As Twitchy reported Wednesday, the New England Patriots called out the New York Times over a photo tweet comparing the turnout to meetPresident Trumpto the much larger group that took up President Obama’s invitation in 2015.

Sure, many more people were packed into the photo with President Obama, but that photo also omitted a number of Patriots staffers who were seated on the lawn. In short, it was an apples-to-oranges comparison and a transparent and cheap shot to make Trump appear unpopular.

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Former Democratic presidential hopeful Gov. Howard Dean’s big mouth got him into an even bigger blunder over the weekend.

Dean: "My guess is the … relationship between Netanyahu and Obama is not all that good. And I think most of that has to do with Obama."

— Mark Murray (@mmurraypolitics) September 16, 2012

On the MSNBC show “Weekends with Alex Witt,” Dean was asked, “Why is it Benjamin Netanyahu is not able to say that President Obama has not thrown him under the bus?” He replied:

Because it’s incredibly foolish for one of our critical allies to make that relationship worse. My guess is the personal relationship between Netanyahu and President Obama is not all that good. I think most of that has to do with President Obama. If you look back at our relationship with Israel, which is historically incredibly strong and remains strong, this is really a personality problem.

Some MSNBC viewers were outraged by Dean’s suggestion that Obama’s “personality problem” is to blame.

.@GovHowardDean If by "fault" you mean POTUS hasn't kowtowed to Bibi in the manner to which Bibi is accustomed, then…

— Christy Thompson (@clt92) September 16, 2012



Time to appease the left-wing loons. Dean took to Twitter to correct his moment of progressive blasphemy.

He even tweeted the correction to himself.

And he’s back on message with the Left’s beloved “blame Bibi” refrain. Because of course he is.

So glad you felt compelled to clear that up, Gov. Dean.

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What. A. Surprise.

Rep. John Dingell of Michigan has announced that he’ll retire at the end of this term after 58 years in Congress. President Obama wanted everybody to know that the greatest thing Dingell ever did in those nearly six decades was to help ram through Obamacare.!/Simas44/status/438025833593454593

“Won’t lose everything,” except maybe for their previous health plan.

However, Obama saying Obamacare was Dingell’s most remarkable accomplishment could just be an attempt to pin the blame on the retiring congressman. You never know.

At least Dingell was truthful about Obamacare, albeit inadvertently, which is more than we can say for Obama:!/MaroonedInMarin/status/438060385871339521

Ah, honesty.

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Any single cancer diagnosis can shake a family to its core.

If you’ve ever had a loved one battling cancer, you know how difficult it can be to see them in pain. Cancer treatments have come a long way, but there is still so far to go in the fight for a cure.

One mother-daughter duo is showing the world how strong they are as they battle the disease together, with two separate diagnoses.

Mom Heather Wilson was diagnosed with an inoperable stage two brain tumor after she began having seizures.

Six months later, Wilson began finding blood in her 14-month-old daughter’s diapers. She immediately took London to the hospital.

There, the tiny toddler was diagnosed with a yolk sac near her ovaries that was also cancerous.

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“Happily ever after” doesn’t exist in this realm of living…

By Christine Suhan

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and was bombarded with the trending news that Brangelina will be no longer. Angelina Joile (half of Brangelina) has officially filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. I found myself clicking on article after article, not because I have any emotional investment in the state of Brangelina but because I was curious as to why the power couple has suddenly split. My search, which resulted in not much more than “irreconcilable differences,” led me down a rabbit hole of comments and angry fans who are claiming statements like the following:

Love is DEAD

NOTHING lasts forever (insert sad emoji)

Me: In the fetal position, right next to a bottle of wine, asking if love even exists

I’m not in the least bit shocked by the divorce and honestly, I don’t feel like the state of their marriage is any of our business. Does God want us to get divorced? Not necessarily. Do we ever live up to God’s ideals for us on a daily basis? Nope. Do we have a right to judge others just because they sin differently than us? Absolutely not. I do feel sad for them, as do I feel for any family going through divorce but I don’t have an opinion on whether or not a divorce is the next right step for them. What I do have an opinion about, however, is America’s naive perception of love.

