Sirens continue to wail in Tel Aviv, as the city remains under fire for the fourth day in a row.

Keep in mind.. Most children in #TelAviv at school. They have to run to shelters because #Hamas targeting them.

— Ron M. (@Jewtastic) November 18, 2012

Witnesses report from the terrifying scene.

When the siren sounded earlier, everyone ran for cover. Our photographer took this photo on a train. #IsraelUnderFire…

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

Sirens are played on radio #Israel so cars pull over andpeople take cover.

— lyse doucet (@bbclysedoucet) November 18, 2012

Twitter really is amazing. @pdanahar reports rocket launches from Gaza, @bbclysedoucet reports sirens in #ashkelon a few moments later.

— Andrew O’Malley (@OMalleyAndrew) November 18, 2012

Sirens sound again #ashkelon #Israel

— lyse doucet (@bbclysedoucet) November 18, 2012

Loud thud missiles landing southern #Israel

— lyse doucet (@bbclysedoucet) November 18, 2012

#Ashkelon #Israel – air raid sirens sounded 3 times in past 5 mins. Heard lot of explosions. Earlier saw flashes of interceptors

— Richard Galpin (@Richardgalpin) November 18, 2012

By placing communication infrastructure on roofs of civilian media buildings, #Hamas uses the foreign journalists as #HumanShields #Gaza

— Avital Leibovich (@AvitalLeibovich) November 18, 2012

Witnesses also saw the Iron Dome in action.

Siren sounds. Just saw iron dome in action. Mid air intercept. Explosion. #Israel #Gaza

— lyse doucet (@bbclysedoucet) November 18, 2012

heard 8 rockers fired in a row while in the vicinity of #Ashkelon. also saw the #Iron Dome defense system in action #Gaza #Israel

— Hoda Abdel-Hamid (@HodaAH) November 18, 2012

BREAKING: Israeli police say 2 more rockets fired toward Tel Aviv, intercepted by defense system

— The Associated Press (@AP) November 18, 2012

IDF confirms.

Update: The Iron Dome intercepted the rocket fired from #Gaza toward Tel Aviv a few minutes ago. #IsraelUnderFire

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

IDF continues tweeting information and developments.

Minutes ago, the IDF targeted the site in Gaza from where the rocket was fired at Tel Aviv.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

Fact: We coordinated the transfer of 124 trucks of goods & gas to #Gaza today, including medical supplies & dairy products.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

Hamas’ strategy is simple: Use civilians as human shields. Fire rockets from residential areas. Store weapons in mosques. Hide in hospitals.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

A rocket fired from #Gaza fell near a kindergarten in Ashkelon a few minutes ago. It’s a good thing that school was canceled for the day.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

Advice to reporters in #Gaza, just like any person in Gaza: For your own safety, stay away from #Hamas positions and operatives.

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

Check out this compilation of Palestinian terrorist groups launching rockets at #Israel from populated areas in #Gaza:…

— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) November 18, 2012

As does President Peres.

What would you do if you had 900 missiles aimed at your homes? Would you call it an escalation if your government then tried to stop it?

— PresidentPeres (@PresidentPeres) November 18, 2012

Our purpose remains peace. We didn’t start shooting, we don’t want shooting. What #Israel is doing is self-defense. #israelunderfire

— PresidentPeres (@PresidentPeres) November 18, 2012

The fact that almost no civilians are hit is not because of their defense but because of our care not to hit any civilians #israelunderfire

— PresidentPeres (@PresidentPeres) November 18, 2012

Twitchy will continue to monitor this developing story and update with further details.


We are exacting a heavy price from Hamas and the terrorist organizations. The IDF is prepared for a significant expansion of its operations

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) November 18, 2012

Read more:!/DrewMTips/status/507244236027486208

As Twitchy reported, President Obama revealed his super-strategic strategy for dealing with ISIS: Shrinking ISIS down “to the point where it is a manageable problem.” Because terrorists are people to be “managed.”

