We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. In fact, many of us feel this way about our questionable fashion choices during the 90s. From bowl cuts to Reeboks pumps, unattractive styles abounded during this time period. So what possessed people to follow these 25 fashion trends that didn’t survive the 90s? The world may never know.

25. Scrunchies

Whether neon-colored, fluffy, or sparkly, scrunchies served many girls’ style and function needs. They could be worn in the hair or around the wrist for fashionable flair.

24. Rice Necklaces

Nothing was more romantic back in the day than a declaration of love written on a tiny grain of rice. It was enough to make even the most cynical girl swoon.

23. Turtlenecks

Although the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles probably appreciated this trend, turtlenecks are best left for cold weather nowadays.

22. Reebok Pumps

These expensive sneakers became a status symbol on urban basketball courts and in school hallways. And as the first shoes with an internal inflation mechanism, they always provided a comfy fit.

21. Pagers on Pants

Unless you’re in the medical profession, you’d better leave your pager at home these days if you don’t want to commit a fashion faux pas – That is, if you even own a pager.

20. Bowl cuts

Every 90s heartthrob had one thing in common—a super flattering bowl cut. From music megastars Nick and Aaron Carter to onscreen idol Jonathan Taylor Thomas, hot guys everywhere sported this ghastly haircut inspired by a common kitchen item.

19. Overalls

Old McDonald had a farm, but what was N Sync’s excuse? Overalls were cool, but wearing them with only one strap buckled was “the bomb.”

18. Blossom Hats

Nothing attracts attention like a bucket hat with a giant flower attached to it. Thanks to quirky 90s TV character Blossom Russo, girls started wearing these outrageous headpieces with pride.

17. Schoolgirl Skirts

Britney Spears made uniforms sexy when she burst onto the scene in her “Baby One More Time” music video, much to the delight of Catholic schoolgirls everywhere.

16. Lisa Frank Pencils

Unicorns and butterflies and puppies – Oh my! Every true 90s girl owned a few Lisa Frank school supplies. The more you had, the higher you ranked in the social hierarchy of elementary school.

15. Babydoll Dresses

Inspired by the naïve yet loveable star of the film Clueless, adolescent girls everywhere began donning these youthful dresses. They could be paired with Doc Martens for a trendier look.

14. Tiny, All-Over-the-Head Buns

Its cousins the ballet bun and the messy bun may still be in vogue, but the tiny buns that engulfed the heads of celebs like Gwen Stefani are certainly not.

13. Airwalks

In the battle between Airwalks and Vans, the latter emerged victorious while Airwalks faded into obscurity, leaving many skater boys to mourn the loss of their favorite brand.

12. Brown Lipstick

Edgy girls everywhere expressed their angst on the outside by sporting brown lipstick. Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Aniston could all be spotted wearing this deep shade during the 90s.

11. “The Rachel”

Hoping to look like their favorite “Friend”, fashion forward gals everywhere swarmed to their salons. The infamous haircut only went out of style when women began to realize its choppy layers and interesting highlights flattered very few face shapes.

10. Mood Rings

They almost never accurately predicted your mood, but these rings were all the rage back in the day.

9. Stirrup Pants

You might want to hold your horses before buying a pair of these pants. They may be fine for jockeys, but they serve no purpose for anyone else.

8. Discman Headphones

Although we’ve since graduated to bigger and better headphones (think Beats), all the cool 90s kids wore these around their necks when they weren’t listening to their favorite jams.

7. Skorts

What do you get when you cross a skirt with shorts? A skort! Fortunately, the unattractive offspring of skirts and shorts are rarely seen off thetennis courtstoday. At least they were good for keeping elementary school perverts from looking up your skirt on the monkey bars.

6. Butterfly Hairclips

Sarah Michelle Gellar took on much tamer creatures before battling vampires. Butterfly hairclips were once all the rage among party girls or anyone who wanted to add a feminine touch to their outfit. Now they look ridiculous on anyone over the age of 10.

5. Doc Martens

Doc Martens were just right for adding a bold touch to a girly baby doll dress or enhancing the cool factor of then-popular tapered jeans. Every badass owned a pair – even cartoon character Daria Morgendorffer.

4. Flannel Shirts

What did lumberjacks and 90s kids have in common? They both woreflannel shirts. Often worn over graphic tees, flannel shirts became synonymous with the grunge movement.

3. CK1

Ah, CK1. One whiff of this fragrance will forever stir memories of the raging hormones and horribledance movesof proms past.

2. Slap Bracelets

Violence and fun formed an unlikely alliance in this childhood fad. Slap bracelets came in every color of the rainbow and fit wrists of all sizes, but they also caused their fair share of injuries.