I believe Americans are drawn to celebrity power couples because they give us a reason to believe in the fairy tale kind of love. A prince meets a princess, they fall madly in love, celebrate their magical love with an extravagant wedding and both live happily ever after. That’s how the story goes right? Wrong. Fairy tales aren’t real life. Love doesn’t just come along and sweep you off your feet. We are not princesses or prince charmings living in a magical world far, far away. We are real people, living real, human lives, who have to work for love. That’s right, I said WORK for love and because of love. Love isn’t something that just happens to you, it’s something you have to work for. Sometimes, lust comes along and sweeps you off your feet but love isn’t found in butterfly kisses or long walks on the beach. Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a verb. Love isn’t always easy; it requires and perpetuates action. Loving someone means showing up for them, day in and day out, regardless of how you’re feeling at the time. Love means being of service to one another, even when you’re exhausted, fed-up, and out of resources. Love means sacrifice, often sacrificing ourselves at the expense of our loved ones.

Marriages fail for a million different reasons but never does a marriage fail because love doesn’t exist. Love exists. It’s real. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love connects us to other human beings, to our lives, and to God. Love lives inside of us; it’s all around us. Love shows up in a thousand different ways each and every day. Love never fails. But marriages fail because people fail. People don’t always show up to do the work. People expect a perfect love to encapsulate them and make all of their problems go away but perfect love can’t replace real life. Perfect love only exists in Christ and until we meet Him in the afterlife, we are stuck here having human experiences that prevent us from accessing His perfect love. Love often motivates us to get to work- on our problems, on our marriages, on our parenting, but love doesn’t solve the world’s problems on its own. We have to put love to work. We have to work on being kind, considerate and loving. We have to work on being less judgmental and more open-minded. We have to work on accepting others, even if their differences are scary. We have to work on humility. This is how we make love work, by changing ourselves to meet the conditions of the world and of our marriages.

“Happily ever after” doesn’t exist in this realm of living, but “happily working during” does. I have no idea how much work Brangelina put into their marriage and I’m not in any way implying their marriage failed because they didn’t do the work. Maybe their marriage really did fail because of “irreconcilable differences.” But I know for my marriage, love happens during the work. Love doesn’t ever make our problems disappear but it makes our problems worth fighting through. Love makes the work worth it and hard work makes the love feel even that much more spectacular.

About the Author:Christine Suhan is a wife, stay at home mother to three wild toddler boys and writer/creator at She has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and enjoys helping people through openly and honestly sharing her journey of life, recovery, mental illness, marriage, parenting and more. You can also find her on her Facebook page.


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Did Romney really say that? A lot of people on Twitter think so. The quote originally appeared in the Free Wood Post and was re-published at So it must be true!

@Yea_SheBhad Mitt Romney said,"I can relate to black people ….. My family OWNED slaves!" ..,you gets NO VOTES” ctfuup ooh naw..

— QueenLOU (@DevoreSmiley) September 9, 2012

"@NoLoveMyDarling: He seriously said that? "@Johnny_D767: "I can relate to black people, my ancestors once owned slaves" – Mitt Romney""WHAT

— Wotsits18 Watson (@SimplyWotsits) September 7, 2012

RT Mitt Romney Says He Can Relate To Black People Because His Ancestors Owned Slaves – GhanaNation News

— King Devi (@Deviville) September 7, 2012

"I can relate to Black people very well, indeed. My ancestors once owned slaves."Mitt Romney #Mitt Romney #Idiot

— Lady Luciano (@PrettyWings_007) September 7, 2012

And because he said this dumb sh!t, I doubt he gets 1 single black vote …fkn idiot…

— Mrs. Garland (@Ms_B_Liz) September 7, 2012

Mitt Romney: I Can Relate To Black People, My Ancestors Once Owned Slaves: WHAT THE BUCK !?!? via @sodahead #whattha

— Bo Hawk (@Maeyami) September 7, 2012

Mitt Romney also said, "I can relate to black people. My ancestors once owned slaves" … Oh Hell no. Hellllll No

— M!ke (@Pass_The_Mike_) September 8, 2012

Romney says he can relate to black people cause his ancestors were once owner of slaves … welp

— Jillian Christine (@Jlovely_) September 8, 2012

Mitt Romney: I Can Relate To Black People, My Ancestors Once Owned Slaves via @freewoodpost.Sometimes I just say REALLY

— stanton (@stan2686) September 8, 2012

RT @MaryDorgan Un fuckin' believable! Mitt Romney: I Can Relate To Black People, My Ancestors Once Owned Slaves

— Smitha Rama (@smitha_r) September 7, 2012

Mitt Romney: I Can Relate To Black People, My Ancestors Once Owned Slaves via @freewoodpost

— ASAFO ASANTE DIOP (@ASAFO1) September 8, 2012

We feel a bit sick too. Apparently none of these people read the Free Wood Post’s disclaimer:

All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news.

