Snicker-bam! That picture captured when patriots toted torn-down Barrycades to the White House during the Million Vet March never gets old!

Neither does the way radio host and author Tammy Bruce routinely says “hi” to President Obama, affectionately known as #Jackass.!/HeyTammyBruce/status/360994967977594882!/HeyTammyBruce/status/358311021682757633!/HeyTammyBruce/status/319637735629520896

Never forget!

She also tried to help out Obama supporters:!/HeyTammyBruce/status/390342638655643648


Ha! President Stompy Foot needs to leave that to the grown-ups.


Full Twitchy coverage of Tammy Bruce

Barrycades spark new iconic photos: Don’t miss powerful scenes from Million Vet March

Valor: Another wounded warrior carried Barrycades; Searcy: ‘Best damn tweet ever!’ [pics]

‘Wow … just wow’: Wounded patriot is poignant reminder at Million Vets March [pics]

Perfection! Check out sign on Barrycade transported by vets to White House [pic]

‘Shut down the White House!’ Million Vets March protests outside the Spite House [pics]

‘Awesome!’ Veterans remove Barrycades from memorials, transport to White House [pics]

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Dear @ChrisBrown,

You being held accountable for your actions does not make you "persecuted like Jesus".



— Philip DeFranco (@PhillyD) January 29, 2013

Wait, what? Woman-beating Chris Brown compared to Jesus?

That’s right. After a brawl with Frank Ocean, R&B singer and bottle-throwing brawler Chris Brown took a break from beating women to compare himself to Jesus.

The woman-beater posted the photo to his fuckyopictures account. The caption for the photo? “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!” His persecution complex is sickening. As is his beyond offensive comparison to Jesus. Look, woman-beater, being held responsible for your own disgusting actions is what people with common decency do. You are not being persecuted. You beat women. Case closed.

Other Twitter users aren’t struck speechless, and they rightly give Brown the business.

And this Twitter user brings it all home with a recent tweet made before Brown’s despicable comparison.

You aren’t Jesus, you repugnant bully. Seek help.


Injured Frank Ocean wishes his dog Everest had protected him from Chris Brown

Girl-beater Chris Brown launches vulgar Twitter tirade against female comedian

Rihanna comes to Chris Brown’s defense in misogynist Twitter feud; Update

Chris Brown clears the deck on his Twitter account, promises ‘new chapter,’ smokes much weed

Chris Brown shamelessly tweets about ‘real men,’ is taught a lesson

Barroom beatdown: Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill clash in bloody nightclub brawl

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The Ten Commandments Of The Cafeteria

Bryan Starr visited his alma mater, the Kentucky Christian University, and teamed up with the Food Service General Manager to make this humorous video about the cafeteria. As they go to a religious school, they cover the Ten Commandments of the cafeteria that most people can appreciate. Just because you’re eating in a cafeteria doesn’t mean you can make a mess and break all the rules of common decency. Their video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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They are on the short list of finalists for the Mars One project.

1. In 2012, Mars One announced plans to colonize Mars. This mini-doc from The Guardian and Stateless Media takes a very personal look at three individuals willing to give up everything to explore life, and ultimately death, on Mars.

The Guardian / Via

The Guardian / Via

Over 200,000 people applied for a seat on the four-person spaceship set to travel to Mars in 2024. There are currently 660 finalists. The mission is a one-way trip, and those who are selected to go will never return to Earth. Meet three of the finalists hoping to make the historic journey, and hear their fascinating stories and very personal reasons for wanting to be a part of this epic adventure.

3. Ryan, a physics student from the UK

“I think the most important thing to do in life is to leave a legacy. A lot of people do that by, say, having a child or having a family. For me, this would be my legacy. To try and find if there’s life on Mars, to inspire a new generation, to lead to the beginnings of the first civilization on another planet. That is my legacy.”

The Guardian / Via

4. Dina, an Iraqi-American computer science graduate

“If I ever made it to Mars, it’s gonna be the same experience as me coming to the United States. Going back is not an option, never. I don’t feel like I need a family to be able to survive and exist.”

The Guardian / Via

5. Jeremias, a young doctor from Mozambique

“I think this world is not a good place to live anymore. We have so many disease, we have so many Army conflicts, we have natural disasters, we have inequities. We have so many problems that I believe it is not possible to solve. I would like to see a better world comparing to this one and I think a good way to solve those problems is to start from the beginning.”

The Guardian / Via

6. And what about the loved ones that get left behind?

“One can think he’s committing suicide, but it’s not suicide. Quite the contrary, he goes there because it is God’s mission. It is humanity’s mission.”

The Guardian / Via

7. Ryan’s grandfather:

“If it does come to that moment, then I will tell him how much I love him. I will certainly cuddle him, I will kiss him. Then I will tell him to enjoy his life and never, ever forget how much he’s loved.”

The Guardian / Via

8. Some might call these volunteers noble, some might say they are crazy, but there is no denying the bravery it takes to step up for a mission into the unknown.

9. Jeremias

“If I die on Mars, that would be great.”

The Guardian / Via

10. Dina

“If I die on Mars, that would be an accomplishment.”

