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All you need to know about Blacktown City Council. What is happening today? We ask the Council that it should resolve to: Background to controversial site where a foundation for a temple was laid on 5 August 2020. Mr Anjum Rafiqi from Stand With Kashmir, quizzed Councillor Singh reminding that him being of South Asian origins and of Sikh faith, he would have been privy to the dispute regarding Babri mosque/Ram mandir issue and the significance of the 5 August date in relation to Kashmir, but still failed to brief and advise on the issue to Blacktown Council officials. Blacktown City Council venue extends support of local athletes Published on 20 August 2020. Strongly urge the Australian government to demand the Indian Government to: Restore the human rights of all minorities in India; Restore the human rights of Kashmiris including the freedom of speech and assembly, the right to communicate and to access education and health services; Remove military and paramilitary forces from where the civilian population lives; Stop any move to change the demographic structure of Kashmir. I extend my hand in friendship to the Australian Muslim community and to all my constituents.”. We endeavor to give the Australian community greater transparency and access to government information and other developments free from encroaching corporate, ideological or any other interests/influences. The Western Sydney University study will examine socio-economic ‘influencers’ affecting the district over the next ten years. He formally apologised for his misjudgement regarding this matter during the meeting. Hindu-Muslim riots spread across South Asia. This was done without the will of Kashmiri people and despite the UNO resolutions “Right of Self Determination”. India’s constitution defines it as a secular republic, but Modi and his BJP have sought to transform the country into a Hindu nation with special rights for members of its majority faith. 2 talking about this. Refuse to engage in a partisan approach to sensitive events and discussions. Blacktown City Mayor, Tony Bleasdale estimates the pandemic will cost Council more than $24 million in the 18 months to October 2021. In the violence that ensured the Hindu extremists razed Muslim homes around the sanctuary, beating to death hundreds of residents. Read more, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Blacktown City mayor Tony Bleasdale says the waste trucks double as an important communication channel with local residents. Blacktown City Mayor, Tony Bleasdale estimates the pandemic will cost Council more than $24 million in the 18 months to October 2021. Australasian Muslim Times, AMUST is a community newspaper for all presenting news and views using multimedia technologies. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. Westpac is sponsoring the project, which will be carried out in partnership with the Australian Catholic University. “We will respond decisively and innovatively together to achieve the desired socioeconomic outcomes for our region.”. I think it refes to the riots that were orchestrated in Gujarat 2002. Mr. Moninder also knows that since 5 August 2019, millions of Kashmiri people are locked down in Kashmir (without basic needs) by the Indian RSS Modi Government. Latest Blacktown City Council news stories and updates. The riots and the divisive tactics used by the current ruling party BJP in India, under the watch of Modi, ripped apart the facade of India being a secular nation, a democratic republic. Approximately 1 in 6 Indians are Muslim; they are the country’s largest religious minority and one of the largest Muslim communities in the world. And political appointees, including the former... Research reveals true cost of amalgamation, Misuse of information in local govt going unreported, Megaprojects ‘constipating infrastructure pipelines’, ‘Sham’ CIC slammed for protecting public servants, NSW council takes stand against anti-vax bus, Champion of women in local govt to stand aside, NDIS service guarantee delayed for a year. Good work. “The Central City district is very important economically to NSW and we’ll be the fastest growing district over the next 20 years,” he said. Blacktown Mayor and Councillor Maninder Singh at the Hindutva event on Wednesday 5 August 2020. On Wednesday, 5 August 2020, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the cornerstone of a grand Hindu shrine on that very same spot. We oppose the occupation of Kashmir by foreign troops. Live coverage and timeline of Blacktown City Council. Against this backdrop, we were extremely disappointed to note that Blacktown City Council chose to partake and in effect, demonstrate a partisan approach to the sensitivities associated with the two events in India.

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