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It's no secret that we've been slightly in love with Rita since she burst on to the scene in 2012 - so when we found out her 2014 comeback single would be called 'I Will Never Let You Down', we KNEW we'd be in for an infectious classic! She’s intimidatingly cool, referencing Uma Thurman “post-overdose” and comparing her failure to properly use an inhaler to not being “good at smoking bongs.” It’s hard not to want to quote every line. Turns out, a bit of songwriting convention combined with some of the band’s signature, spiraling weird, would lead to this—a carefree listen that embodies all possible associations surrounding the phrase “let loose.” Just watch the music video they released for it. Ariana proved she's got no 'Problem' releasing catchy hits - and the Nickelodeon princess went straight to the top of the Vodafone Big Top 40 chart with this one back in April. The album is called Familiars and “Parade,” like many songs on the stunning LP, revels in that sentiment.—Philip Cosores, After an over-hasty victory lap on Heaven Is Whenever, “Spinners” was proof a-plenty that the Hold Steady had regained its focus for Teeth Dreams. In “Habits (Stay High),” her anthemic debut single, the Swedish songstress spells out her own raw and destructive heartbreak in such a frank and unabashedly direct manner (“I’ve gotta stay high, all the time/ To keep you off my mind”) that it’s impossible not to become enamored with her honesty; she absolutely refuses to mince words, and the result is infinitely relatable. The 12 Sexiest Music Videos Of 2014, New Music Releases: What Songs You Can Download In 2014 & 2015. But what it did was expand the song into its true form, as something that wasn’t yet halfway over, and had life to spare. What changed and clarified at the 4:08 mark, when the song seemed like it might be winding down, was as simple as a heavier drumbeat; on its face, nothing revolutionary. It should conjure up even the smallest details of that original moment. No, they have a message and they’ll sing it loud and banging. Dylan was right and “Sweet Amarillo” reveals a band still boldly scouting the edges of its versatility.—Dan Holmes, “I see the green in the belly of your eyes,” Ty Segall sings on “Green Belly,” and it’s easy to understand why one might be green with envy when staring him in the face. But yeah, Perfect Pussy is totally music to kick down walls to.—Philip Cosores, On “Parade,” The Antlers’ Peter Silberman lets the f-bombs rain in a most beautiful way. Vague outlines of shapes and figures bleed into storefronts and sidewalks and the blur of passing cars. 5.” And oh my god, it’s catchy. I’ve brushed my teeth to it. This time the result is “Sweet Amarillo,” a soaring pop-country classic-in-the-making grounded by the rootsy gravitas of Dylan’s influence and Old Crow’s string-band bonafides. So if you're planning your New Year's Eve party playlist, or just dancing around in your pants, here's 11 MASSIVE songs you need! The four-to-the-floor beat and blinking bass line is the soundtrack for sweaty dancing, unfettered lust, and the hope that one will lead to the other.—Robert Ham, If Sharon Van Etten writes from the heart—and there’s not really any question about that—it’s a battered, bruised organ on this harrowing and powerful track from Are We There. He is wearing white. But our hero is strolling, blissful and content, one heel in front of the other. The track ended up being the longest running number 1 on the Vodafone Big Top 40 for 2014! “The yard is full of hard rubbish it’s a mess and/ I guess the neighbors must think we run a meth lab/ We should amend that/ I pull the sheets back/ It’s 40 degrees and I feel like I’m dying,” she tells us deadpan and twisted. —Hilary Saunders, The title track of Against Me!’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues cuts right to the chase after Laura Jane Grace’s highly publicized tale of coming out as transgendered in 2012. Garbus balances Haitian-inspired bang-on-a-can percussion and coy social commentary with an easily mimicked melody and grooving bass line, sparking those primal instincts to join in and sing along. “And what I’m swearing I’ve never sworn before.”—Bonnie Stiernberg, “Hi-Five” wouldn’t sound out of place in a darkened honky tonk; it also wouldn’t sound strange soundtracking a Lynchian underworld. It's been almost a year since we've been able to hear "It's going down", without having the urge to shout "I'm yelling timber!" Schoolboy Q/Kendrick Lamar, “Collard Greens”, 20. The boy in the song is something BANKS should have “foreseen,” “blending into the scene,” afraid of being himself so as not to “threaten anything they say.” As BANKS completes the first verse, Shlohmo’s contribution takes over, adding tension for BANKS to virtually scream her sentiments again. They're just about to drop their second studio album and perform at our Jingle Bell Ball with Morrisons, so it's pretty safe to say that 2014 has been a great year for Josh, JJ, Jaymi and George. With the addition of keyboardist Alex Fischel and producer David Fridmann, it’s also a busier mix than Britt Daniel usually opts for, but it works on this dark and desperate song. It’s okay if you wake up every day in a body at odds with the yearning inside it. We can hardly wait for the rest of this album to drop next year.—Bonnie Stiernberg, This is the song on This Is All Yours where alt-J becomes totally free, abandons the synths, and heads for the twang. And here Kendrick Lamar slinks around the best combination of words ever uttered in the course of his career thus far, and not because he’s never sounded so effortless, or so confident, and not because he’s never felt so implicitly right, but because here he raps of death, of duplicity, and of embracing the end of all things as one would embrace a grandmother who has knitted you the perfect sweater, or as one would hug close your cousin at the airport: you try not to think about it often, but you’re glad when you spend some time with it and try to understand what it’s been up to lately. Just another strange trip on an album full of them.—Mark Lore, “Watch me, I’m kicking the wall,” Meredith Graves shouts at the opening of “Driver,” the closest thing to a standalone track on Perfect Pussy’s uppercut of a debut LP, Say Yes to Love. Not just content with popping up once on this list, Ariana's back again featuring alongside Nicki Minaj on Jessie J's MASSIVE summer hit 'Bang Bang'. While singer Molly Rankin addresses her wary paramour in wistful tones, the roiling fuzzed-over guitars suggest there are more chaotic impulses lurking just below the surface of her rational, rather modest and drily hilarious requests for commitment.—Eric R. Danton, I’m usually not an obsessive person. The instrumental is balanced beautifully between the chiming piano and the thundering drums, cradling Li’s vocals, full of heart-tearing loneliness and regret.—Eric Swedlund, Like most Father John Misty songs, “Bored in the USA” is sad, beautiful and hilarious at the same time. Here, the songwriter gives every bit of grit she’s been known for with heartbreaking line after line: “You want them to notice/ The ragged ends of your summer dress/ You want them to see you like they see any other girl/ They just see a faggot/ They hold their breath not to catch the sick.” With an inbox stacked with albums retelling tales of lost love, sometimes recorded in cabins; or musings on the human condition; or on weirder days, food, Grace’s gutting honesty on this not-so-universal experience is the realest thing I’ve heard in…I really couldn’t tell you how long.—Tyler Kane, With “My Silver Lining,” First Aid Kit successfully tap into the same charmingly somber, country-tinged Americana that they’ve perfected with two (now three) albums’ worth of folksy gold.

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