While trying to restore the fresco at Sanctuary of Mercy Church, Cecilia Gimenez inadvertently destroyed Elias Garcia Martinez’s century-old Ecce Homo. Here, she tells her side of the story: “Everybody who came into the church could see I was painting.”

3. The “Touch Up Job” In Question

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jtes/spanish-woman-who-ruined-jesus-fresco-speaks-out

1. BBMak

Best known for: “Back Here”.

Basically: Harmonies and guitars (and bagpipes, and the hurdy gurdy).

What they’re doing now: Mark Barry (middle) is now a personal trainer in Bolton, as well as writing with his current band. Christian Burns (left) has worked with Tiesto and Benny Benassi, and Stephen McNally (right) was last seen guesting on ‘All This I Know’ – featured on the album ‘Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 7’.

2. Ultra

Best known for: “Say It Once”.

Basically: They played their own instruments, even while on a boat.

What they’re doing now: James Hearn (second from the left) briefly worked as a property developer in Slough, until Ultra reunited in 2005 with a new album, The Sun Shines Brighter. Hearn then joined Ultra bandmates Jon O’Mahony (right) and Nick Keynes (second right) to found Goldust, a production company which has worked with Natasha Bedingfield, Liberty X and, eh, Ultra. O’Mahony has since left to form Oceania, an artist management company.

3. Damage

Best known for: “Wonderful Tonight”.

Basically: A proto-JLS.

What they’re doing now: Jade Jones (left) has two children with Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and has retrained as a chef. In 2011, Andrez Harriott (second right) graduated with a First in Criminology and Sociology from London Southbank University. Coree Richards (second right) is working on an upcoming album.

4. Another Level

Best known for: “Freak Me”.

Basically: They wanted to “lick you up and down” til you said stop. Or reported them to the police, whichever came first.

What they’re doing now : Dane Bowers (second right) featured on Totally Boyband in 2006, in which five ex-boyband members tried to form a new group. Calling themselves Upper Street, their single reached number 35 and the group split up shortly after. Bobak Kianoush (second left) lives in L.A. and runs a management company. Mark Baron (right) is married to Alan Sugar’s daughter Louise, and Wayne Williams (left) continues to release music.

5. A1

Best known for: “Take On Me”.

Basically: Er, one of them was Norwegian?

What they’re doing now: A1 reformed in 2010, and in February 2012, the group performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with Blue and Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees. Former member Paul Marazzi (left) is currently touring It’s A Disco Night in the UK.

6. Northern Line

Best known for: “Love On The Northern Line”.

Basically: Named after the actual Northern Line, then wrote a song about finding love on the tube.

What they’re doing now: Zak (aka ‘Ziggy’) Lichman was a contestant on Series 8 of Big Brother. He now manages actor Lucien Laviscount. Dan Corsi splits his time between modelling and DJ-ing. Adam Love works as session singer.

7. Point Break

Best known for: “You”.

Basically: Two-thirds of the group had acted in Byker Grove.

Where are they now?: David ‘Ollie’ Oliver (centre) played in Freefaller until the group split up in 2005. Declan Bennett (right) is the lead in the UK premiere of ‘Once’ in the West End. Brett Adams (left) works as a duty manager at Lakeside Bowling Alley in Weymouth, UK.

8. MN8

Best known for: “I’ve Got A Little Something For You”.

Basically: Ahead-of-their-time R’nB.

What they’re doing now: Lead singer KG (top left) is living in Australia and still making music. Dee-Tails (bottom left) is working as an actor. G-Man (top right) and T (bottom left) are still making music.

9. North And South

Best known for: “No Sweat”.

Basically: Like S Club 7, they starred in a TV show about a boyband, while also being a band IRL.

Where are they now? James Hurst (right) runs ‘ethical record label’, River Rat Records. Sam Chapman (left) is a music teacher at a college in Lincolnshire. Tom Lowe (second right) is the host of Real Life: The Musical which is shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Lee Otter
(second left) changed his name to Lee West, and continues to work on his music.

10. Let Loose

Best known for: “Crazy For You”.

Basically: “I’m crazy/ cr-ay-zee for yououuuu/ and there’s nothing that I won’t do’.”

Where are they now? Richie Wemerling (left) and Lee Murray (right) continue to perform as Let Loose. Rob Jeffrey (centre) runs a B’n’B.

11. Bad Boys Inc

Best known for: “Don’t Talk About Love”.

Basically Song titles that read like Hallmark cards. And for looking like the least bad boys ever.