This afternoon, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel went on CNN, where he attempted to, uh, clarify the White House’s position:!/NoahCRothman/status/507243026410766336!/jaketapper/status/507243455111000064

Let’s just go to the videotape, shall we?


Hagel: The president’s point being to degrade and destroy their capability, so that it doesn’t get to [the point where ISIS is a threat to the U.S. homeland]. We know they’re a threat, we know they’re brutal. We know that they are — as I’ve said, as others have said — something that we’ve never seen before. They’re better organized, they’re better funded, they have more capability, they’re better structured. There’s a dangerous, dangerous ideology of a brutality, a barbaric nature that we’ve not seen before, so my job as secretary of defense is not to second-guess what may be, or what’s going to be, but we’ve got to protect, do everything we can to protect our country, protect our interests at the command of our commander in chief.

For the record, he’s referring to the same commander in chief who thinks “brutal,” “barbaric” terrorists with a network unlike anything we’ve ever seen before can be made “manageable.”!/NoahCRothman/status/507243056219697152

No kidding.!/NatSecCNN/status/507243899761754113

That? That was clear? Could’ve fooled us.!/NoahCRothman/status/507244073099341824!/Doc_0/status/507244568329211904

Exit question:!/DrewMTips/status/507248180904611841



‘WTF?!’ Hey guys, it’s all good! Obama says we can shrink ISIS to a ‘manageable problem’

‘GREAT POINT!’ Dana Loesch skewers Obama’s ISIS ‘no strategy’ with shattering perspective

‘IRS email backups’: Obama has PLENTY of #ManageableProblems

Fired up? It takes just 112 characters to sum up Obama, ISIS response with one question

Twitchy coverage of Chuck Hagel

Read more:!/cnsnews/status/266662024161918976

You can file this one, along with the Iranian strike on a U.S. drone, the layoffs at Boeing, and PolitiFact’s wrap-up of President Obama’s broken first-term campaign promises, in your binder labeled “Handy things you learn right after the election.”

It’s not a surprising statement from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but that doesn’t help it to sound any better as the country elects to move forward with the Obama administration’s vision, full speed ahead. Asked Wednesday if he would support raising the debt ceiling another $2.4 trillion dollars, perhaps even before the end of the year, Reid replied, “If it has to be raised, we’ll raise it.”

The silver lining? Even though the Treasury Department last week estimated that America will hit its current $16.394 trillion debt ceiling by the end of the year, Reid doesn’t think it will happen until after Jan. 1. Hooray?

This is what they meant by Forward, right?

Harry Reid to raise debt ceiling (again). Why bother? Just eliminate the ceiling all together, run us off the cliff full speed ahead! #tcot

— Ⓡⓐⓜⓞⓝⓐ(@ramonastewart) November 7, 2012

Dear Harry Reid: Threatening to raise the debt ceiling no matter what doesn’t “bring the country together” or help the economy. Sit down.

— Pam Lewis (@outsidevoice) November 8, 2012

Harry Reid plans on installing a sliding glass sunroof on the debt ceiling.…

— Beef Blogonoff (@BeefBlogonoff) November 8, 2012

Why not just raise it to $50 Trill & save some time? RT@missadelgado: Harry Reid says he’ll raise the debt ceiling (to almost $19 trillion).

— Larry Warren Pierce (@BobRayTalbot) November 8, 2012

BORROW AND SPEND ALL THE MONEY!!!! RT @cnsnews Harry Reid on Raising Debt Limit to $18.794T: ‘We’ll Raise It’

— Heather (@hboulware) November 8, 2012

As Psycho-Harry Reid proposes another debt ceiling hike, US government prepares for another DOWNGRADE:…

— Vicki Mckenna (@VickiMcKenna) November 8, 2012

I love how Harry Reid is already talking about raising the debt ceiling again.

