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It’s real beef and the taste is exquisite! For those of you who love our farm and our story but just wish you could have a bit more fat in your steak... We present to you our very own farm-raised Wagyu Beef. We will not wean them early or stunt their growth. Very tasty. Free classified listings from ranches and farms. This French breed is what sets us apart from everyone else. All of our calves and bred heifers/cows that were for sale during 2019 have been sold. Tony was extremely helpful during the purchase process. Contact us for more info or to be added to our 2020 wait-list. Sort by You know where your food is coming from and no preservatives or additives. The beef and pork have been the best hands down of any we have had. Beef cattle for sale in New Zealand. ; Gentle - We handle our cows on a daily basis. You will not regret making the move to Arrowhead the price is just as/if not moreso competitive than what's at the grocery store and there is no better feeling than being able to feed your family and knowing you've taken those dollars away from factory farms and put it toward supporting a local family who truly cares about the environment and the ethical treatment of it's animals. Meanwhile I have a lot of happy customers. Just the right amount of marbling in the meat. Period. Meat is excellent, will continue to purchase! Pickup and Purchase open Monday Nov 9th 3:00 - 7:00. Get our very best discounts, specials, recipes, and tips delivered right to your inbox. Just natural meats from Arrowhead. Ground beef is juicy. Trade Me; LifeDirect; ... $470.00 Or near offer. Our family farm produces beef the natural way following traditional methods: Our cows are pasture raised on our ranch in Florida where they eat seasonal grasses, hay and silage. I love Tony and George. I just received a 1/4 share beef and have now ordered a 1/2 pig after trying it. Wow! We are normally the kind of people who smother steaks with sauce of some kind and this meat is so flavorful we have not yet used anything beyond butter, salt and pepper to season anything. Quality - Our miniature herd receives the best mineral, hay, feed and proper vaccinations. An added bonus, every cut arrived sealed pack, an upgrade I did not expect. List your animals and livestock for free. We cross full blood Wagyu bulls with Angus mama cows and create some of the most decadent, mouth-watering marbled beef you can eat. We strive to have them as friendly and kid safe as possible. 1/4, 1/2 and Whole animal options available. Buy or sell your Cattle & other livestock on So flavorful. Thank you George, Tony and everyone at Arrowhead Beef for spectacular products! I didn’t realize the bacon wasn’t cured when I cooked it so was disappointed but all I did was salt it while cooking it and it was perfect! Considered "The Beef" of France this breed yields the most lean and tender grass finished meat you can raise. Shipping was easy and affordable, the meat is wonderfully packaged and labeled making dinner choices much easier to make with a quick glance. $500.00 Asking price. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. OH...and the steaks are HUGE, I've literally never seen steaks as big as the ones we got in our share. Definitely will buy this again from Arrowhead Beef. Our family farm produces beef the natural way following traditional methods: Our cows are pasture raised on our ranch in Florida where they eat seasonal grasses, hay and silage. Help - Most importantly we want to help you have the knowledge to be able to take care of and calve out these precious little cows! !it reminds me of the meat my parents bound up North from local farmers. Other farms simply can't compete. This package was a good assortment of beef. We will definitely be back for more. The hog I split with a friend is so flavorful. Cows vaccinated yearly. Will never buy from the supermarket again. Miniature Heifers - Both Sold (Oct. 2019) ... DOB 6/10/16. Carl Spencer. After noticing that the meat we bought from a local grocery store did not tasted right, even my Dogs did not want it, it told me everything I needed to know. We follow the American Grass Fed Association's feeding standards for beef which not only means 100% Grass Fed AND Grass-Finished but all livestock are also completely Hormone-free and Antibiotic-free. Warning: For Carnivores Only! Support your local farmers. She would make a great homestead cow or brood cow for beef or dairy. We are now looking at purchasing a pork share and fully expect the same high quality and great tasting meats. I split a side of beef with my friend. It has given us the ability to try some of everything. The very best!!! Thank you. I also have cooked a small amount of the brisket. Visit this link for all the info! CLICK HERE. We are so happy with our purchase! is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. With regard to the meat quality...omg, I can't even begin to explain the difference. I haven't tried one of the steaks yet but the ground beef has just the right amount of fat for flavor and moisture. Satellite sites. The sausage has just the right amount of fat added. This is an absolutely beautiful piece of meat. List Cattle for Sale – List Online or via Telephone; Submit Listings from TCR’s App; Listing Form for Advertising an Upcoming Sale; ... Hereford, & BWF Cows... N. Central TX 20 Reg. Hereford x steers ( GST Inclusive ) Free Delivery ... 6 Lowline Angus Cows & Heifer/Bull Calves $1,325 Asking price. What does that mean exactly? Buy and sell Beef cattle on Trade Me. Create email alert. We have made some of it already and we can taste a difference. It’s the best thing we did in a long time! Beef Cattle for Sale - buy and sell classifieds for beef cattle. Very satisfied. Pasture raised meats delivered to your door. It’s so good! Will never buy beef or pork from a grocery again as long as they are still farming and producing. We decided to buy the old fashion way. Thank you Tony for making my 1st purchase so painless and walking me through each step. It means we produce the best damn Wagyu beef. Our listings include beef cows, calves, dairy cattle & breeding cattle from farmers across the UK. After learning the truth about factory farmed meats at the grocery, I had to make the right choice and make the move to using a small family farm with high standards for humane treatment. No hormones for fast growth. Tony was so patient and really helped to guide us through the cut choices, he made the process very easy and kept us informed with updates. I don’t think we could ever go back to grocery store pork chops! Affordable, Great Tasting and Ethically Farmed Food. Find Cattle & Cows for sale in UK. Stock up your freezer by signing up for a Beef or Pork Share. Best grass fed beef We had in a long time! I did a lot of research and choice Arrowhead Beef farms. We will be ordering again! Tony was a pleasure to deal with. We purchased a 1/2 cow share and I feel confident knowing that our freezer is now stocked for what will probably be a full year of beef for two people (make sure you have at least a 10 cu ft freezer for 1/2 cow, we have a 14 cu ft freezer and have just enough room for the 1/2 cow and a few months rotation of frozen veggies. Post your classified ads for free at ... 21- CHAROLAIS CROSS COWS, for Sale bred Charolais, due this fall. Our dry aging process produces meats with amazing flavor and exceptional tenderness. We love it! All our Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef ages a minimum of 28 days. End of story. The one pound packages make my life easier and the pups love it! The Berkshire pork bellies came in very nice spiral slabs with beautiful marbling. Beef weaner calves. Got the meat home, into the freezer. They made the switch easy and shockingly affordable when compared to grocery store meats. ... Browse Cattle & Cows for sale in the UK. Hereford Cows... North TX 18 Reg. Hereford Cows... E. Central OK 20 Angus, Brangus, Hereford, & Charolais Cows... North FL 18 Reg. Steaks are great. Wagyu beef is known for its exceptional marbling and juicy steaks which grade higher than Prime Beef. Thank you! Not like store bought that cooks down to nothing. Had the ribeyes and sirloin so far. The smoked bacon is awesome. Find cattle and livestock for sale. Awww! We did the classic reverse cook on our Big Green Egg last night and were blown away by the tenderness and flavor. Our Wagyu herd of cows are raised in open pasture where they graze on grass before transitioning to a corn feeding program that adheres to a 400 Day Minimum finishing program.

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