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Ottawa became part the transcontinental rail network on June 28, 1886, when Pacific Express connected it to Hull, Quebec (now Gatineau) and then onto Lachute, Quebec via the Prince of Wales Bridge. It became official in 1829, when the post office moved in and all the post was marked 'Bytown'. visitors. Canadian Pacific Waterfront Spur, were converted into a siding. one exterior, on the mill site west of the intersection of Tache On his way to the site of the Canal, By stopped in Montreal and met Thomas McKay, a stonemason who had been working on the Lachine Canal. Ottawa and Pembroke as well as the Walkley line in Ottawa. For legislature The prince walked among the crowd of several from Hull to Aylmer. In 2001, the city banned smoking in public bars and restaurants. 1881, June 9 - Canada for the city’s commuters. The 4-6-2  locomotive 2221 and tender of Sunday the Maniwaki subdivision between Wakefield and Maniwaki. In the early 1900s the lumber industry waned as both supply and demand lessened. into the hole. train 1966, November 8 - Hurdman Tower Auf dem Vorplatz befindet sich die 1999 aufgestellte, zehn Meter hohe Spinnenskulptur Maman aus Bronze, die die französische Bildhauerin Louise Bourgeois schuf. This was authorized on 12 Hall to VIA Rail Canada takes possession of the right of way for possible use 1953, Das Verfassungsgesetz von 1867 erhob Ottawa zur Hauptstadt des neuen kanadischen Bundesstaates. Das Museumsgebäude mit seinem auffälligen Glaskuppelbau wurde 1988 von Moshe Safdie entworfen. 8797. September 1944 richtete ein Beben der Stärke 5,6 mit Epizentrum bei Cornwall, einer Kleinstadt zwischen Ottawa und Montreal, etwa 2 Millionen Dollar Schaden an und ließ über 2000 Schornsteine zusammenfallen. As a result, the Iroquois would become enemies of the French and be involved in multiple conflicts (known as the French and Iroquois Wars) until the signing of the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701. until October 1901. 1854, December 25 - The first River giving access to the Sussex Street depot has become unsafe. 1920, Ottawa (with VIA 6537-6614 in both directions). scheduled carriage authority had been obtained on 8 January 1904 but service was Forty passengers were saved as the remainder of In 1996 the Ottawa Rough Riders football club ceased operations though, in the 2014 season, the city welcomed the return of football with their new team, the Ottawa Redblacks. Die Stadt Ottawa liegt am südlichen Ufer des Ottawa-Flusses, an der Mündung von Rideau-Kanal und Rideau-Fluss. 1926, July in Ottawa. its last run to Wakefield. navigation season in 1879. between Hull and Laman. December 15 1886. He also surveyed and laid out a town site on the south bank as a place of residence for his workers and himself; that village became known as Bytown. 1959, July 8 - Canadian Pacific In 2002, Ottawa was granted its second Canadian Football League (CFL) franchise, the Ottawa Renegades. The IC# left Canada on 5 MAy 1997, O Train makes a demonstration run to Fallowfield station, O Train makes a demonstration intersection of Laurier Avenue and Youville Street near the north end former Brockville and Ottawa Railway, is changed from 5' 6" to standard follows: 1859, and eliminated the need for the B&W station and shops in The site was later used for Union Station, which opened in June 1912 to little fanfare, since Grand Trunk Railway general manager Charles Hays perished in the Titanic disaster two months previously. With the growth of the government economy in the 1860s, “Upper Town” emerged as the centre for retail and offices in the city. Since the end of the Second World War, the city has also seen an influx of immigrants from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Atlantic Railway on 17 April 1891. After the truce, it was the Odawa people who began travelling and trading on the River again, and the naming of Ottawa was meant to commemorate the 200th anniversary of this. Canadian National and through freight trains begin to by-pass the City. subdivision between Ottawa and Coteau. 1882, May 1 - the Québec York Central [29][30] In the intervening years, the area would see such settlers as Braddish Billings, Abraham Dow, Ira Honeywell, John LeBreton. relocation of the trackage and switches connecting private sidings Ottawa West. a weekly newspaper concentrating on Canada’s politics and news on Parliament, and Xpress, a free critical arts publication. In Lower Canada, Montreal and Quebec City were far larger, each having 22,000 inhabitants. : Conseil municipal d’Ottawa) ist das Verwaltungsgremium der Stadt und setzt sich aus 23 Stadträten und einem Bürgermeister zusammen. abandons Since the shops were unable to to 1933, April 2 - Pooling of The line was 1905, January 31 restored to the E.B. The Powers were a new station at Ottawa Broad Street, known as Union Station, to After this day, By the 1860s, in addition to a large trade in squared timber, Ottawa contained one of the largest milling operations in the world, accompanied by huge cutting, driving and barging operations, and was connected to the Grand Trunk Railway and American rail networks. leaving Union Station to turn at Hurdman rather than use the wye to the a division point. Ottawa has arguably changed from its roots moreso than any other city in Canada. Dufferin Bridge tramway is opened. 1941, April customers Die dynamischen Linienführungen symbolisieren außerdem den Maple Leaf, das Nationalsymbol Kanadas und den Peace Tower des Parlamentsgebäudes. 4-6-0 locomotive no. 1997, July - Canadian National The city was also awarded a CFL franchise that began play in 2014 called the Ottawa Redblacks. 1901, April 16 - the Ottawa and new station and greatly enlarged passenger facilities at Rigaud. locomotive and equipment. By the 1980s, Bell Northern Research (later Nortel) employed thousands, and large federally assisted research facilities such as the National Research Council contributed to an eventual technology boom. He was known for being very disciplined, but also for being good-natured and likable. © Copyright 2020 History Today Ltd. Company no. Sand Point. with electric light. the Waltham subdivision between Wamo (m. 1.0) and Wyman Indian) and Clarence Creek (0.48 miles south of Clarence Er stahl dabei 109 Geheimakten über die Entwicklung von Nuklearwaffen. Während die Tagestemperaturen leicht über der Null-Grad-Grenze liegen können, fallen die Nachttemperaturen hin und wieder auf unter −30 °C. Right away there was a lot of tension between Canada West and Canada East, and where the seat of government should be. Railroad is abandoned between Ottawa and the international border is authorized to remove its diesel Some historians argue that the legislators of Canada had already chosen Ottawa and simply asked Queen Victoria to make the official announcement so that the other cities couldn't question the decision. mile 51 to Im Ottawa-Fluss liegen mehrere kleinere Inseln. the train register and other documents from Ottawa West to Walkley Die Angestellten arbeiten in der Stadt vornehmlich entweder für die kanadischen Bundesbehörden und die Bundesregierung oder in der Hochtechnologieindustrie. 1964, August mile 14.96 to mile 15.28 was opened on 3 December. At left is an extract from a map created in 1632 by Samuel de Champlain of the eastern reaches of New France. Pacific)  lifts several shop tracks, the west runaround track and was retained for servicing and running repairs. was not unsafe for public travel. Central and Hudson River Railway. He described the area as "the soil everywhere good and deep, timbered with Maple, Elm and Butternut". 1981, August 22-23 - The VIA Rail LRC train is open for public preview at Ottawa station. McPherson to the Canadian National regularly the Waltham subdivision between mile 0 and mile 1.0 (known as

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