— PMC (@Peetreeman) November 8, 2012

Well, there’s not much use talking about what might be hiding in Mitt Romney’s tax returns now, is there? With that looming national crisis out of the way, Reid might as well get back to work on that budget to pass the time.

How about the Republican House? Reid told reporters that if Republicans want to threaten another government shutdown, that’s fine, but “we’re not going to be held subject to something that was done as a matter of fact in all previous administrations” —or by basic principles of fiscal sanity, either. Is John Boehner our only hope? Opinion is split.

House GOP can force instant balancing of budget by refusing debt ceiling increase. Period. Nothing Obama/Reid can do to stop them. DO IT.

— Bill Hobbs (@billhobbs) November 8, 2012

Harry Reid is already talking about raising the debt ceiling to $18T, and with Boehner talking “compromise”, Reid will get it. #tcot

— Mike Behrens (@Mike_Behrens) November 8, 2012

Next stop:


— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 8, 2012

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RedState founder and Twitchy friend Erick Erickson unleashed a 16-tweet tweetstorm at President Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP over this week’s West Wing drama.

Erickson starts of explaining that his opposition to Trump was fear that if he won (which he did, obvisioulsy), he’d do long term damage to the country and conservatism:

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Its really annoying when your iPhone decides that is has no storage left. Youre trying to take a selfie with the dog because its pulling funny aces and you have to go through the inconvenience of deciding which photos to delete to free up some room.

Well, thanks to a reddit thread there is now a way to increase your storage and I can confirm that this actually works. I tried this just now and freed up half a GB.

Activating it is really easy. Go to Settings General About and check your available storage.

Then go to iTunes and try rent something really big like Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit.

iTunes will try downloading it and then youll get a pop up saying that you dont have enough space.

Click OK.

Then something wizardry happens and certain apps will appear as cleaning.

Then when you return to your available storage the available space will have grown. The more you try rent the film, the more space becomes available. I just tried it a second time and gained another half a gig.

Im out of here, there are so many selfies with my dog that need to be taken.

P.S Me again. I just tried it a third time and have now gained a total of 1.3 GB. GO GO GO!

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Welcome to “A Song of Nice and Fire” Upworthy’s weekly series recapping one of the most brutal shows on TV. Since brutality is not really in our wheelhouse, Eric March has taken it upon himself to dig deep, twist and turn, and squint really hard to see if he can find the light of kindness in all the darkness. He may not always succeed, but by gosh if he won’t try his best.

Here’s what he found on this week’s “Game of Thrones.”

Welp. Image via HBO.

All nice things must end. True to form, this season of “Game of Thrones” concluded as all seasons must — with kindness, empathy, and respect.

Also, one hilariously brutal murder. But that’s not why we’re here!

Let’s get to it.

1. The King’s Landing grounds crew does a great job installing the chuppahs for the big meeting.  

“We could get married under one of these things behind me. Just saying.” Image by Macall B. Polay/HBO.

With basically all the surviving main characters in town for a powwow, it’s important to set up the right outdoor decor. What could be better than a series of traditional Jewish wedding canopies clearly stolen from the Rosenstein-Kaplowitz ceremony down the block?

It is a marriage of sorts, after all — in this case, a marriage of a few dozen people who really, really hate each other.

Luckily for the fate of humanity, what begins with a series of tense reunions (Bronn and Tyrion! The Hound and Brienne! Pod’s penis and jokes!) eventually climaxes with a predictably distressing main event: the releasing of a zombie that sends Euron screwing off back to the Iron Islands (so it seems anyway, more on that later), Cersei into a terrified bout of conscience (so it seems anyway, more on that later), and Jon into his best Ned Stark impression, and then ends in a shockingly composed alliance of formerly bitter enemies.

Through it all, the discussion remains remarkably civil! And the participants deserve lots of credit for not slicing each others’ throats.

But more importantly, big ups to the staff for setting the mood for all of our favorites to make a home together. Mazel tov!

