NR KREMMLING, CO. PINEY RIVER BELOW PINEY LAKE, NEAR MINTURN, CO. MONTE CRISTO DIVERSION NEAR HOOSIER PASS, CO, BEMROSE-HOOSIER DIVERSION NEAR HOOSIER PASS, CO, MCCULLOUGH-SP-CRYS-DIVERSION NEAR HOOSIER PASS, CO. TENMILE CREEK BL NORTH TENMILE C, AT FRISCO, CO. STRAIGHT CR BLW LASKEY GULCH NR DILLON, CO, ELLIOTT CREEK FEEDER CANAL TO GREEN MTN RES, CO, BLUE RIVER BELOW GREEN MOUNTAIN RESERVOIR, CO. GORE CREEK AT UPPER STATION, NEAR MINTURN, CO. GORE CREEK ABV RED SANDSTONE CREEK AT VAIL, CO, EAGLE R BLW WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT AT AVON, CO, EAGLE RIVER BELOW MILK CREEK NEAR WOLCOTT, CO, ROARING FORK RIVER ABV LOST MAN CR NEAR ASPEN, CO, LINCOLN CREEK BELOW GRIZZLY RESERVOIR NR ASPEN, CO. ROARING FORK RIVER AB DIFFICULT C NR ASPEN, CO. HUNTER CREEK FEEDER CONDUIT NEAR ASPEN, CO, HUNTER CREEK CONDUIT BYPASS NEAR ASPEN, CO, MIDWAY CREEK FEEDER CONDUIT NEAR ASPEN, CO, MIDWAY CREEK CONDUIT BYPASS NEAR ASPEN, CO, NO NAME CREEK FEEDER CONDUIT NEAR ASPEN, CO, NO NAME CREEK CONDUIT BYPASS NEAR ASPEN, CO, ROARING FORK RIVER BLW MAROON CREEK NR ASPEN, CO, NORTH CUNNINGHAM CREEK CONDUIT BYPASS NR NORRIE,CO, CRYSTAL RIVER ABV AVALANCHE CRK, NEAR REDSTONE, CO. ROARING FORK RIVER AT GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO. COLORADO RIVER BELOW GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO, COLO RIVER BELOW GRAND VALLEY DIV NR PALISADE, CO, COLORADO RIVER NEAR COLORADO-UTAH STATE LINE. Can we simply measure how high the water has risen/fallen? URL:,DATETIME,00065,00060,MEAN,MEDIAN The 14.5 feet the announcer is referring to is the stream stage. As you're enjoying yourself sitting on the peaceful bank of a local river, one question you may ask yourself is "How much water is flowing in this river?" Determining discharge from stage requires defining the stage-discharge relationship by measuring discharge at a wide range of river stages. However, a variety of advanced equipment can also be used to sense stage and measure streamflow. The ADCP allows discharge measurements to be made in some flooding conditions that were not previously possible. The stage-discharge relation—defining the natural but often changing relation between the stage and discharge; using the stage-discharge relation to convert the continuously measured stage into estimates of streamflow or discharge. It is a two-fifths scale version of the Price AA meter and is designed to be attached to a wading rod. In the simplest method, a current meter turns with the flow of the river or stream. And I don’t know any way to figure out what that speed difference would be. KREMMLING, CO, MUDDY CRK BLW WOLFORD MTN RESER. Discharge is the volume of water moving down a stream or river per unit of time, commonly expressed in cubic feet per second or gallons per day. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) started its first streamgage in 1889 on the Rio Grande River in New Mexico to help determine if there was adequate water for irrigation purposes to encourage new development and western expansion. You've come to the right place for an answer. The most common current meter used by the USGS is the Price AA current meter. As an alternative, stage can be determined by measuring the pressure required to maintain a small flow of gas through a tube and bubbled out at a fixed location under water in the stream. 