Where are they now?: Ally Begg (left) is a sports producer for ESPN in Singapore. David Ross (second left) is a screenwriter, and lives in L.A. Tony Dowding (second right) works as a model . Matthew Pateman is a member of ‘party band’ Madhen Productions.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/forgotten-90s-boy-bands-where-are-they-now

1. Pugbóbora Spice Latte.

3. Pug bola de demolição.

8. Puggie, a Riveter.

12. Pug mergulhador marinho de águas profundas.

14. Pug vestido de cisne da Bjork em 2001.

15. Pug Majestade Renascentista.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/26-fantasias-que-provam-que-pugs-sempre-vencem-no


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racorn / shutterstock.com

1. Nice — I get to work from home tomorrow.2. I’m going to be so productive without the distractions of the office.3. No boring meetings, no awkward small-talk in the bathroom.4. And I’ll be able to eat those leftovers from dinner instead of buying lunch!5. OH YES I can set my alarm forward by a whole 30 minutes!6. Hahaha morning commute, you can suck it.7. Someone’s going to be well-rested tomorrow.

71 Thoughts You Have When You Work From Home

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Fox / Via justgif.com

8. Ah, time to get ready for a productive day.9. Wait. I don’t need to shower.10. I don’t even need to put on pants.11. OMG PAJAMAS ALL DAY YAAASS.12. I should probably still brush my teeth, though.13. Dental hygiene doesn’t take a day off.14. OK, desk. You ready for this?15. I’m comfy at my desk. I’ve got myself some coffee and a snack. This will be great.16. Let’s catch up on some emails.17. Wow, already done — I really am being more productive.18. I’ll do some brainstorming for that new project.19. Then I can start up on that new report.20. I’m a ***master of working from home.

71 Thoughts You Have When You Work From Home

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21. Wow, almost lunchtime already?22. OK, I’ll sign off for a bit to make myself a healthy meal.23. A salad, perhaps?24. Ugh, kind of wish I could get lunch from that burger place by the office.25. Screw it. I’ll just heat up a frozen meal.26. I guess it couldn’t hurt to turn on the TV while I eat.27. Oooh, House Hunters marathon.28. I’ll just finish this one episode, then I’ll get right back to work.29. SHUT UP THEY DID NOT PICK HOUSE No. 2.30. Wow. I might need to watch a little bit of the next episode to calm me back down.31. (30 minutes later) Oh. Fuck. That episode just ended. 32. I really need to get back to work.33. But the couch is so comfortable.34. I could just bring my laptop over here…35. Yes. brilliant. This is why working from home is the best.

71 Thoughts You Have When You Work From Home

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E! / Via crushable.com

36. OK, back to that project.37. Ooh, I’ve got a great ide— OH WOW THIS IS COMFORTABLE.38. Maybe I’ll just lie down for a few minutes.39. (20 minutes later) Fuck, did I really just zone out for 20 minutes?40. Come on, me, get back to work.41. Emails, emails. Look at me being productive.42. Type type-y type. Typing away. Doing the things.43. Hmm, wonder if that House Hunters marathon is still on.44. It can’t hurt to just have it on in the background, I guess.45. Some people work better with background noise, so obviously I’m doing the right thing.46. Shit. I just watched another entire episode without doing any work.47. Maybe a change of scenery will do me good.48. I’ll go work at that coffee shop I’ve been meaning to try.49. With all those people there, I won’t be able to zone out.

71 Thoughts You Have When You Work From Home

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ABC / Via brightestyoungthings.com

50. This place looks fantastic.51. Mmm, and this coffee is great. It will totally help me focus.52. Wait, what’s the Wi-Fi password here?53. Back to work. 54. I can’t screw around; I’m in the middle of the room and everyone can see me.55. OH GOD I SWEAR THAT WAS A WORK EMAIL DON’T JUDGE THAT IMAGE.56. Ooh, I’m a fan of this soft indie pop playlist.57. How long am I allowed to stay here before I need to buy something else to justify taking up this table?58. Because I feel like the barista is already looking at me funny.59. FINE, BARISTA. I WILL LEAVE.

71 Thoughts You Have When You Work From Home

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VH1 / Via giphy.com

60. Back at home. Back to my desk so I can focus.61. Only a couple more hours.62. I’ll get a snack out of the fridge to keep myself occupied.63. The best thing about this is that I have a bathroom all to myself.64. It’s always so weird when you’re in the bathroom at work and someone you know walks in.65. But here I am free. Free to be meeeeee.66. The day is almost over. Let’s finish strong.67. A couple more emails.68. And now one last note… and I’m done!69. I did it. I successfully worked from home.70. And I only accidentally procrastinated for three hours!71. Now, to change into a fresh pair of pajamas and get right into bed.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/adamdavis/thoughts-you-always-have-when-you-work-from-home

Oh man, this is going to be great. Nice PowerGlove! So what games do you have?