2. Littlefinger teaches Sansa a fun game!

Winterfell takes playtime seriously. Two weeks ago, Arya and Littlefinger challenged each other to an epic round of hide-and-go-seek. This week, it was Littlefinger’s turn to teach Sansa his favorite game: Always Assume the Worst in People and See How Their Actions Match That Assumption!

Honestly, it sounded kind of boring at first, but when they finally got to play, it was really exciting! “What’s the worst reason you have for turning me against my sister?” Sansa asks Littlefinger to kick things off. Considering all the things Littlefinger did over the last seven seasons, the newly minted Lady Stark determines that, whatever his reason was, it’s not good!

Oh, and you die if you lose, apparently. Sorry, Littlefinger.

Game, set, match. Image via HBO.

I’d say get ’em next time, but there will be no next time. Them’s the breaks.

Meanwhile, it’s become something of a begrudging love-fest between Stark sisters, who have found something like respect for one another amidst the secret multi-episode plotting to murder their enemies. “I was never going to be as good a lady as you,” Arya admits. “You’re the strongest person I know,” Sansa replies. Yeah, she still calls Arya annoying and strange, but sisters.

Speaking of…

3. None of the Lannister siblings can bring themselves to kill each other.

Image by Helen Sloan/HBO.

After talking a big game about offing Tyrion for the past three seasons, Cersei hesitates when the opportunity finally presents itself (his apologizing to her for the deaths of her kids and pouring her a glass of red wine probably didn’t hurt). Later, she refuses to sever Jaime’s head from his body, despite his defying a direct order to stay and help her re-re-re-re-conquer the continent. Family first!

Honorable mention to Ser Gregor for ominously pulling out his sword a couple of times but failing to use it. That guy is mercy incarnate.

4. Theon kinda, sorta, totally wins a fight thanks to none other than Ramsay Bolton (RIP).

Miss u buddy. Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO.

Fresh off a get-right-with-yourself pep talk from Jon, Pyke’s large adult son actually stumbles into something resembling a win, beating the crap out of a burly Ironborn dude to convince a bunch of other burly Ironborn dudes to sail after his sister — all thanks to “Game of Thrones” reigning MVP of kindness and excellent source of nutrition for dogs, Ramsay Bolton.

For a while, the brawl appears pretty one-sided, particularly when the random reaver starts viciously kneeing Theon between his thighs. Thankfully, Ramsay had the foresight to cut off anything in that general area that could be injured. Sure, Theon didn’t much appreciate it at the time, but sometimes we don’t realize the gifts our friends have given us until it’s too late and we’re punching a beardy sailor to death on the beach.

5. Cersei does what’s best for the realm for … 37 minutes.

Image by Helen Sloan/HBO.

Near the end of DragonPitCon 2017, Cersei surprises everyone by announcing that Team Lannister is on board with the plan to nail the Army of the Dead to the wall before dealing with the thorny question of who should sit on the Iron Throne.

It’s surprising, in part, because it’s a total and obvious (to everyone but Jaime) lie. As usual, instead of helping save humanity, Cersei is secretly scheming to bring 20,000 heavily armed mercenaries across the Narrow Sea to retake the rest of the Seven Kingdoms while the rest of the living and dead are busy tearing each other to pieces.

Still, for a little more than half an hour, she remained outwardly committed to doing the right thing.

For Cersei, that’s got to be some kind of record.

6. Sam and Bran idiot-proof this (and last) season’s biggest revelations about Jon Snow’s true parentage.

“Hey, Sam, thanks for helping me get to the other side of the Wall so my friends could die and I could learn to be a sullen psychic wizard. By the way, did you know Jon is actually the bastard son of dead Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and my aunt Lyanna Stark, which I am now telling you even though I have already showed you?”

“No, actually, I didn’t, Bran. But I recently discovered that Rhaegar and Lyanna were secretly married. Actually, Gilly discovered that and I ignored her at the time, but somehow I know that now and am not giving her any credit for it because that’s what men have done throughout history and also do in fiction.”

