It is time to test the time-tested solutions for diabetics, more so applying the state-of-the art scientific methodologies in the context of evidence-based medicine”, “Heart disease is the number one killer of people worldwide. While a lot of people might know or have heard about this versatile fruit, very few people know about its health benefits, especially about the health benefits for diabetics. The soluble fiber that you can have having raw jackfruit will enable to have a proper bowel movement and hence prevent colon cancer. He promotes small scale farming in every parish he has worked and wanted to know more about Jackfruit365. Panasam is not categorized as a fruit like grape or mango. The powdered form of the fruit has binding capabilities, and is thus, added to the idli or dosa batter to make a healthy high-fibre breakfast. Legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils, and kidney beans, typically have a GI of 20–30 and contain more fiber and protein than jackfruit . Helps in weight loss- did you know that a cup serving of jackfruits has fewer calories than a cup serving of rice or two chapattis? This fruit also protects the body from contracting chronic diseases that are very common among the diabetic. They contain a significant amount of sugars sufficient to provide the body with energy. Quality of this product is good. Excess consumption gives high caloric count . Fighting colon cancer: It is the ideal fruit that you must have if you want to have a natural way of fighting colon cancer. But I also learned almost all doctors in Kerala advise their diabetic patients to avoid jackfruit completely, including the ayurvedic doctors. I am. Multiple benefits can be derived if you have raw jackfruit. Low glycemic sugar in raw jackfruits provides energy to the body. Made chappaties much softer… Excellent taste too. “Father Thomas specifically wanted to meet you as he is interested to know more about your Jackfruit venture he read in the papers” exact words from my father in law. Raw jackfruit has good amount of insoluble fiber with low sugar compared to ripe jackfruit. So, you can without hesitation have raw jackfruit even though you have high blood sugar. Rest of the world uses tender jackfruit as a side dish in low quantity per meal. A Type-2 diabetic for the last ten years. Further discussions with doctors in Kerala and Chennai led me to believe there is one more factor causing this hypoglycemic activity. We think that the above article gave you the relevant information regarding having jackfruit which makes it the ideal food for you to have. Losing weight– raw jackfruits are not 100% sugar-free. * Legal Disclaimer – There is a chance that Jackfruit365™ based meals, combined with the medication, can lower your blood sugar too much! JackFruit365™ packs are handier than all season jackfruit tree in your yard!”. Two weeks later I got a call from Dr. Garg “James, I found out the root cause and it is real! When your full you will not eat often this will help in weight loss. Last year my father-in-law asked me to stay back for dinner to meet the parish priest from a church nearby. It is very sweet and obviously loaded with high sugars that spikes your blood sugar levels at once.Better stop considering such things. Fighting anemia– being high in Vitamin A, C and E, manganese, magnesium and copper jackfruits play a major role in fighting anemia. Comments, Why Jackfruit Is Good For Diabetes? See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. There are two types of jackfruits. Usually, it is seen that soluble fiber from fruits helps to fight cholesterol.

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