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[10] He returned to the Duchy of Spoleto and made an alliance with the Saracens. He called on Hugh of Arles between 917 and 920 to take the Iron Crown. His most typical solution was to overthrow all obvious rivals and replace them with his own relatives, who would in theory be more loyal to him. Elle a ensuite disparu de la scène, comme l'indique son absence dans ses chartes après 905. His army was surprised and routed near the Brenta River in the eponymous Battle of the Brenta (24 September 899).[31]. He even dabbled in an episcopal election in the diocese of Liège. Après le siège, Berengar a accordé à l'évêque des murs de la ville et le droit de les reconstruire avec l'aide des citoyens et des réfugiés fuyant les Magyars. (de); Berengar I na hIodáile (ga); Беренгар Фурлански (sr-ec); Беренгар I (bg); Berengario de Friuli (ro); 貝倫加爾一世 (zh-hk); Berengarius I van Friuli (nl); Berengar I av Italien (sv); 贝伦加尔一世 (zh-hans); Беренгар I (uk); Berengarius Foroiuliensis (la); 貝倫加爾一世 (zh-hant); 贝伦加尔一世 (zh-cn); Berengar I. The proximity of Berengar's march to Bavaria, which Carloman already ruled under his father, may explain their cooperation. Berengar cooperated with Charles the Fat during his invasion of Italy in opposition to Charles the Bald of West Francia, but his 883 siege of Spoleto failed due to an epidemic. He called on Hugh of Arles between 917 and 920 to take the Iron Crown. However, Berengar defeated Louis in 902, and he defeated a second invasion of Italy in 905 before blinding him. [19] Both Guy and Berengar were related to the Carolingians in the female line. En 900, Louis a marché en Italie et a vaincu Berengar; l'année suivante, il fut couronné empereur par le pape Benoît IV . Reuter, p. 119, suggests this, adding that. Malgré cela, son rôle dans l'inauguration de l' incastellamento des décennies suivantes n'est guère contesté. Son mariage était une tentative de Louis pour faire progresser ses enfants alors qu'il était lui-même marginalisé et par Berengar de légitimer son règne en se rapportant par mariage à la maison de Lothaire Ier qui gouvernait l'Italie par droit héréditaire depuis 817. Reuter calls his a victory over Guy at the Trebbia in 888 and his campaign against Spoleto in 883 was initially successful. When, in 875, the Emperor Louis II, who was also King of Italy, died, having come to terms with Louis the German whereby the German monarch's eldest son, Carloman, would succeed in Italy, Charles the Bald of West Francia invaded the peninsula and had himself crowned king and emperor. AF(M), 887 (p. 102), presents it as an invasion on Liutward's part. He is usually known as Berengar of Friuli, since he ruled the March of Friuli from 874 until at least 890, but he had l (sh); Berenguer I d'Itàlia (ca); I. Berengario (tr); Berengar van Friuli (vls); Berengar I z Friulu (pl); Berengar Furlanski (sr-el); Берэнгар I (be); Berengars I (lv); Berengar Iañ Italia (br); Беренгар Фурлански (sr); Berengar I. In 915, he had his wife poisoned due to her infidelity, and he remarried to Louis the Blind's daughter Anna. In 887, he was named Charles' heir in Italy despite Louis the Blind being chosen in Germany, and he was crowned King of Italy. [14] It is sometimes alleged that Berengar was pining to be declared Charles' heir and that he may in fact have been so named in Italy, where he was acclaimed (or made himself) king immediately after Charles' deposition by the nobles of East Francia in November that year (887). Sometimes local power was balanced between count and bishop, and the king’s capacity to intervene locally increasingly depended on their ability to maintain this balance of power. As surety for the accord, Lambert pledged to marry Gisela, Berengar's daughter. Another monk, Richer, was appointed to the see with the support of pope and emperor. In 883, the newly succeeded Guy III of Spoleto was accused of treason at an imperial synod held at Nonantula late in May. Après la mort du saint évêque Stephen en 920, Herman Ier , archevêque de Cologne , représentant les intérêts allemands en Lotharingie , tenta d'imposer son choix des moines du cloître local, un Hilduin , sur le siège vacant. [22], Early in 889, their truce having expired, Guy defeated Berengar at the Battle of the Trebbia and made himself sole king in Italy, though Berengar maintained his authority in Friuli. Arnulf permit à son armée de rentrer en Allemagne, mais il célébra lui-même Noël dans le Frioul, à Karnberg . [42] Adalbert was one of Berengar's earliest internal enemies after the defeat of Louis of Provence. Berengar I (Latin: Berengarius, Perngarius ; Italian: Berengario ; c. 845 – 7 April 924) was the king of Italy from 887. [11] Berengar and Liutward had a feud that year, which involved his attack on Vercelli and plundering of the bishop's goods. He even had a large degree of influence on the church of Friuli. He was an important channel for the men of Friuli to get access to the emperor and for the emperor to exercise authority in Friuli. [15] On the other hand, his presence may merely have been necessary to confirm Charles' illegitimate son Bernard as his heir (Waiblingen), a plan which failed when the pope refused to attend, and then to confirm Louis instead (Kirchen).[16]. His family was called the Unruochings after his grandfather, Unruoch II. [41] She was dead by 913, when Adalbert remarried. [17] Charter evidence begins Berengar's reign at Pavia between 26 December 887 and 2 January 888, though this has been disputed. Berengar a ainsi cimenté sa position de roi et a régné sans contestation, à l'exception d'un bref passage, jusqu'en 922.

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