1 SPILLWAY AT HUSTED RD AT USAFA, CO, WEST MONUMENT CREEK BELOW RAMPART RESERVOIR, CO, WEST MONUMENT CREEK AT U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, CO, PINE CREEK ABV BRIARGATE PKWY,ABV COLO SPRINGS, CO, MONUMENT CR ABV WOODMEN RD AT COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, COTTONWOOD CREEK AT WOODMEN RD NR COLO SPRINGS, CO, COTTONWOOD CK AT UNION BLVD, AT COLO SPRINGS, CO, COTTONWOOD CREEK AT MOUTH AT PIKEVIEW, CO, MONUMENT CREEK AT BIJOU ST. AT COLO. SPRINGS, CO, CHEYENNE CREEK AT EVANS AVE AT COLORADO SPRINGS,CO, FOUNTAIN CR BLW JANITELL RD BLW COLO. SPRINGS, CO, SAND CREEK ABOVE MOUTH AT COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, CLOVER DITCH DRAIN AT QUINN ST NR WIDEFIELD, CO, MERRIAMS ROCK CREEK DITCH AT FT. CARSON, CO, RIPLEY DITCH FROM L. FOUNTAIN CR AT FT. CARSON, CO, WOMACK DITCH FROM L. FOUNTAIN CR NR FT. CARSON, CO, BIG BRANCH CREEK BLW UNNAMED TRIB NEAR LA VETA, CO, RILING CREEK ABV LONGHORN RD NEAR LA VETA, CO, MIDDLE CREEK BLW INDIAN CREEK AT LA VETA, CO. ARKANSAS RIVER BELOW JOHN MARTIN RESERVOIR, CO. PURGATOIRE RIVER BELOW TRINIDAD LAKE, CO. TAYLOR ARROYO BL ROCK CROSSING, NR THATCHER, CO. RED ROCK CANYON CREEK AT MOUTH NR THATCHER, CO. The depth of the water is also measured at each point. These velocity and depth measurements are used to compute the total volume of water flowing past the line during a specific interval of time. GOAT CAMP CREEK ABV RESERVOIR NO. The Price AA current meter has a wheel of six metal cups that revolve around a vertical axis. Page Last Modified: 2020-11-12 09:59:32 EST The most common method used by the USGS for measuring velocity is with a current meter. NORTH FORK GUNNISON RIVER NEAR SOMERSET, CO. NORTH FORK GUNNISON RIVER BELOW PAONIA, CO, NORTH FK GUNNISON RIVER ABOVE MOUTH NR LAZEAR, CO, UNCOMPAHGRE RIVER BELOW RIDGWAY RESERVOIR, CO, LOUTSENHIZER ARROYO AT HWY 50 NEAR OLATHE CO, LAKE FORK SAN MIGUEL RV ABV TROUT LAKE NR OPHIR CO, SOUTH FORK SAN MIGUEL RIVER NEAR OPHIR, CO, SAN MIGUEL RIVER AT BROOKS BRIDGE NEAR NUCLA CO, YAMPA RIVER ABOVE STAGECOACH RESERVOIR, CO, YAMPA RIVER BELOW STAGECOACH RESERVOIR, CO, FISH CR AT UPPER STA NR STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, YAMPA RIVER BELOW SODA CREEK AT STEAMBOAT SPGS, CO, YAMPA RIVER ABOVE ELKHEAD CREEK NEAR HAYDEN, CO, ELKHEAD CREEK ABOVE LONG GULCH, NEAR HAYDEN, CO, WHITE RIVER ABOVE COAL CREEK NEAR MEEKER, CO. PICEANCE CREEK BL RYAN GULCH, NR RIO BLANCO, CO. WHITE RIVER BELOW BOISE CREEK, NEAR RANGELY, CO. LOS PINOS R ABV VALLECITO RES NR BAYFIELD, CO, CASCADE CR ABV CASCADE CR DIVERSION NR ROCKWOOD CO, CASCADE CR BLW CASCADE CR DIVERSION NR ROCKWOOD CO, ANIMAS RIVER AT TALL TIMBER RESORT ABOVE TACOMA,CO, ANIMAS RIVER BLW DURANGO PUMP PLANT NR DURANGO, CO. MUD CREEK AT STATE HIGHWAY 32, NEAR CORTEZ, CO. MCELMO CREEK ABOVE TRAIL CANYON NEAR CORTEZ, CO, MCELMO CREEK NEAR COLORADO-UTAH STATE LINE. In this method, the stream channel cross section is divided into numerous vertical subsections. With this said, CFS is very important to be aware of as different levels will give you different experiences on the water. How can one tell how much water is flowing in a river? Privacy If you have to spend time in other people's shoes before judging them, you'd have to do a lot more than walk a mile to understand a USGS water scientist. Explore the NEW USGS National Water Dashboard; to access real-time data from over 13,500 stations nationwide. One method that has been used for decades by the USGS for measuring discharge is the mechanical current-meter method. Discharge is the volume of water moving down a stream or river per unit of time, commonly expressed in cubic feet per second or gallons per day. To maintain accuracy, and to ensure that stage is being measured above a constant reference elevation, the elevations of streamgage structures, and the associated stage measurement, are routinely surveyed relative to permanent elevation benchmarks near the streamgage.

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