Nope, those all look lame. Do you have any of the cool gold ones?

Awesome. Only I just played that at my house. Maybe one of those weirdly shaped Tengen ones?

So cool. But I’m not really feeling a tank game. I think we gotta go with a classic here…

This is going to be great. Just pop it in I guess…

Oh crap. Forgot to blow.

Okay, that should do it. Let’s try again.

Damn. Maybe if I try it top-to-bottom?

It’s kinda weird now but maybe I can still play.

Okay, that was awful. Maybe if we try the new one?

That’s the stuff. The only problem is, we’ve only got an hour before dinner, and there’s no way to save the game. If we want to get through this thing, we’re going to have to hustle.

Now we need to get in that fortress and get that warp whistle…

Oh God. Oh God no.


Okay, try Zelda.

Forgot to blow!!!

Try it!

This is the worst day of my life.

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1. I’ve seen a lot of “meh” sewage business truck taglines, but this one is The Shit.

Grade: A.

2. Best Crab Shack tagline ever. YES.

Pincher’s Crab Shack, in Florida.
Grade: A

3. Probably the worst children’s dentist URL in the world.

Grade: F

4. Via Toronto. Getting your name in the tagline is always a good thing.

Grad: B

5. Even though this is in Bury (the name of the town), England, your wordplay is still depressing as Hell.

Grade: D

6. Squash business, via Germany. OK OK, I’m game.

Grade: B

7. Via Colorado. Construction companies love getting dirrrty with their slogans.

Grade: C (points off for unoriginality).

8. Via Australia. This is a much better drilling company slogan.

Grade: B+

9. This is a chain in Ireland. Excellent branding.

Grade: A

10. It’s very clever and very unoriginal: I’ve seen it on several other shoe repair business windows.

Grade: C

11. Nice branding. It’s a chain.

Grade: B

12. Jeweler in Seattle. Bravo.

Grade: A

13. DICKHEAD hot sauce. Whelp: it is a good hot sauce tagline.

Grade: B.


Here’s more Great and Terrible local business ads.

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Outrage over the treatment of AG Holder. It passed overwhelmingly.

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) July 10, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder, held in contempt last month, spoke at the NAACP National Convention in Houston today.

The NAACP delegates are chanting to AG Holder: "Stand Your Ground."

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) July 10, 2012

RT @NAACP: Crowd chants "Holder" as emergency NAACP resolution passed calling on members to oppose Congressional attacks on AG Holder.

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) July 10, 2012

Shamefully putting identity politics before truth and justice, the NAACP passed an emergency resolution in support of Holder. Once again, the morally bankrupt Left is disgracefully dismissing the death of Brian Terry (when they can even remember his name) and is trying to help Eric Holder cover-up the fatal federal Operation Fast and Furious by crying racism. Justice Shmustice, racists!

Delegates chanting Holder, Holder, Holder, Holder which broke into singing "Ain't Gon' Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round" #HouNAACP #hounews

— Cindy George (@cindylgeorge) July 10, 2012

Not surprising, coming from a group whose president revoltingly likened Voter ID laws to a “return to Selma.”

Not suprirsing that users are split between anger and disgust at AG Holder's "Return to Selma" #VotingRights comments @NAACP conf.

— Who Can Vote (@WhoCanVote) July 10, 2012

NAACP President Ben Jealous – The fight against conservative-backed voter ID laws passed in several states = “Selma and Montgomery times”

— amk4obama (@amk4obama) July 10, 2012

NAACP @ Houston convention telling attendees today is like Selma, AL days, voter suppression. Someone needs to counter these lies

— Rhonda Nelson (@rln22) July 10, 2012

The NAACP also let its epic hypocrisy show, as did Attorney General Holder, when demagoguing Voter ID laws.

RT @NAACP: RT @curtjohnson Holder: We will not allow political pretext to disenfranchise citizens of their most precious right. #NAACPHOU12

— historygoddess (@GrandmaWat) July 10, 2012

Holder on TX voter ID law: "dept. found that this law would be harmful to minority voters & we rejected its implementation" #HouNAACP

— Cindy George (@cindylgeorge) July 10, 2012

Oh, really?