It isn’t the first time the Left has disseminated fake quotes to make the Romneys look bad. With 58 days left to Election Day, we can be pretty sure it won’t be the last.

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For the first time, President Obama publicly acknowledged Paul Ryan’s entrance into the race for the White House Sunday at a fundraiser in Chicago.

In his first public mention of Romney running mate Paul Ryan, Pres Obama says "I know him. I welcome him to the race."

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) August 12, 2012

Just in: President's first comments on Ryan — "good and decent man" but "ideological leader of the Republicans in Congress"

— Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) August 12, 2012

Pres. Obama on Paul Ryan: "I want to congratulate Congressman Ryan. I know him. I welcome him to the race. Cong. Ryan is a decent man"

— Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) August 12, 2012

Obama’s Twitter feed displayed a different message. As he was speaking, his campaign tweeted this:

Make sure the women in your life know: Paul Ryan supports banning all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 12, 2012

This comes on the heels of a deluge of tweets yesterday and today stating “facts” about Paul Ryan.

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I wish I could say I’ve never feltself-consciousabout my body, but that would be a bold-faced lie from hell.

You wouldn’t even believe that, not only because it’s not humanly possible to feel gorgeous all of the time (unless you’re a sociopath), but I’ve shamelessly written about my struggles with an eating disorder and poor body image on the internet for a while now.

So I’m not going to bore you with the whole “it’s normal for us all to feel bad about our bodies sometimes, girls!” bullshit.

I hate when women’s magazines tell us it’s totally normal to feel self-conscious from time to time as if it’s groundbreaking news we haven’t all heard or read a million times before.


It’s like, shut up, don’t insult my intelligence and also that doesn’t make me feel any goddamn better.

But you know what does make me feel better? Getting down and dirty about our specific, weirdbody insecurities, and the ridiculous lengths we go to cover them up. Especially during sex.

God, isn’t having sex when you feel shitty about your body the worst?

I like to have wild, insatiable sex when I’m feeling impossibly gorgeous, non-bloated, totally hairless and powerful like some sultry vixen of the night that no one can resist.

Sadly it’s so rare I feel like an impossibly gorgeous, non-bloated, hairless, powerful sultry vixen of the night that no one can resist. The only time I think I ever really felt all of those things at once, I washigh on ecstasy.

And since I don’t take drugs anymore (because I’ve realized that drugs kill your spirit, and only give you a falsified, fleeting feeling of prettiness), I’ve had to accept that unless I want to live a sexless existence (which I effing don’t), I’m going to have to deal with having sex when I’m feeling insecure in my body.

I mean my want for sex trumps my self-consciousness about my body 90 percent of the time, because I’m a highly sexual girl creature.

I mean, I’ve even figured out ways to have sex on my periodand I never feel hot on my period (TMI I know, but a girl doesn’t get to have a career as a senior sex and dating writing because she’s shy about these things).

Oh, I want to be one of those girls who feels sexy on her period because it’s like I’m in my most primal female state, but I’m not. Maybe I should try Prozacagain or something. Because I just feel bloated and my boobs feel so hard it’s like they have goddamn rocks in them that time of the month.

But I still don’t let it stop me from doing the deed. Just like I don’t let it stop me when my face feels puffy or my legs aren’t perfectly shaven. Trust me, I’m a vainbitch who works hard to look perfectfor my partner all the time (again, I should embrace my “imperfection” but I’m not there yet, babe. I’m in therapy — one day at a time), but I don’t let my insecurities stop me from releasing my sexual needs.

And neither do my lovely co-workers, all of whom suffer from body insecurities just like me (BREAKING NEWS, ELITE DAILY WRITERS/EDITORS HAVE BODY INSECURITIES TOO!).

So we broke down all the ways we have sex when we have specific insecurities. We’re not saying you should do these things and we’re not glorifying perfect bodies; we’re just being real, kids.

Because we’re just real girls with real bods living our real lives.

1. When we’re feeling like our ass is HUGE.

I’m one of those girls who carries all my extra weight in my ass (it’s genetic, as my mother loves to incessantly remind me).

Some days I embrace the bum and other days, it can make those sexy doggy-style positions feel like a nightmare. It can bemy own personal version of hell so dire, I want to quit sex forever and become a nun so I can get paid for my celibacy.

This is when I do the “lying down flat, face up” position. No one will get a glimpse of the ol’ behind when you’re laying flat.

In fact, this is also a great position when you just feel like being a gorgeous, entitled pillow princess who is too precious to lift a finger in the sack either, a mood I’m in often — but not when I’m feeling ugly — when I’m feeling like a high-maintenance, prissy, bitch.