The Guardian / Via

11. Ryan

“Being able to think and look back and knowing that it mattered what I did – in the end, that makes it worthwhile to me.”

The Guardian / Via

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In a hot, dry summer marked by wildfires, people are once again turning to Twitter, this time in Oklahoma, as a means of spreading information and warnings as well documenting the crisis.

Attn: firefighters & emergency crews on the S side of Creek Co fires, wind shift to N will push fire to the south. Be very aware! #okfire

— James Aydelott (@jamesaydelott) August 5, 2012

Expanded evacuations at Mannford and updated wind information … #okfire

— NWS Tulsa (@NWStulsa) August 4, 2012

Looking west from South #Tulsa at a smoke filled sky. #okwx #okfire

— Michael Seger (@MichaelSeger) August 5, 2012

The sun thru the smoke. #OkWildfire #okwx

— MelOnMelvilleDr (@melissafrmtulsa) August 4, 2012

A 2,600-acre grass fire near Luther, about 20 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, is reported to have consumed 56 structures. Fire crews have battled in temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees. Arson is suspected, and sheriff’s deputies are investigating reports that a man was spotted throwing burning newspapers out of a pickup truck.

Another pic from fire damage. Pls keep praying for those who have lost their homes, like this man from Luther

— Governor Mary Fallin (@GovMaryFallin) August 4, 2012

MT @SeverePlains: Incredible image #wildfire near Luther, OK via @AJMertz, already burned several blds in town #OKFire

— rdbrewer (@rdbrewer4) August 5, 2012

Mannford being evacuated. #okfire. Large smoke plume moving over Tulsa metro.

— Alan Crone (@alancrone) August 4, 2012

Residents on roofs in Mannford with water hoses. Live embers falling in the city at this time. #okwx #okfire

— Steve Miller (@SteveMillerOK) August 4, 2012

Forget about traveling very far on the 44 Turnpike between Tulsa – OKC. Shutdown by wildfires. #okfire #okfires

— Jim Camoriano (@SF_JimC) August 4, 2012

Wow! RT @NEWS9: News 9 viewer took this picture as he flew over Oklahoma. #okwx #okfire

— Tornado Quest (@TornadoQuest) August 4, 2012

@michellemalkin west of Tulsa just now, setting sun on right.

— Dua DD (@Duane_Duvall) August 5, 2012

We are praying for rain!!! And safety for the firemen and houses being threatened! #OkFire #pray4rain We need relief!!! ☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔

— Riveted Church (@RivetedChurch) August 5, 2012

Front moving thru Oklahoma now impacting fires, creating a dangerous situation w/ wind gusts & shifts. Please b alert if u r near an #OKFire

— Jayson Prentice (@SeverePlains) August 5, 2012

And it's raining hard! Hard enough to cut off the satellite! This ought to slow down that #OKFire

— nevarDeath (@nevarDeath) August 5, 2012

#okfire #okwx if the fires aren't bad enough seeing reports of 70mph wind gusts.

— R. Fisk, ATO, MEMS (@fiskcg) August 5, 2012

Get this bad feeling we'll see 2 much lightning and not enough rain in Pryor. Could be bad… #okfire #pleaserain

— Jeri Smith (@JRSmith06) August 5, 2012

Pic from Richard Spears near the Dollar General store in Mannford. #okfire

— James Aydelott (@jamesaydelott) August 5, 2012

Check back with Twitchy for continuing updates.

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A German man disguised as a bishop snuck into the Vatican Monday as part of an attempt to infiltrate the secret pre-conclave meetings of the Church officials who will choose the next pope.

Ralph Napierski (L) managed to pass at least one level of security and even posed for a photo with Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani, president emeritus of the Vatican’s Prefecture for Economic Affairs. VINCENZO PINTO / Getty Images

Fake bishop Ralph Napierski claimed to be a bishop of the (non-existent) German Catholic Order “Corpus Dei,” according to Italian news agency ANSA.

[Source: USA Today] Via Facebook: bishop.ralph

According to the “Corpus Dei” website, it is an order “after episcopal [sic] law” that is “defending the catholic [sic] faith inside the church against heretics that are inside the church” and working to “unite all christians [sic] under the cross.”


The “Corpus Dei” website lists “Bishop Ralph Napierski” as its founder and states that he is also an “internet activist and hacker for information freedom and information security.”


Napierski is also involved with “Jesus Yoga,” which claims to promote “the ancient and hidden techniques of Christian meditation.”


This does not appear to be the first time that Napierski has snuck into high-profile meetings of the Catholic Church. He posted a picture on his Facebook page of him and leading papal contender Cardinal Peter Turkson.

Via Facebook: bishop.ralph

On Monday, after he cleared the first level of security, Napierski mingled with Cardinals and various officials for half an hour outside the auditorium where the top-secret meeting was to take place.

L’Osservatore Romano / AP

He introduced himself as “Basilius” to the reporters and Cardinals outside the auditorium and claimed to be a bishop in the Italian Orthodox Church (which also doesn’t exist).

Osservatore Romano / Reuters

Security grew suspicious of Napierski’s strange garb, which included a “too-short cassock, a black fedora in place of a clergy’s skull cap and a bright purple-pink sash” that turned out to be a scarf and stopped him as he entered the meeting.