1. Gelled Curls on Men

When your hairstyle resembles a collegediet staple, you know it’s time for a new look. Nothing about these curls was attractive, especially when they were bleached to resemble dry ramen noodles.Justin Timberlakewill never live this down.

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Where does ending the “government shutdown” really fall on President Obama’s priority list? Apparently it’s not higher than commenting on whether or not Washington’s NFL franchise should change its nickname to something other than Redskins.


Meanwhile, his new healthcare program has been a complete disaster.


Remember that time Obama promised to spend “every minute of every day” working to fix the economy?

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OK, I hate to bethat girl,but it turns out we’ve all been making a really dumb mistake for more than a decade now.

You know Jennifer Lopez’s 2001 song “I’m Real”? And you know the remix featuring Ja Rule?Of course you do, we’re all proud ’90s kids here.

Well, it turns out we’ve been f*cking that up. Big time.JLo is probably disappointed in us. Ja Rule is DEFINITELY disappointed in us.

Here are the facts.

That song begins with a simple question posed by Ja Rule,

What’s my motherf*ckin’ name?

To which JLo responds,

Are you Ellie?

EXCEPT THAT’S NOT WHAT SHE SAYS AT ALL. As Jia Tolentino from Jezebel figured out at the beginning of this week, JLo actually says,


Which… makes sense. She’s spelling out Ja Rule’s name. Like you do in a rap song. Because obviously she knows his name is Ja Rule, because they are doing this song together.

JLois not venturing a random guess as to what this dude who is rapping on her song’s name is. Obviously. And yet, this ENTIRE TIME I thought JLo just straight-up thought Ja Rule’s name might be Ellie.

Like Ja Rule was like, “Hey guys, here’s a fun game, let’s try to guess my name!” and JLo was like, “Ooo I will play that game. Let’s see… are you Ellie?” and Ja Rule was like, “Nope, good guess though! Try again!”

Yep, that was a really stupidthing to think. It makes no sense. And yet for 15 years I accepted JLo was just maybe a little bit dumb. But of course she’s not. She’s JLo. I’m the dumb one.

At least I’m not the only one who made this mistake.

Listen. This is a safe space. I’m just as ashamed as you are. We can all admit our fault together.

I hope someday JLo can forgive us all.

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Many are calling it a turnout election. If true, the Romney campaign has to be thrilled with Pew’s finding that it has a turnout edge on President Obama’s campaign.

Breitbart.com has the numbers:

In 2008, among registered voters Democrats held a 12-point lead on party identification. This year, the Democrat lead is just 5 points. That isn’t enough to withstand Romney’s turnout advantage.

If Pew’s findings hold through Tuesday and Romney has the turnout edge, he is well on his way to victory.

I think the pollsters all underestimate the turnout for Romney. Cot for your love of country!

— Lance (@lance4usa) November 4, 2012

@kirstenpowers10 Gallup using a model of voter turnout similar to Ras polls where party ID is about even. If that happens, Romney wins.

— Young Right (@YoungRightBlog) November 4, 2012

don’t get too complacent. we gotta continue working hard, we’ve gota get a huge Romney turnout on Tues otherwise O will still be Pres 🙁

— Kristina (@Kristina_x_x) November 4, 2012

If Pew’s findings hold through Tuesday and Romney has the turnout edge, he is well on his way to victory. <big smile> #RomneyRyan2012

— HappyDae (@HappyDae) November 4, 2012

Surely the media will widely report this.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/11/04/pew-romney-holds-turnout-edge-ahead-of-tuesdays-vote/

Ill admit it. Women can be complicated, but for every complicated woman out there, theres a man whos too simple for his own good so simple that hes COMPLETELY missing a womans blatant signals that shes flirting with him.

Take these men who responded to a recent Reddit thread, for example.

The prompt asked them to share stories of times a woman was coming onto them, and they didnt realize it, and their responses are, well theyre pretty freaking cringeworthy.

Read along for yourself as these guys share the painfully awkward tales of times girls were essentiallythemselves at them, and they had literally no idea:

She showed him her clit piercing, and he thought it was just NBD.

She showed me her clit piercing. She was hot as fuck. I was not an ugly “so cute” dummy either, just plain dumb and stupid apparently.


She talked to him for MONTHS, and he just let it fizzle.

Couple months back i had started talking to this girl who was literally everything i would have liked in a girl and as the months rolled by we got closer and eventually it kinda stopped . just last week i was talking to out mutual friends and they all spent an hour roasting the fact that i didnt realize she was into me while i mentally time travelled and beat my past selft in the face for being so blind .


