The Newly Formed Officer Wolf Lion Site was constructed to give insight to the New and seasoned Hebrew Israelites that desire a closer connection with The Most High (GOD) a platform they can air out their concerns, dealing with life after Other Religons and Mis teachings, dealing with issues in everyday format. Such as was Christ is or was he Black (Yeshua Hamashiach), Who is Esau, Who is the Chosen People of Isreal,How do I keep the laws, How do I keep the laws if not of the chosen people,etc. The proponent of weight for this network is current and new in faith Hebrews. Not Christians but is you want to drop Chritanity then you are in the right place for Hebrew News as well as current news to keep our brothers and sister informed of things going on around them. We like to bring Seasoned Hebrews on and as well as Other Key Leaders who can make an impact on Hebrews Lives. Most important Our platform gives them a voice to express reason and mistreatment of other faiths and why you should imbrace The Most High and promote change.  This is a Platform for All geared towards Learning and Obeying THE MOST High and accountablilty of your  progression in his laws and works period!!!.  Now with that being said Do You Believe in the Book? Do You Believe In The Scriptures? Subscribe to Our Youtube‌ ‌Channel Like and Comment  Join and like Us on Facebook. Follow Us On Twitter