belkin fm transmitter static fix

extra cord and hold it close to the zune, but still has intermittent static. It is probably the signal strength - the legal limit for FM transmitters is waaaay to low, so your signal quality depends where the transmitter is relative to your antenna. Wow, thanks for the generous updates and mods! Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod: Belkin is a popular manufacturer of cheap and cheerful computer accessories, having singlehandedly made the USB hub sexy! It seems to be one of the better ones on the market. on Introduction. Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets! It sounds somewhat like a whistling tea kettle and is driving me crazy!! Anyone who knows to extend it even more? on Introduction. The only thing that did was the lower right pin of the chip on the rear (marked 1 on first pic below), so I soldered my wire to that. Are there any transmitters out there with known signal boosting mods? I am not an antenna specialist, but my guess is that by holding it you become part of the antenna, so improving the antenna efficiency. Reply I am sure somebody will find it useful too. The photo below shows the new stereo plug add-on feature, if you're doing the modification, do note the correct channel, refer to the photo in step 3 for the correct connections. As for the auto power-off mod, that went wrong too! The sound improves if I bundle up the Cheers! This may still be a useful option for people who aren't comfortable soldering, or who have a different transmitter. Yup, the TuneCast has a really weedy short audio cable, not very nice if you decide to place the FM transmitter by the window, so your neighbor 4 floors down can listen to your collection of the latest break-beats! Finally, one more tip. Did you find the resistor that reduces the signal in the revision 1.02 of Belkin Tunecast 2? I'm just wondering if Belkin is not the best product for Zune. Here's the back of the TuneCast, the IC is a FM transmitter from Rohm, a Japanese semiconductor company. I have used the auto tune feature and have also tried manually selecting quiet stations but can not get rid of the static. The pad you're getting power from appears to be active only once the transmitter is powered up, which still requires an initial audio input. The AM band is fussier about a proper antenna than the FM … However I did not find the resistor that reduces the signal...If someone does, please share it !Daerken. 6 years ago Mine transmitter looks exactly the same like in the pictures attached by Daerken. What can I do to get rid of the static, without having to lay the transmitter on my lap? 4 months ago. 7 years ago I purchased the FM transmitter so that I could play music from my zune over my car stereo. I am trying to find which pin is source of the antenna but I have no good results. Although the transmitter is battery powered, many of the ICs on the device requires a higher operating supply voltage, this is done with a boost converter, boosting its internal supply to around 5V, where it is kept permanently 'on', which partly explain why your TuneCast is dead after a few days even if you're not using it, pretty dismal, but great for this modification! The second image is a drawing of the circuit connection. I assume that my body is either adding capacitance, or acting as a ground, to divert the noise. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Why we can't use the old blue cable?

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