She slyly suggested they grab some condoms, and it completely went over his head.

Went to the University health center together. Like all University health centers, there was a box of condoms near the entrance. I was about to go to the reception when my crush went over to the condoms, grabbed a couple and says, “Hmm what’s this, they look interesting.” And proceeded to keep looking at the condoms and me back and forth for about 5 times. We’re quite close so I thought she was fucking with me and due to my low self-esteem I didn’t think she ‘liked’ me. I looked at her funny and said, “Those are condoms, now come on let’s go talk to the receptionist.”

Everything was normal, after finishing we walked back to our dorm together and talked. We were quite close so I didn’t think about it much until the holidays hit because I’m a dense cunt who is clueless.

The end.


She told him she loved him MULTIPLE times, and he didnt think anything of it until years later.

This was more than just flirting, but still counts.

During the summer between the end of middle school and the beginning of high school, I FINALLY realized that this girl liked me as more than a friend. Flirting with me since 6th grade, kissing me in 7th grade, telling me she loved me multiple times. all of that somehow flew over my head. What did I do? Like a nervous wreck I waited way too long to ask her out to homecoming. She was already asked by someone else.


She gave him her number, and he didnt even think to use it.

Grade 11 was ending and it was that time of year when everyone writes in everyone else’s yearbooks. Pretty girl I was friends with wrote “Hope your summer isn’t too boring!” along with her phone number.

Never even gave it a thought until at least a year later. Criiiiinge.


She kissed him multiple times, and he thought she was just being friendly.

About a year ago these doctors I used to live with were in the area for a conference. We hung out in a hotel lobby, played a few songs, some of their colleagues and former students joined us for dinner. One of the women liked my singing and we talked a bit.

After the dinner everyone besides her and I went back to their hotels, she asked if I wanted to get a drink. We wandered the city, found a bar across the river, talked for a while and she paid the tab.

We left the place, she opens the uber app, we say goodbye and she kisses me. I’m taken aback, but she says it’s just a goodbye kiss or something along those lines.

Then her “phone dies” (I see her press the power button), she asks if I can get her a ride. I comply, and as it shows up she kisses me again, tells me I’m beautiful, and the uber driver waits for a few prolonged moments with me outside before taking her to her hotel, never to be seen again.

Later I’m headed home in an uber, tell my driver about the ordeal, and she says I’m an idiot.

In my defense I did suspect something the first time she kissed me, but I was just so confused by the whole situation.


She stuck around during a BOMB THREAT just to hang out with him, and he still wasnt sure if it meant anything.

I used to go to a community college. One day in my last class, in the after noon there was a bomb threat on a bus near the college. Some lunatic said he had a bomb in his wheelchair so the entire city freaked out, and of course the college went on super lock down. Armed security barricaded the doors, the whole 9 yards, students are sobbing, really tense shit.

Anyway, there was this girl in the class who sat behind me who I kinda thought may have liked me but wasn’t sure, so I did nothing. She use to laugh when the teacher (who I was pals with) would rib on me. Like “look how red Goatsonice’s cheeks are today!” and the girl would bust out laughing. Anyway, I digress, the threat is finally called off, my dad had to come get me, and he was a long way away at work, so i had to wait. So I just sat in the class room, and slowly students trickled out, the traffic in the parking lot was a nightmare because it had been like 4 hours and then everyone left at once.

Finally it was just me and this girl in the room, I thought “why is she staying?”, she had a car, the parking lot was now empty, she waited with me for like 2 hours after everyone had left just talking to me. The one thing that kept me from going for it was she was pretty damn Catholic, and she really liked that I was born/raised Catholic, oh well.

She might have been into me idk.


She told him he was beautiful, and he walked away.

Posted this before but it fits:

I’m walking through a club and a girl stops me to chat.

Girl: “Hi, you’re beautiful.”

Me: “Uh, I am?”

Her friend: “You are a beautiful man.”

Me “Um, thanks.”

Awkward small talk for a few minutes before I leave to go the bar

Me, a week later: “That girl might have been into me”


She told him he was the cutest boy in their class, and it took him three years to realize that meant something.

In high school, there was this girl in my spanish class that blatantly told me that I was the cutest boy in the class in front of the guy friends that I sit with. She would also be pretty happy when I talked to her.

3 years later i’m a sophomore in college and I realized I should have talked to her about this because i’m never going to meet another women that was confident like that.


She was asking all sorts of questions about his hip-hop group and he just gave her his instructors info.

So I was on an adult beginner hip-hop dance crew when I lived in Houston nice little weekend activity that kept me in shape and got me in touch with cool people to hang out with.