Get it? Geeeeetttttt ittttt???? Image by Helen Sloan/HBO.

“Right on. So everything the audience thinks they know about all this is double super mega confirmed, Robert’s Rebellion was based on a lie and Jon is actually the true heir to the Iron Throne and has been this whole time.”

“Seems like it. But what about the Dragon Queen?”

“She is his aunt. Right now they are having sex on a boat.”


“Yeah. Oh, Jon’s name is actually Aegon Targaryen.”

“Wow, thanks. That actually is a new piece of information.”

“Cool! Good talk. Thanks, bud.”

“Same! Good luck conveniently knowing everything at all times.”

7. The ice dragon generously proves that walls don’t work.

Image via HBO.

Obviously peeved by the current state of the immigration debate, Viserion provides a real-life simulation of what people from China to Berlin to El Paso have known for years: A wall might intimidate some, but if someone is determined enough to get to the other side, they will — whether by scaling it, flying over it, or with knocking it down with magical fire-ice breath.

Of course, immigrants are people seeking a better life for themselves and their families and the white walkers are ruthless godlike monsters who want to see all Westerosi life extinguished, but hey, it’s complicated. Thanks to Viserion for urging us to start a conversation.

We might have to wait two freaking years ’til next season after all.

Random Acts of Niceness

  • Everybody respects Brienne! Even the people (cf. the Hound) she’s tried to kill respect her. At least we’ve got that.
  • Some comedy club in King’s Landing clearly gave Euron some time at an open mic to work on his material. It’s still not really there, but with practice, who knows?
  • George R.R. Martin does British history nerds a solid by setting up a pretty clear parallel between Jon and Dany’s quest to take back the Iron Throne and the Glorious Revolution of 1689. See, it’s all about Aegons and Williams. If the first Aegon Targaryen — Aegon the Conqueror — is William the Conqueror, who sailed from Normandy to become King of England in 1066, then Aegon/Jon has gotta be William of Orange who, along with his Queen Mary, invaded Britain from the Netherlands and initiated some democratic reforms, passing a Bill of Rights that greatly curtailed the Crown’s power! Obviously, that’s what he’s going for, right? It’s not just me, right? Hello? Anyone still there?

That’s a wrap, folks! See you next season when, presumably, Tormund and Beric totally survived that fall, Jon and Dany learn that genetic sexual attraction makes their union completely healthy and normal, and the Night King learns that offering free ice dragon rides to local kids can be an invaluable tool of soft power.

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Theres a corner of Twitter that found it appropriate to drag Beyonc into this ad scandal with Kendall Jenner and Pepsi.

It doesnt matter that she was somewhere being pregnant AF and celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary with her hubby, Jay Z.

It also doesnt matter that while Kendall Jenner was following in the footsteps of her culture appropriating family Beyonc was dropping a long-awaited tribute love song on TIDAL.

Beyonc had to be added into the conversation, because well, why not?

Some wonderedif similar outcry would happen ifBeyonc were the one in thePepsi ad.

Others think she should be held accountable because of her 15-year long relationship with the brand.

Sigh. Sometimes I wish Beyonc wouldstart handing out clap backs on Insta like

Since she wont, Ill provide some clarity

Beyonc already did her Pepsi ads and they werent problematic AF.

We dont have to wonder what if Beyonc did a Pepsi commercial; shes done a handful. None of them wereracist or exclusionary. None bit off of anyblack political movements.

The pop star also hasa history of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Kendall Jenner does not.

She has uplifted parentswho lost children to police violence on multiple occasions and pushed for the victims justice using her platform online.

The singer also has multiple artistic endeavors under her belt that challenge injustices against black people the most obvious ones being her 2016 Black Panther-themed Super Bowl performance and the visual album, .

The woman sat on top of a damn sinking police car in the middle of New Orleans to challenge government negligence during Hurricane Katrina, police brutality and the exclusion of black women all in one.