Source: USA Today VINCENZO PINTO / Getty Images

Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, would not comment on Napierski’s alleged attempt to enter the congregations. “All I can say is that everyone seated for the congregation is a real cardinal,” he said.

Source: USA Today Max Rossi / Reuters

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Three stories high, bright orange, and missing. Mango my God.

1. Updated 1:22PM AEDT: Big Mango disappearance revealed to be a publicity stunt set up by Nando’s.

Video available at:

2. Updated 12:24PM AEDT: Courier Mail reports the giant mango has been found in bushes behind the information centre.

View this image ›

4. The town of Bowen in Queensland, Australia, is apparently missing its largest mango effigy.

margaret river wine @winebybrad

Perhaps @sorrentoseal stole the Bowen mango?

8. Or what’s happened to it.

Hayden Mack @haydenmack

Hello publicity stunt. RT @pourmecoffee: 7-tonne, 10-metre high mango stolen

15. And some people are just blaming The Wiggles.

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“Upcycling” is a trend that is sweeping the globe. When you upcycle, you reuse in such a way as to create something that is even better than the original. These dilapidated buildings should have been scheduled for demolition, but thanks to some creative minds and this incredible trend, something better happened. Broken bricks and sagging roofs were transformed into something completely different. Whoever bought these buildings didn’t just recycle what was there. They improved upon it… with awesome results.

1.) An underground bomb shelter was turned into an urban farm.

Zero Carbon Foods built a farm in this London air raid shelter.

2.) A church was turned into a bookstore.

The 13th century Dominican church in Maastricht, Holland, was converted into a store for a popular Dutch bookstore chain.

3.) A train car was turned into an artist’s home.

The 1949 the Pullman-Standard sleeper car was purchased by Liz Mapelli, who converted it into a unique home.

4.) A plane was turned into a kindergarten.

This Yakovlev 42 plane in the country of Georgia is actually a kindergarten.

There’s plenty of room in this Georgian Airways plane.

5.) A church was turned into a bar.

This Presbyterian church in the Muswell Hill district of London was changed to attract a different crowd.

6.) A jail was turned into an upscale hotel.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston was actually the Charles Street Jail years before.

7.) A boiler house was turned into a modern office.

The Ambler Boiler House generated power for a Philadelphia suburb, but now is a swanky modern office building.

8.) A public restroom was turned into a private home.

Architect Laura Clark was able to convert a disgusting public restroom in south-east London into a stunning one-bedroom apartment.

9.) An air hangar was turned into a resort.

This giant airship hangar in Krausnik, Germany, was transformed into the Tropical Islands Resort by its Malaysian owners. It has the world’s largest indoor rainforest.

10.) A water tower was turned into a bed & breakfast.

The Braithwaite Engineering Company of London originally built the tower in 1923. Instead of housing thousands of gallons of water, the House in the Clouds is now a bed and breakfast.

11.) A power station was turned into an art museum.

The Bankside Power Station was an oil-fired power plant. A Swiss architecture firm converted it into a museum and it’s now Britain’s national gallery of international modern art, the Tate Modern.

12.) Gasometers were turned into apartments.

In 1896, Viennese authorities built Europe’s largest gas plant, complete with four gasometers, which were gas tanks. Those tanks are now being turned into apartment buildings.

You’ll never see any other apartments like this one.

13.) A meat packing plant was turned into an urban farm.

The old meat packing district of Chicago is now full of decaying buildings. Entrepreneur John Edel chose to upcycle the Peer building into a net-zero energy food business incubator.

93,000-square-foot facility has both indoor and outdoor farms.

14.) A water processing plant was turned into a cafe.

The Pumping Station Haarlemmerweg of Amsterdam doesn’t provide just drinking water anymore. Now it’s the Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam.

15.) A theater was turned into a clothing company’s headquarters.

Comvert, a clothing company, was searching for a new headquarters in Milan. Interior architects Studiometrico remodeled a 1950’s movie theater, Cinema Istria, just for the brand.

16.) A grain silo was turned into a country inn.

This 1940′s grain silo in New Braunfels, Texas, stood empty for decades. It was recently converted into a one bedroom apartment and the iconic Gruene Homestead Inn.

You’d never imagine it looks like this on the inside.

17.) A train car was turned into a cafe.

This 1960s train car was converted by designer Morag Myerscough in 2008. He turned it into a colorful café in South London.

18.) A WWII bunker was turned into an apartment.

UK resident Elizabeth Sutton bought and converted an old military bunker.

She made it into a modern home for herself (albeit one without windows).

19.) A sugar factory was turned into a rock climbing gym.

The Redpath Sugar Refinery Complex in Montreal was the first of its kind in North America. Now, it’s a rock climbing fitness center (a new trend and another first).

20.) A Walmart was turned into a public library.

In McAllen, Texas, the remains of a Walmart was converted into a public library.

There are countless abandoned urban areas throughout the United States, where grand buildings stand vacant. Share this article and inspire others to stem the flow of urban decay. The process can be reversed and the buildings can be upcycled.

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