2. When we’re feeling wildly bloated in the midsection.

Well, what does a girl do when she’s had heaps of salt, is on her period or maybe just got stoned and recklessly ate an entire stick of butter the night before and feels uncomfortably bloated in the midsection but wants toexercise her God-given right to orgasm?

Well, she just has sex “lying down, face into the pillow,” that’s what she does. This way, her midsection is safely tucked away into the folds of the sheets, and just her gorgeous bum is exposed to her partner.

3. When we’re feeling like our tits are having an off day.


And other days, I look in the mirror and my boobs just look weird and deformed and I don’t want you to see them exposed because I think you’ll think they’re weird and deformed. I know it’s all in my head, but my head is an ever-changing screwed-up place that is anything but consistent, so don’t expect logic please and thank you.

On days like this, I have sex with a really luscious gorgeous expensive bra (preferably from Agent Provocateur) on. The tricky part is distracting your partner when they try to unhook that $200 bra off your body… which leads me seamlessly into my next point.

4. When we’re feeling like the texture of our skin is too dry.

I’m very into silky skin on myself. However, there are days when I don’t have time to lather this 5′ 6″ body in the lotions and the potions sitting pretty on my dresser. Which kills me.

In fact, most days I over-moisturize to the point where my partner once I asked me if “I was feeling OK” because I felt “clammy.” When really I was in perfect health, I had just gone too far with the cocoa butter.

When I feel like my skin is dry, I feel probably at my most unsexy ever. This is when I go in for the oral kill. And it’s not like I don’t get turned on when I perform oral sex. It really turns me on to turn on my partner because it makes me feel powerful, and feeling powerful is sexy.

But this way I can get my rocks off and I don’t have to get all in my head and have a meltdown because I feel like my skin is dry and scaly like a snake.

Nah, I can just channel all of my sexual attention on her. Take a trip down south where I’m too far away too touch.

5. When we’re feeling like our feet smell/toenails are ratchet.

Sex with shoes on, duh!

However little sisters, don’t have sex with your socks on.Unless they’re sexy knee-high socks. Those are pretty fetish and sort of chic in an American Apparel model way.

Sex in heels, sex in Dr. Martensboots and sex in Mary Janes is very very HOT. And no one has to know that your feet have been roasting in your shoes for a 12-hour day and smell rancid.

6. When we’re feeling like our vaginas are “un-groomed.”

Look, vaginas are vaginas and don’t need to be groomed like a goddamn Shetland pony. They aren’t show dogs that are supposed to be perfectly blown-out, about to be judged by a group of strict, stern faced ladies, who will inspect its teeth and breeding. Vaginas are beautiful,groomed or un-groomed.

However, we’ve all had our moments of feeling like, ugh, my vagina is not looking/feeling so hot today. She’s come down with a pesky case of grossness and I’m just not into flaunting her today, even if it makes me a bad feminist.

Those days are when we have the sex without the oral sex. We go straight in for penetration because we don’t want anyone getting up close and personal with our unhappy vaginas. Because an unhappy vagina will bite your hand off.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

7. When we’re feeling emotionally disconnected.

Look, this is about body insecurities. I GET IT. However, babes, rules are meant to be broken and I feel strongly about this one.

I mean, emotions live in the body so technically, I’m not breaking the rules, for all of you trolls out there whowant to call me out.

When we’re feeling emotionally disconnected, we have crazy fetish, wild, bondage sex, just so we can feel something.God please, LET ME FEEL please please please.

8. When we’re feeling all-round ugly.

Sex with the lights off is obviously our go-to when we feel all-round ugly. I feel like this when I’m hungover, plus the light hurts my eyes when I’m hungover because I tend to sleep in my contacts.

This way, in the darkness, we can pretend we look really pretty because when it’s dark, you can project whatever fantasy you like because reality has faded into nothingness.

9. When we feel like our breath is bad.

Spoon sex for bad breath.

I don’t want your tongue in my mouth after I’ve smoked 10,000 joints and followed it with a slice of garlic pizza. So, in order to avoid our tongues interacting, let’s just have spoon sex. I’ll be the little spoon and you can be the big spoon, and then we can switch because I’m versatile in bed, baby.

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ans of J.K. Rowling already know her Twitter presence is a force to be reckoned with. She has a long history of taking on internet trolls, summoning otter photos from fans, and is a vocal critic of the Trump administration. But she did have one nice thing to say about Donald Trump’s leadership skills, kinda.

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