When it comes to activism and/or artivism, Beyonc and Kendall Jenner arent the least bit comparable.

Also, be clear: The commercial is still trash if you replace Kendall with Beyonc.

It doesnt matter who offered soda to the officer; it still waters downthe Black Lives Matter movementwith the message that such a simple move can fix the racialized police brutalitygoing on in this country.

Throwing Beyonc in this debacle says a lot about how our society views black women.

Awhite woman and a big brandare responsible for aterribly insensitive and disrespectful video that blatantly black women (frontrunners and creators of the Black Lives Matter organization) and exploits an entire movement yet a black woman who is entirely uninvolved is still being thrown into themix.

Thisisnt the only instance ofblack women being blamed for some bullshit.

Black women were accused of being the reason for Nate Parkers film, Birth Of A Nation, flopping instead of Nate Parker who mishandled conversations about his rape case.

We were also charged with dividing Januarys womens march. Forget the fact that women of color helped organize the thing, and thedistance white feminists created that inspired many black women to still sit it out.

Moral of the story: A black woman can be in a forest feeding unicorns while reciting Warsan Shireand still, people will find a way to make her responsible for any and everything.

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In college, you pretty much bought whatever you could at the grocery store to get by, ie ramen, Kraft macaroni and cheese, etc. However, for some reason post college you decided that you should probably start buying healthier, more varied food items. But fuck going to Whole Foods because that shit is just way too expensive.


A lot of people really, truly cared about their college’s teams during their 4 (or 5 or 6) years as an undergrad. But for a lot of us 23 to 25 year olds, games during college were often overlooked, even really big ones were just kind of an excuse to get drunk. Nowadays, you go to the bar to watch nearly every game. You care, like, so damn much about getting to the playoffs, oh, and fuck whatever school you went to man ‘cause my team’s totally gonna win! Yes, mr. bouncer, I’ll calm down.


While in college, you thought LinkedIn was perhaps the lamest thing to ever be invented. Now you use it to “connect” and “network” with other Yuppies in your field. You sold out, bro, you sold out.


For a lot of us, mom and dad footed the bill on college, rent, drinking money and glorious, glorious cable. Then came the real world. We’re paying off the student loans, paying rent, spending nearly all of our paychecks on drinking and realizing that cable just isn’t worth the 40 extra bucks a month. Thank God for Netflix, where we pay 7.99 a month for unlimited access to every single series from Swamp People to Gossip Girl. In college, all you watched was Family Guy, now you actually are super into Mad Men, Breaking Bad and watch Downton Abbey when you just want to stay in and drink tea. You’re kind of lame but it’s okay because Ancient Aliens is actually a really interesting show when you give it a chance.


In college, every hour was happy. Not so much anymore. In fact, at least 10 hours of the day now pretty much usually suck. You’re held way too accountable for your actions and have outlook reminders and shit. Think about your college self making a fucking outlook reminder. Yeah, we know you just shuddered. This is why post college twentysomethings try to get to glorious Happy Hour at least two to three times a week. If we can’t go out until 4 am every night anymore, we’re at least going to black the fuck out at 7 PM and be in bed by 11. Cheers.


In college, we day drank. A Lot. But it was much different than all-you-can drink brunch. It was more…wake up at noon, eat the leftover pizza from the night before, then go buy a case of beer and play flip cup all day. Now it’s more, make a reservation for 8, go and have unlimited mimosas for two hours while eating Eggs Benedict and blacking out in the classiest way possible.


In college you hated when you had nightly reading for a class. Now you buy books off of Amazon and are in book clubs. Your coworkers recommend New York Times bestsellers to you in elevators. And you know what? You actually love it.


“And what can I get you?” “Oh, um, just a bud light.” RIP Natty Light. No longer do you down the finest of the beers: Keystone Light, Natural Ice, Milwaukee’s Best. No, no, now for your cheap go to beer, you drink Bud Light. Although, if they offered Keystone at the bar, you might go ahead and make that the old staple again..unless of course, you’re trying to get laid.