As AG Holder speaks in Houston re voter ID – TX Rep Ted Poe (R) takes to House floor noting that you need photo ID to get into Holder event

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) July 10, 2012

NAACP Requires 2 Forms of ID to Cover Holder's Speech in State Being Sued By Holder Over Voter ID http://t.co/KVscMpcH cc:@TrueTheVote

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) July 10, 2012

Huh. The NAACP and Eric Holder are suppressing people and are “harmful to minority voters.” Hey, here’s an idea: If the NAACP and Attorney General Holder really cared about people, they’d be pushing for ways to ensure that everyone had an ID so that they could fully participate in society. And, you know, attend NAACP events.

But, whatever. They have Eric Holder’s back.

After Holder speech, @NAACP Chairman @roslynbrock said: "We've got his back." #HouNAACP #hounews

— Cindy George (@cindylgeorge) July 10, 2012


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/10/shameful-naacp-likens-voter-id-laws-to-return-to-selma-passes-resolution-supporting-holder/

1. John started his singing career as a choir boy at St. Peter’s church.

2. He was also a boy scout.

3. He was the last Beatle to learn how to drive.

4. And the only Beatle who didn’t become a full-time vegetarian.

5. The first instrument John learned to play was the harmonica.

6. He loved to play Monopoly.

He was crazy about the properties Boardwalk and Park Place.

7. He discovered that he had dyslexia in his later years.

8. John often said he’d rather have been a member of Monty Python than The Beatles.

9. He was dissatisfied with all The Beatles’ records.

10. He even hated his own voice.

11. Lennon said “All You Need Is Love” is the best lyric he ever wrote.

When a friend once asked him the best lyric he ever wrote, John replied: “That’s easy… all you need is love.”

12. John once almost beat a man to death.

Rumors that Lennon was gay were swirling when things came to a head with a DJ the Beatles knew named Bob Wooler. Wooler was a very close friend of the Beatles and had introduced them on stage some 300 times. This incident happened at Paul’s 21st birthday party, on June 18, 1963. At the party, Wooler was joking around with John and said (with heavy gay intimations): “Come on John, what really happened with you and Brian (Epstein)? Everybody knows anyway, so tell us.” John had been heavily drinking that night and, in a blind rage, he proceeded to beat the stuffing out of a very surprised Bob Wooler, literally kicking him repeatedly in the ribs as he lay on the ground in a bloody heap. According to John, the only reason he actually stopped the savage beating was because, “I realized I was actually going to kill him… I just saw it like a screen. If I hit him once more, that’s really going to be it. I really got shocked and for the first time thought: ‘I can kill this guy.’” Wooler was rushed to the hospital and given treatment for a variety of things, including broken ribs. Source.

13. Without glasses, John was legally blind.

14. He sometimes slept in a coffin.

15. The last photo of John shows him signing a copy of Double Fantasy to his killer: Mark David Chapman.

16. The location of his cremated remains is unknown.

17. The last time he saw Paul was on April 24, 1976.

Paul was visiting John at his New York apartment. They were watching Saturday Night Live together when producer Lorne Michaels, as a gag, offered the Beatles $3,000 to come on the show. John and Paul almost took a cab to the show, but finally decided against it.

18. John collected Beatles memorabilia.

Lennon was an enthusiastic supporter of the Beatlefest conventions that began springing up in the mid 70s.

19. He served as Best Man at Young Frankenstein actor Peter Boyle’s wedding.

20. John was a huge Bing Crosby fan.

The Beatles’ first big hit, “Please Please Me,” was partly inspired by a line from a Bing Crosby song that read: “please lend a little ear to my pleas.”

21. His all-time favorite album was by The B-52’s.

Lennon first heard The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster” in a Bermuda disco in 1979 and instantly recognized that singer Cindy Wilson’s song-ending “scream” was an homage to Yoko Ono. Ono has since said she and Lennon listened to the The B-52s incessantly while recording tracks for their Double Fantasy album. Prior to his death, Lennon proclaimed The B-52s’ eponymous debut album his favorite album ever.

22. He appeared on the first-ever cover of Rolling Stone magazine on November 9, 1967.

23. He had a strong affection for cats, actually having owned as many as six at a time.

Thank you John… for being just you!

And happy 73rd birthday!

You will always live on…

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/tob/23-things-you-might-not-know-about-john-lennon-biby

As we told you earlier, GOP front-runner Donald Trump backed out of his planned appearance at theAmerican Conservative Unions CPAC conference in Maryland on Saturday…

…and now we might know why. ACU chairman Matt Schlapp insinuated on Fox Business Network that it was because Trump would have to answer questions from the conservatives in attendance:

Update 7:08. Politco adds more to story:

Update 9:43. More from Megyn Kelly:

And here’s Trump’s booth … sad!

Exit question: Does Newt still support Trump skipping the event if this is really the reason?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/03/04/is-this-why-donald-trump-ditched-cpac/