Got to chatting with the girl who was cutting my hair one time and talked about the team, and she seemed really interested started asking when they offered classes, which ones I went to, etc. She even fucking asked for my number so I could give her more info.

My response? “Here, let me actually give you my instructor’s information she’d be able to tell you way more about it.”

I still cringe when I think about that, but at the same time it’s nice to learn I’m single.


Yeah, I really hope youre cringing as hard as I am right now.

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Back in the 2008 presidential race, Fey made headlines with her perfect Sarah Palin. Now, after Palin has publicly endorsed Donald Trump with an yet another outrageous speech, Tina has returned to again bring Palin to life like no one else can. Naturally, this SNL clip has instantly gone viral!


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As Twitchy reported Tuesday, OFA held a rally and few came. Well, except for that cretinous person holding a Tea-Tards sign. He must speak for all at the (non)event, right? That’s the rule, according to Democrats!

The always-awesome Rep. Stockman held OFA and President Obama to their own rules in epic style. Take it away, congressman!


#Rentamob! Perfect.


The handful of people (still snickering) who attended sure didn’t push him away.

Stockman then brought up a double standard from a recent event. Twitchy readers know that the lapdog media ignored all the fabulous moments at the Million Vet March and focused solely on one person with a confederate flag. Stockman doesn’t let them get away with that either.


Hmm. That would have been convenient, huh? Either way, Stockman also makes this point about comparing the two:


The Million Vet March wasn’t an official event. It was an organic gathering of patriots and brave veterans who were fed-up and disgusted by the actions of the Spite House.

The congressman then sums up liberal thought:




Barrycades spark new iconic photos: Don’t miss powerful scenes from Million Vet March

‘My siiiign!’: ‘Tea-Tards’ guy thrilled with all the attention; Update: Tweet deleted; OFA responds

‘Every liberal hates the disabled!’ When will Dem leaders denounce ‘Tea-tards’ hate speech at OFA rally? [pics]

‘Squint real hard’: DC OFA protesters number in the ones; Stragglers head to wrong protest

Latest ‘real reporter’ to magically turn one confederate flag into several: Rick Sanchez

Naturally: DCCC fundraising off photo of confederate flag at ‘Million Vets March’

Politico’s Roger Simon: ‘Racism came out of the closet’ at Million Vets March

Media mostly AWOL from ‘Million Vets March’ story, with one glaring exception

Full Twitchy coverage of Rep. Stockman

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/10/16/hold-them-to-their-own-rules-rep-stockman-crushes-obama-ofa-over-foul-tea-tards-sign/


Everyone’s a winner! But we’re not handing Common Core cheerleaders any participation trophies for this one.

A teacher shared this breathtakingly stupid math problem with Twitchy reader @KevinPost. It’s reportedly from a Common Core-aligned book.


Say wha?

After seeing this kind of gobbledygook many times, we’re all out of shocked faces. Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin called her daughter’s Houghton Mifflin algebra textbook a “nightmare” when she tweeted about the error-ridden text. Juanita’s sticker predicament appears to be from a Houghton Mifflin Assessment Guide.


For context, check out this chapter a fourth-grade teacher uploaded to her website (PDF). It includes the same sticker scenario and the preceding questions offer no additional information to help students solve the poorly-worded problem. So the answer is up to you!


Special thanks to @KevinPost for bringing this example to our attention.


Twitchy readers responding to our tweet of this post have replied that the answer is definitely “12.” Or “24.” Or “0.” Or “7.”

It’s all clear now, huh? Of those answers, we think 12 would be the smallest number of stickers she should buy (if we’re reading the problem correctly). But if the goal was to confuse people with a strangely-worded question, then score!


Answers continue to come in (see comments below and tweets sent to @TwitchyTeam) and there’s one thing that is clear: the phrasing is misleading enough that adults are interpreting the question in several different ways. How does that help kids learn math?


You have to see these unintelligible Common Core assignments posted by angry parents

Must-see Common Core math problems of the day [pics]

Michelle Malkin takes on reality-challenged Common Core mouthpiece

Dana Loesch slams Common Core, Arne Duncan on ‘Kelly File’ 

Education Secretary’s statement about Common Core opponents sparks ‘Moms Against Duncan’

First grade teacher mocks Common Core

‘Who should survive?’: Common Core assignment mixes race, religion and lifeboats

Michelle Malkin: My child’s Common Core-aligned Algebra book is crap

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It was the night before Dak Prescott took the field for the first time with the Dallas Cowboys…

As so many young men do, Dak Prescott has dreamed of being in the NFL for as long as he can remember. He and his two brothers lived and breathed football 24/7 ever since they were boys.