In college, you didn’t pay rent. Your dad did. Now, you pay rent. And you know what? It fucking sucks. But what’s the greatest thing ever? Having money left over that’s all for you…which lasts about one or two nights out in these goddamn cities.


You used to sleep until 1 pm…on a Tuesday. Shit, you missed Finite Mathematics, TV Studio Production and A Survey of American History! Oh right, you don’t give a fuck. You’re a college student, so roll back over and go to sleep. Not anymore, you now actually either accidentally wake up at 10 am on Saturdays because you’re so used to waking up early or you actually enjoy getting up early so you can seize this beautiful Saturday off! …and then go get rip roaringly drunk at Brunch.

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Stephen Hawking has unfortunately sparked worry in the public after it was revealed that he believes a cosmic death bubble, caused by changes to the field that the infamous “god particle” is associated with, could wipe out the known universe. To add fuel to the fire, he wrote in the preface to his new book that it could happen at any time, with no prior warning. 

Hawking, like many other experts in the field, believes that one day a change in the universe’s energy state could cause the universe to “undergo catastrophic vacuum decay” whereby a vacuum bubble expanding at the speed of light plows through space, destroying everything in its path. But don’t worry, you don’t need to start ticking off your bucket list yet as even if it does happen, it probably won’t occur for billions of years.  

The Higgs boson is a fundamental particle that was first predicted back in 1964 by a group of physicists, including Peter Higgs. The Higgs boson accompanies an invisible energy field called the Higgs field which is responsible for mass. The discovery was important because it fills a missing gap in the Standard Model of particle physics which explains three of the four fundamental forces at work in the universe: electromagnetic, strong and weak forces. Gravity, the fourth force, is not part of the Standard Model.

Using data collected at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, physicists were able to measure the value of the Higgs boson mass, which was found to be approximately 125 gigaelectron volts (GeV), or 125 billion electron volts. This precise mass is required to maintain the universe at the verge of instability, or at a metastable state. But if this state collapses, the universe will become unstable, triggering a catastrophic event.

So what will cause this Higgs doomsday? Well, physicists believe that the energy state of the Higgs field may be slowly changing over time. Currently, it exists comfortably in a minimum potential energy state and an enormous amount of energy would be required to change into another state. However, a change in energy could spark something called quantum tunneling which would basically provide a shortcut into a lower energy state. This transition is sometimes called “vacuum decay.” If it occurred, the bubble of this new vacuum state would expand through space at the speed of light, obliterating everything in its path.

Interestingly, according to theoretical physicist Joseph Lykken, we are currently sitting comfortably on the edge between a stable and an unstable universe. “We’re sort of right on the edge where the universe can last for a long time, but eventually it should go ‘boom.’ There’s no principle that we know of that would put us right on the edge,” he said in a recent lecture.

It seems that most physicists are in agreement that the universe probably won’t transition to a lower energy state any time soon. According to theoretical astrophysicist Katie Mack, if it were going to happen, “it would have done that in the very early universe, which was a very energetic time.” Furthermore, it is still possible that the calculations are wrong, and the universe is more stable than it’s made out to be.

“Everything Hawking says is true: the Higgs potential is what governs what vacuum state we’re in, and we can transition,” said Mack in her article on the topic. “But it’s really unlikely that would happen. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to defend the poor little Higgs boson—it’s not out to hurt us.”

[Hat tip: Live ScienceWorld Science Festival]

Read this: Scientists Discover A Species of Desert Plant That Obtains Water From Rock

Read more:!/CBreezy_13/status/227401429910958081

The Westboro Baptist Church is made up of such busy little bees … with all their speaking for God and picketing military funerals, it’s a wonder they find time to tweet out all the filth they do!

In what should come as a shock to no one but somehow manages to be appalling, the loathsome anti-military, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-American “church” has decided that the Aurora shooting victims were struck down by the grace of God. As a result, a prayer vigil organized this past weekend to memorialize those killed by James Holmes was deemed picket-worthy.

