adorn in a sentence

If you are good in Photoshop then you can create your own buttons, navigational bars and the like to adorn your home on the web. If you are worried about the cost to adorn your house this Christmas, then buy wholesale Christmas decorations. woodcut images that frequently adorn printed broadsides were often recycled, wandering somewhat indiscriminately from one ballad to another. Strawberry Patch Quilt: A delicate mix of red flowers and white and grey colors adorn this patch. Florals: You sometimes have to be careful when it comes to flowers, but most girls seem to favor the tropical florals that adorn many tankini styles. The monarch's artistic sense led him not only to adorn his house with a number of works of antique art, but also to study German medieval art, which he did to good effect.

Bikini women wallpapers are incredibly popular styles that adorn computer and laptop screens everywhere. Tie-dye and florals adorn some varieties, but others are basic and made for competition. With a casual gown you can wear your hair uncovered or adorn it with a short and simple veil. Henna: Henna art is a unique and timeless way to adorn the skin in intricate, temporary designs. Among these was the grand-duke of Tuscany (Ferdinand II. (3) She loved to adorn herself with finery. The first century BC, Egyptian obelisk was brought to Rome from Heliopolis by emperor Caligula to adorn his circus. (33) Have the nearsighted patient of astigmatism, can you adorn invisible glasses? Adorn the style with various accessories such as a rhinestone barrette or feather for a trendy take on this classic. Once you have the costume go to a craft store and buy artificial flowers and leaves to adorn your woodland fairy. As evidence of such prowess, and as a token of his right to a share of any spoil, the warrior was accustomed to scalp his enemy and adorn his bridle with the trophy. If you want to add an even more playful element to the look, use a large flower clip or a small sprig of fresh flowers to adorn your hair.Alternative: Girls without curls can also sport a side ponytail. Velvet tiers adorn the top portion of the suit, that amazingly also features removable straps for two ways to wear; literally it's like buying two suits for the price of one. by Canova (1803), fountains, pavilions and four rows of trees adorn the PaseO de Carlos III. Behind the harbour the houses rise picturesquely on gentle wooded slopes, and numerous villas adorn the vicinity. Choose a few of your favorite pictures of your loved ones to hang on the walls and sentimental pieces to adorn your shelves.

He will soon shake all nations and their choicest gifts will be brought to adorn His house.

However, if it is a very sunny day, you may wish to opt for a hat and adorn that with flowers or seashells instead. adorn two of the fine squares, the KOnigsplatz and the Kaiser Wilhelmsplatz. 15 20 Sir Bartle Frere encouraged the completion of the great trunk lines of railways, and with the funds obtained by the demolition of the town walls (1862) he began the magnificent series … Although Hillary loves to adorn herself with expensive jewelry, she knows that she can only afford the fake stuff. And the end of verse 10, that we may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in every respect.

You can use tiny fondant frogs to adorn cupcakes, bake a cake in the shape of a frog, or prepare a sheet cake and decorate it with a frog design. The fact they regularly adorn the covers of the major organ magazines suggests that many people agree.

Banks of wild flowers - centaury, wild carrot, harebell, bird's foot trefoil, purging flax and thrift adorn the route.

Once more, Pulsar uses genuine Swarovski crystals to adorn their popular crystal collection.

The names of three great poets adorn the Omayyad period: Akhtal, Farazdaq and Jarir were contemporaries (see separate articles). Baby girls lace ruffles socks are one of the cutest accessories with which to adorn your infant. If feminine is your style than add a vanity, adorn the walls with floral prints in soft colors and put a big fluffy rug on the floor.

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