Well, on September 11, 2016, Dak finally got to see this lifelong dreamcome trueas the NFL rookie quarterbacktook the field for the Dallas Cowboys. But the night before, he knew there was somebody he had to send a message to firsthis #1 cheerleader, his biggest fan and his angel in the sky: his mama.


As he’s done so many times in the past threeyears, Dak typed out the message to his mother, Peggy, but he never pressed the “send” button. He knew she’d read it anyway.

Peggy Prescott passed away in November of 2013 after a long battle with colon cancer, but her memory has not faded from Dak’s mind in the slightest. He’ll never forget how she made it to every single one of his Mississippi State games before she got too ill, or how she got a football tattoo with the #3 written on it to permanently display her support for her three precious boys.

As a single mom working at the I-220 travel pizza and living in a trailer park in Princeton, Louisiana, Peggy had her fair share of challenges in raising a family. But that never daunted her incredible work ethic or steadfast faith. In fact, Dak credits his own work ethic on the field and his faith in God to the values his mother instilled in him as a child.


“Single mom, raising three boys, always at work, definitely,” he said. “We went to work to help her, spent a lot of time up at her work because that’s what she was doing. So definitely 90 percent came from that.”

I tape my wrists before games and before practice, he stated in an earlier interview with The Times.I simply write Faith on there for the faith that my mom showed me; the relationship we built from the faith we had and my faith in God. I write another little note that changes every day based on how Im feeling. I miss her, or, I love her. Ill write something like that on there. But I talk to her through the day. Its just something that makes me feel better, knowing shes right there listening. Shes with me in everything I dothe good and the bad.

Nobody will ever be able to replacePeggy, but now, Dak’s brothers have taken their mother’s place as his encouragers. Andherpresence is always felt right alongside them.

“I’ll go into the game thinking about her,” Dak’s brother Tad told ESPNearlier this month.“When I give Dak a hug, I’m thinking of her. She’ll come up as much as she would on a normal day. Yeah, it’s a little more special because it’s the first game, but there’s never a moment she’s not with us.”

Dak even wears a #4 on his jersey in remembrance of her birthday so that she can be with him each step of the way on the field.



And he has a “Mom” tattoo on his wrist that holds a dual-meaning as an acronym for “Mind Over Matter.”



Though she never got to see his first game, Dak tells ESPN that he can picture the look on her face:

“She’d probably just be crying.She was emotional. We always used to get on her about crying. So she’d just be crying with a big smile on her face.”


Each time Dak makes it to the end zone, he points skyward as a little thank you to the mother who was the backbone for his success and the Father in heaven who’s taking care of her until they meet again one day.

Read more: http://www.faithit.com/dak-prescott-cowboys-quarterback-texts-mom-before-game-died-cancer/

It’s a dog and cat eating with a knife and fork world out there.

9. This dainty dame.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=HaAVZ2yXDBo. youtube.com

“Ugh, another dull Wednesday afternoon.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


“Whatever shall I do with my day”?

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


8. This same dog trying out some new cuisines.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0hAKSviJy_E. youtube.com

“Oh well this is, this is interesting…”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


“Oh, forget it.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


7. This dude who’s just grabbing a snack before meeting his bros.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pLcjdFkZ7AE. youtube.com

“Where are these guys?”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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“Man, maybe i’ll just hit the hay.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


6. This disgruntled married cat.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=U-B63Wy7i5U. youtube.com

“Can’t believe I have to sit here alone eating this nonsense with my hands.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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“What do you think I am, a dog?”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


5. These two marathon eaters.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RoP92132bGY. youtube.com

“Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


4. This lady who prefers to take her time.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DaxkI_75c-8. youtube.com

“Oh, I look positively ghastly!”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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“Nothing like reading the Sunday paper over a nice breakfast.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


3. This sophisticated college professor.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nwQHxI7A0BQ. youtube.com

“Hmm, meat’s a bit overcooked for my taste.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


“Might I offer you some, m’dear?”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


2. This dog who’s late to work and can’t be bothered with table manners.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=npodj_sxO3I. youtube.com

“Oh God it’s 8 am. I’m going to miss the bus.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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“All right, that’s it, I’m off.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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1. These two dogs who are politely waiting for their waiter.

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=EVwlMVYqMu4. youtube.com

“Excuse me? Excuse me? Pardon me.”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

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“Oh no, she forgot the salt. Excuse me? Excuse me?”

The Ultimate Ranking Of Animals Eating With Human Hands

View this image ›


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