WBC member Margie Phelps could barely contain her glee over the killings and potential to disrupt the vigil, and she let her love flow all over Twitter:

Praise God! You bow to raping soldiers! #PicketFunerals MT @BillWixeyQ13FOX: 14 dead,50 injured as shooter opens fire at Aurora, CO theater.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

God is USA's terrorist 4great crimes against Him! #PicketFunerals MT @ggreenwald: @scottroth76 "No link to terrorism" in Aurora CO shooting.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

God raised him up to punish evil Colo. for proud sin. #PicketFunerals MT @msnbc: RT @chucktodd: @PeteWilliamsNBC has Aurora shooter's name.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

DIRECT result of filthy fag pride parade in Colo. #YouR2Blame MT @davidbadash: 14 Dead,50 Wounded By Colorado Gunman During Batman Premiere.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 20, 2012

Because the righteous rejoice in God's judgments. Cuz then u SEE His standard! MT @JayKeays: Westboro Baptist rejoicing in Denver shootings.

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 21, 2012

Yo Aurora, Colorado, USA! For human wall at Sunday's squall-fest memorial for theater-dead, go with BLACK shirts for your impending doom! K?

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 21, 2012

That's how God deluded you, then BAM! #sudden #destruction MT @HuffingtonPost: Aurora recently ranked one of'safest cities' #theatershooting

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 22, 2012

#aurora ragers pretend they don't know why God sent the shooter.Ask @denverpost. We told 'em at fag parade they'd bring God's wrath. #picket

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 22, 2012

Fortunately, it seems that the WBC’s plans to crash the vigil were thwarted, either by the “human wall” or their own cowardice or a combination of both. No one from the church ever showed up.

Participants in a Denver comics convention had promised to form a human wall to keep protesters out of view, but its Facebook wall was full of people expressing bewilderment (if not disappointment) at the lack of a visible Westboro presence. The Examiner reported that “Despite rumors that Westboro Baptist Church planned to picket the prayer vigil being held in Aurora for the victims of the Colorado shooting, there is no proof that any members of the controversial church actually appeared.”

Not to be discouraged, several WBC members tweeted out a picture, photoshopping its protesters into a shot of the vigil.

12 idol-crosses for 12 dead-in-hell, perfect backdrop for "God Sent the Shooter" sign! #ThankGodForTheShooter #aurora

— WBCSays (@FalseReligions) July 22, 2012


Outside of the WBC congregation, though, people reacted to Westboro’s hate-mongering with unanimous disgust.

The press shouldn’t give Westboro ANY coverage in Colorado. Even negative coverage gets them seen. Ugh. Nasty nasty nasty people.

— Samantha ❤️ (@Pixie_Pebbles) July 23, 2012

Why is Westboro Baptist Church going to picket the vigil in Aurora? Is there some alliance that can just kick them from the denomination?

— Ben Cochran (@Ben_Cochran) July 23, 2012

Done to prevent Westboro Church from trolling RT @dailydot: "Human Wall" organized at Aurora memorial via Facebook:

— Fidel Martinez (@fidmart85) July 23, 2012

Please google: Westboro Baptist Church… These freaks are celebrating the Aurora Colorado shooting. I'm convinced this world is fucked.

— LEN E (@LENETHEVOICE) July 23, 2012

These are the most loathsome people. All they do is spread cruelty and hate,the opposite message that Jesus taught.

— Andrew Cabral (@Cabzilla06) July 23, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church will burn in hell. They are a disgrace to the Lord and to all Christians.

— randi r. jarrell (@randirjarrell) July 23, 2012

I know this is close-minded of me… but God hates you, Westboro Baptist Church. He /really/ does. via @HuffPostRelig

— Alexander (@BlueAlexander93) July 23, 2012

Keep fighting back against these disgraceful sub-humans.

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